Anson is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past The Rogues, Loner, SpringClan
Given Anson
Age 9.6 years
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Heart attack
Debut SpringClan/Roleplay
Last Post Unknown
Father Jarrett
Mother Krystal
Siblings None
Mate Unnamed she-cat
Kit Unnamed kits
Owner Fox

Anson is a thick-furred, ragged, tabby and cream tom with amber eyes.



Anson is rather short for a normal cat, he had stunt development as a kit due to complicated medical reasons. Also, he is small with not very well-developed muscles, they are lean, and soft. Cats call him a "Mouse" but he doesn't care.

As a kit, he was so narcissistic. He spent so long cleaning his own fur until it' sleek and glossy and it shines. He refused to let other cats do it for him as he was paranoid.

but as he grew older, he paid less and less attention to his fur. In fact, he paid so less attention to it it became ragged and messy. As an elder, he now complains about how youngsters care too much about their appearance and how he was a "foolish kit" once. That is the subject he usually rambles about all day.

His tabby pattern is relatively thick and less visible than normal tabbies. The brown is more of a darkish brown with a teeny reddish tint in it. The cream colored fur runs from his muzzle, forehead, neck, spine all the way to his tail, where it ends with a brown tail tip. His paws and chest are all cream in color and he has a cream furred underbelly.

His eyes are a very dark amber, like fire under the sun. In the dark, they glow like two round moons. His eyes are bright and focused all the time, which kind of contradicts to his inactive personality.


Anson is one of those elders who rambles a lot all day. As a young cat, he hated exercise. Now as an elder, he walks slow, talks slow, and literally does everything slow. However he does like taking walks outside when he has the spare time, as he cant stand young cats gossiping.

Anson is very cranky and he hates apprentices. As such, he snaps at any apprentice who accidentally crashes into him. He is one of the greatest fears for the apprentices. However, he has a little soft side for kits. He likes telling stories, but no more.

He doesn't mind being cared for. Although he would rather Flameclaw, his granddaughter do the daily stuff for him, like getting rid of ticks. Flameclaw doesn't seem to mind either. He hates being bossed around though, but he will take orders from a cat with authority, like the leader.

Anson is not very a difficult cat, he is easy to understand and he doesn't have many secrets. However, it is very difficult to earn his respect, many cats tried and failed. Anson is very grumpy and tends to snap a lot.


Anson is shockingly healthy, despite his slowness and a sort of refusal to eat a lot. He has a high longevity and is estimated to have many moons left of him.


Anson is not so good at hunting due to his short legs and stunt development. However, he is surprisingly a strong fighter and can defeat enemies with ease.

As an elder, he has not lost any of his skills.

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