Amberflight is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past WinterClan, Unknown
Age Approx. 27 Moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Sickness
Debut WC Archive XXXII
Last Post Unknown
Father Snowfire (adoptive)
Mother Gullflight (adoptive)
Siblings Dandelionface (adoptive), Blizzardfang (adoptive)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Rainlegs

Amberflight is a ginger-and-white, short-furred, she-cat with tabby stripes, long legs, one of which is twisted and limp, and bright, golden eyes.


Coming Soon


Found outside of Clan territory as a small kit, Amberflight was taken in by WinterClan and adopted by Gullflight and Snowfire, two warriors.
Gullflight had a litter of her own within two moons, naming the only surviving kits Dandelionkit and Blizzardkit. The three are raised as siblings, and are all apprenticed around the same time.
Later on, she receives her warrior name, Amberflight. She becomes very active within the clan, and rarely stays in camp longer then a short nap. She, along with Dandelionface, attract the attention of many tomcats, but unlike her sister, Amberflight ignores them, as she was too focused on becoming deputy some day to bother with a mate.
She goes on patrol one day, and gets too close to a thunderpath. She is struck by a car while trying to cross and becoming frozen with fear. Amberflight is carried home by the rest of the patrol, and is confined to the medicine den for a few moons, while Herbpetal attempts to heal her. She comes out fine, but loses the use of her right hind leg.
Due to this injury, she is useless as a warrior, and is moved into the elder's den to live out the rest of her life.
In the roleplay, she is first seen sitting in camp, looking forlorn. Dandelionface goes over to talk to her, and she seems to cheer up after a bit.


Adopted Mother:

Gullflight: Deceased; StarClan resident

Adopted Father:

Snowfire: Deceased; StarClan resident

Adopted Siblings:

Dandelionface: Deceased; StarClan resident
Blizzardfang: Deceased; StarClan resident

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