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Current Loners
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut The Port City Archive 2
Father Tullius
Mother Caspius
Siblings Lise, Ahote, Moana
Mate Mahli (formerly)
Kits Namid, Vega
Owner Max

Amadahy is a black and white she-cat with blue-green eyes. The she-cat lives with her large family in the Pack of Northern Stars, where they are known for certain behaviours in correlation to the ocean near the port.



Amadahy is a small she-cat with a somewhat robust build. She is quite stocky and doesn't stand overly tall and that is probably why. She has large rounded paws and muscular legs. The she-cat is quite strong despite her shorter stature and so a few other cats underestimate her capabilities. Amadahy has a sleek coat that she keeps neat. She has a few nicks in her ears from a couple fights she has been in. The she-cat also has a long scar down her back from one of these incidents.
Her coat is a rich black colour, similar to that shade shared with oil. As previously stated she keeps her coat clean and so, therefore, it appears sleek and has a shine to it. Amadahy has white markings along her belly and face. She has distinctive freckles on her cheek which are black due to their placement in her white spotting. She has very pretty, blue-green eyes which are darker than some expect. They shine like the ocean's water with which they share many colours.


Amadahy is described as the sternest and mature out of her many siblings. Due to her status as the eldest and evidently the matriarch in training, the she-cat has a lot on her plate. She busies herself with many duties such as taking on those of her parents normally and sometimes picking up the slack of her youngest sister, Moana. Neither of these really bother her because she isn't one to complain. Amadahy knows that she can accomplish much and has the belief that if a cat does nothing in life they won't go very far. She is often told by her siblings to lighten up but, she just can't seem to be able too. It is likely because from a young age she's been expected to fill some pretty large paws set by her mother.
Alongside the core trait of her personality, she is a very intelligent individual. Amadahy has a very extensive knowlege of both her homes - the port and the ocean itself. She is the one to ask when the best time to fish is or when to avoid the lower parts of the docks. A lot of her knowledge has been passed onto her from her father however, she in her personal experiences has been able to expand upon his teachings. This shows that she is eager to learn and that she has a knack for exploring. When she was that little bit younger, she would sneak away to explore the ocean's edge and watch the waves. The she-cat has a natural affinity, like the rest of her family, for the big water and are known to be highly respective of it due to the power they believe it holds over them.


Amadahy is a very skilled swimmer and as a result is also an excellent hunter. The she-cat excels in these skills due to her family's many traditions that follow life near water. Since she was a young kitten, she's loved the water more than anything and as she has grown has developed a strong swimming ability. Amadahy is also very knowledgeable to when tides come and go and when and where the best places are to hunt. In terms of her hunting skills they are much better in the water. She's known to actually jump from the peers sometimes to catch something for either herself or for her family. 



Amadahy makes her debut wandering the walkways near the main docks in the Port City. It is said that she often frequents this place when she finishes her duties for the day and is her place to relax. These are described as her thoughts as well as the fact of her mother's ailing health. The she-cat gets so caught up in her thoughts that she doesn't watch where she is walking and bumps into somebody. While she notes that the cat she ran into looks a lot like the Clowder leader, she quickly comes to realisation that it is indeed the tom. Upon this, Amadahy mutters a quick apology that is mentioned to be spoken rather nervously.
Mahli replies to her that she should pay more attention otherwise she would likely get hurt. He makes a comment about Amadahy's mother and states that he'll pay a visit later on. After saying this, the large tom takes his leave. Listening to this, the she-cat dips her head in respect and waits until he leaves so that she may return on her way home. When she does arrive back at her family's main den she spots her mother sleeping and her youngest sister, Moana, is right by her side. Walking past them, Amadahy seeks out her father and finds him sunbaking and that is when she begins relaying her day to the older tom. All he says is that time will essentially deliver the answer that alone implies that the consequences lay on his daughter's shoulders.
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Mahli (formerly): Living


Namid: Living
Vega: Living


Tullius: Deceased; Residence unknown


Caspius: Deceased; Residence unknown


Moana: Living


Lise: Living
Ahote: Living



Tullius & Caspius

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Lise & Ahote

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Coming Soon

Namid & Vega

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Love Interests


Amadahy's affection for the blind leader feels quite one-sided to her. She admires the tom and feels some pity for him for she often describes the world around them and he seems saddened at these. Amadahy doesn't quite recall what caused them to stop talking as much as they did, but, she suspects it was due to her falling pregnant with his litter. The she-cat still has affections for Mahli, but, she is unsure where they will lead to.


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