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Current Loners
Past Kittypet
Age Approx. 64 moons (5.33 years)
Status Living
Debut Port City Archive 1
Father Johan
Mother Elizabet
Siblings Mikkel, Tyrone, Axl
Mate Mitchell
Kits Crowstar, Magpiefang, Raynor
Owner Coop
Anders is a ginger tabby and white tom with pale-blue eyes.



Anders is a cat on the smaller side of size. He is also built quite stockily as well, making his overall appearance quite unified. Ironically, the tom is also on the short side as well, standing a little under half a head shorter than his partner, Mitchell. As he has gotten older the tom has put on a little weight; having carried two litters as well, it can be expected that his body would change over the years. However, that doesn't mean he has let himself go. Anders makes an effort to keep in tip-top shape and isn't one to sit around doing nothing all day.
He has a pale ginger coat. It is a very soft colour, some might say almost peachy in colour. Anders's fur is also quite plush - as though it never lost that kitten fluff all those years ago. He has white markings on his face, front legs primarily. A few spots can also be found around these areas too, where his pale ginger coat pokes through or because of a few spots. Anders also pale blue eyes that look like a clear blue sky.


Now, Anders is one hell of a character. He's way too smart for his own good, and he knows it. While he might retort he has just seen a lot, the real truth is he's just a smartass about everything he does know and acts like what he doesn't know is something he knows in great detail.The actual fact is that he doesn't know a lot due to his earlier life as a kittypet which left him relatively sheltered from the world. It's only been in recent years, that he has made more sense of the world and developed a cocky attitude to protect himself from the harshness. Anders can also be a difficult cat to be around when he thinks he is right and he isn't. Some say he is a terrible cat to known because of his initial painful character traits, but, upon getting to know him he can present some half decent traits about himself.
Upon getting to know him, Anders is actually a family-orientated cat to a degree. His early childhood would completely disagree with this trait, as he grew in a tough situation that ultimately made him scared of starting his own family for a long time. It was only upon meeting his soulmate, would he grow to enjoy the companionship associated with a family.


Anders is more or less a better strategist than a fighter or hunter. The tom has a certain way with words in which gives him this edge to decision-making. Even as a loner travelling with his mate, Anders was always the one to talk when it came to making arrangements. Nowadays, the tom helps when he can in planning patrols and raids if it ever comes to that between Clans. While he was obviously capable of becoming the warrior, the tom's hunting and fighting skills are below par when compared to his Clanmates and even his mate. He was a born kittypet and for many moons, didn't learn how to actually fend for himself. It was only with the help of Mitchell did he truly learn to hunt and fight to at least protect himself and not starve.



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Mitchell: Living


Crowstar: Living
Magpiefang: Living


Raynor: Living


Dawnheart: Living
Oatkit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Maplestorm: Living


Johan: Deceased; Residence unknown


Elizabet: Deceased; Residence unknown


Mikkel: Deceased; Residence unknown
Tyrone: Deceased; Residence unknown
Axl: Deceased; Residence unknown


Baldr: Deceased; Residence unknown


Elna: Deceased; Residence unknown



Johan & Elizabet

Anders's relationship with his parents is something not mentioned. It was rocky and a lot of his childhood is something that Anders would much rather forget. His father was absent a lot and when he was there, things were rough. His mother was no different, despite the fact that she was there, he felt as though she didn't care about her children and that they were a hindrance to her own life. Anders rarely speaks about his past and he has never disclosed much more than their names.

Mikkel, Tyrone & Axl

Anders was often looking after his two younger brothers, Tyrone, and Axl; much like Mikkel was looking after him. This dynamic was only in place because of the absence of their parents. In the early days, it brought all of them closer, but, as they grew up, this disappeared. Anders eventually left their home, and because of this, lost contact with his brothers. In his travels, he hasn't caught word of their whereabouts or anything. He is currently unaware of their passings.

Crowstar & Magpiefang

There seems to be a common theme with most of Anders's family relationships and that is most don't exist. His first litter with Mitchell still haunts both him and his partner, and that was that they had to abandon them to keep them safe. He isn't even sure if they were picked up by the Clans, let alone if both of his sons are still alive. Occasionally, he dreams of returning to SummerClan to see if they are still there. But, that opens up the feelings of rejection on both ends and that nothing would make sense between them.


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Love Interests


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  • Anders was born female but now identifies as male and uses masculine pronouns.





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