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Andhi is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.


Current Bahara
Given Andhi
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Owner Ravenfang
Andhi is a light brown, small tom, with light blue eyes and darker brown streaks through his fur.




Physically, Andhi can be described as rather well off. He is on the skinner end of healthy, but he eats a normal amount. Andhi is just naturally skinny, and will always be. This is not due to a disease like anemia, rather just a high metabolism.
Andhi is not especially muscly compared to other cats his age. This does stop him from winning fights sometimes, due to the fact that strong or large cats like Zene can easily pin him so he cannot move easily. Though this would be problematic if Andhi was a yoddha, he is a sikari, so he has no desire to work out and develop more muscles.


Mentally, Andhi is a lot worse off. To start, he has severe depression, which causes him to self-harm. Though he does not let this depression take over his whole life, it definitely affects him. Andhi's depressing typically affects him more at night-time, or when he's alone. This creates quite a dilemma, because Andhi prefers being alone, but when he is alone he's more likely to hurt himself.
His depression comes hand-in-hand with anxiety, specifically social anxiety. This anxiety causes him to have trouble approaching other cats first, and causes him to be very introverted. Andhi prefers to be alone, or with his close friends only. It's an important distinction that Andhi does not have panic attacks, he has anxiety attacks (they are definitely different). Panic attacks invoke a feeling of terror, or the feeling you are about to die in most cases. Anxiety attacks are a feeling of intense, crushing nervousness, or a fear that everything around you is coming down.
Otherwise, Andhi is relatively healthy mentally. He has Gerascophobia, or the fear of growing old. This means whenever Andhi thinks about becoming an elder and joining the elder's den, or turning old and grey, or his joints not working well anymore, he feels fear. This fear can also trigger an anxiety attack.


Andhi's fur is a light tawny or brown base color. It has sandy streaks running through it, and ochre streaks running through it closer to his skin. This brown is light enough that he cannot easily hide in shadows, but dark enough that hiding in snow is difficult. However, it is the right color to hide in sand dunes or, in some cases, under undergrowth in forests.
The inside of Andhi's ears are a very light and soft-looking tan color. If you were to touch the inside of these ears, they feel like velvet. His pawpads are the same color, though they do not feel soft like his ears.
Andhi always makes a constant effort to keep his fur groomed well, a habit learned from his mother. Because of his constant washing, his fur is normally very soft and pleasant-looking. His tail is most likely to have tangles or knots, but even that is rare.
Andhi's eyes are a dark blue/turqouise that glitters in sunlight and stays a constant color.


One of Andhi's best qualities is his ability to be honest. He rarely feels the need to lie, though when he does he isn't half-bad, like some might expect. However, Andhi does often feel guilty after he lies, and will consquently end up admitting to his faults anyways. This is one of the reasons he doesn't lie, because he knows he will eventually come clean. He also doesn't lie because he has no reason do- Andhi rarely does things he wouldn't want other cats to know about, and therefore doesn't often feel the temptation to lie. One important thing to remember, however, is that he doesn't object to lying like Deathpaw does, or anything close to that.
The second good quality Andhi has that stands out is his ability to sense and be considerate towards other's feelings, or his ability to be empathetic. This comes in handy in Bahara because when other cats are angry, which happens often (such as in the case of Zene), he knows to back off. That, or how to calm them down. Being empathetic also allows him to calm himself down easier when he is angry or sad himself, because he can remind himself that when other cats are upset they're often being irrational, and he might be as well. This aspect of Andhi's personality makes him seem a lot mroe calm and serene than many of his groupmates.
Andhi is highly adaptable. 'Adaptable', however, is a broad word. In Andhi's case, it means he rarely complains due to his enviroment or conditions, and also he is able to 'evolve' to fit his climate. For example, on a very hot day in the forest, he doesn't complain about the heat. Rather, he collects watery moss and drinks from that so his clanmates can have the clean, fresh, stream-water. Eventually, his body will get used to the lack of water, as well, so this could be considered a physical advantage in some cases as well.
Andhi could be considered a very feminine cat. Even though he is a cisgender tom, he often finds himself doing typical 'she-cat' behavior, such as sitting with the queens and sharing tongues as the sun goes down instead of his male friends. He also despises getting his fur ratted or dirty, as mentioned in the appearance section. This was most likely developed when he was a kit, because he grew up with a single mother, who was extremely germaphobic.
Andhi can often be found daydreaming or dozing off around camp, when he's not hunting for Zene or Bahara. He's fond of daydreaming about his life in the future, even though sometimes the dreams aren't very realistic. For example, he's been seen in the roleplay dreaming about giving birth to a litter of kits in the future. Even though he realizes these dreams don't make sense, and even though his dreams are sometimes scary nightmares, he tries to dream often.
Andhi is extremely easily discouraged, sadly. When he is trying to accomplish a difficult task, he only needs a few cats to tell him it is useless to try before he agrees and gives up. This is one of the reasons he used to self-harm, because his littermates often told him his efforts in everything (as in hunting and fighting) were useless. Sometimes he has nightmares about this phase of his life, and that is the time he normally ends up self-harming.


Andhi excels extremely in the area of hunting, being one of the best sikari in Bahara. He tends to bring back about 6 pieces of prey a day in greenleaf, and maybe 3 in leaf-bare. He tries to teach prasiksu and bacca alike hunting skills, which Zene wholeheartedly agrees with.
Andhi's fighting skills, however, could use work. Because he is a sikari, he was never formally trained in fighting. Though he has picked up fighting skills from the cats around him, and some from his mother, he has never been good at it. Even if he had been trained formally, he does not seem to have any natural talent for combat and would still find it difficult.
Andhi enjoys fishing and swimming, but because Bahara's territory only has a few streams on it, he does not find time to practice these skills. Due to this, his swimming skills have deteriated over the years.


Kithood and Adolescence

Andhi is not seen during this period in his life, but it is known he was born in Bahara. This is also the period when he started self-harming, though his exact age is not known.


Andhi's first appearance in the roleplay is in Bahara's territory, where he is seen running up a tree to catch a squirrel. Once he catches the squirrel, he is very happy and purrs loudly. He then leaps down the tree trunk to join the group of cats conversing with Levi. He feels his pelt brush against Cash's, and becomes very embarrassed because of said brushing.



"I've only had a few conversations with Cash, but he seems nice from afar... and a little cute...... But I'd never approach him upfront, he IS the Dipti. I don't think I should bother him."
Andhi greatly admires Cash from afar, especially his sense of confidence and prowess. He especially is impressed at how well Cash is able to handle the position of Dipti, being a relatively young cat.

Coming Soon



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  • Andhi is homosexual/romantic, and happy that way.
  • When Andhi and Cash become romantically involved, Andhi will try to stop self-harming, and will succeed eventually.
  • Andhi is a smol demiboy.
    • Precious cinnamon roll too pure for this world.
  • Andhi would look like would look like this as a human:

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