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Current SummerClan
Past Loner
Dean, Antkit
Age Approx. 22 moons (1.8 years)
Status Living
Debut Gatherings / SummerClan Archive 1
Father Mitchell
Mother Anders
Siblings Magpiefang, Raynor
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Coop
Anttail is a small black tom with brilliant blue eyes. He is a warrior of SummerClan, and one of the sons born to Anders and Mitchell. He is the brother of Magpiefang and Raynor, and he is the brother-in-law of Morningcloud. The brothers were born loners, however, their parents abandoned them only to be found by SummerClan where they grew up.
Anttail is a very charismatic cat to meet. He's a serious cat when he wants to be but, most of the time he's got no worries to care about. The tom lives a life where he is comfortable and because of this, he is slowly making a name for himself. Something of which he takes a lot of pride in.



Anttail is a short and stocky tom. He is built quite heavily and highly resembles his father with this body shape. He has a wide stance and is noted to be a little on the heavy side. The tom is easily a carbon copy of his father but, he has his mother’s pelt colour. Anttail shares the solid black coat of his mother (and technically his grandmother too). His pelt is sleek and shiny because he keeps it clean as possible due to who he is. It is somewhat between being entirely short and being long but, a majority of his pelt is short with only his tail and chest having the longer growth. The tom despite his thickset body, has a finely shaped head and face. He has a square jaw and high ears. They are a rather large nod again to his mother. However, his likeness to his father strikes again in the form of his eye colour. Anttail has the most brilliantly blue eyes any black cat could have. It is such a rarity that many call them his defining feature.


Anttail is a strange mixture of a serious and joke of a cat. While his seriousness is more well-known and more common, his funnier side isn’t something that can be missed. Anttail’s mature attitude often means he’ll just furrow his ‘brows’ at others while they do something. He’ll stand there and look as though he’d be crossing his arms in disapproval. Sometimes, though, something will happen and his stern looks fade away in an instant and he’s laughing and smiling like a kid. When he’s like that, he and his brother are the two dukes of dorks. A pair of jokers’ inseparable unless something dampers their fun. Aside from his wide array of emotions and facial features, Anttail is known for his slight accent. His accent sounds similar to that of his father’s however, to Anttail his father is considered estranged since they have not seen each other since his abandonment.


Anttail is a surprisingly nimble cat on his paws. For that, he earned the suffix of -tail, which represents his great agility and a remarkable sense of balance. The tom despite being on the heavier side of cats surprised many upon earning his name as he always was agile than his brother and notable denmate. Anttail’s endurance and overall leg strength are notable too because of his skill. He is said to have more stamina than some of his clan mates due to his skills and he can pack a mighty kick in the heat of a battle.



Anttail makes his debut in the roleplay whilst attending the monthly Gathering with his brother, Magpiefang. The narrator reveals that Anttail dislikes attending Gatherings and the last one he had attended had been when he was an apprentice. However, he attends this one by his brother's wish. He states in his thoughts that he doesn't like them due to the noise and the possibility he might run into his parents. The mere thought of them apparently makes his lip curl in anger and disgust. 
Later on, he's shown back in camp where is sleeping. Anttail wakes up after hearing other cats discuss who Waspstar would name as deputy. Hearing that, he wakes up Magpiefang and Morningcloud who were asleep a couple nests away. After some morning grumbling on his brother's part, the three young cats exit the warrior's den. Waspstar names Skinkfang as her first deputy, and Anttail and his troupe all cheer for the new deputy. As he leaves the clearing he clumsily runs into Chervilclaw - who also does the same. She apologises and he tells her not to worry and he offers a border patrol as his own apology. The white warrior accepts and the two of them leave camp promptly.
As they patrol, the two start discussing Waspstar. Chervilclaw mentions that the leader had been down and not herself. Anttail replies saying that the deputy ceremony was one of her few public appearances since the death of Nightstar. The tom adds that perhaps something serious would pop up and make her act realise she has a Clan to lead. The she-cat replies that it's rather sad that the two leaders were mates and recent ones at that. Anttail then states that he didn't know they were mates and asks if it was general knowledge to the whole Clan. He then thinks about how his previous statement was a little harsh but still true. His thoughts wander to his parents and why he has never had an interest in a relationship.



Mitchell: Living


Anders: Living


Magpiefang: Living


Raynor: Living


Mikkel: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Tyrone: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Axl: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Donleavy III: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Johan: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Darcy: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Elizabet: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Donleavy II: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Baldr: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Elna: Deceased; Residence Unknown

Great-Great Grandfather:

Varik: Deceased; Residence Unknown

3rd Great Grandfather:

Gilligan: Deceased; Residence Unknown

3rd Great Aunt:

Unnamed she-cat: Deceased; Residence Unknown

4th Great Grandfather:

Cormac: Deceased; Residence Unknown

4th Great Uncle:

Guinevere: Deceased; Residence Unknown

4th Great Aunt:

Keane: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Donleavy I: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Aoibheann: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Séamus: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Unnamed cats: Deceased; Residence Unknown



"Honeyheart" & "Shadowstorm"

Anttail doesn't have many strong memories of his biological parents. He barely remembers their names - "Honeyheart" and "Shadowstorm" but from what he does remember it isn't the nicest. Anttail hates his parents for the fact that they abandoned him and his brother because 'they couldn't have cared less for them'. So, he resents them and wishes to never see them again nor hear from them. This bad relationship is the basis of many of his bad social skills and the key point in why he has no interest in having his own family. He fears that he'll be like them and he doesn't want to be that. Anttail hates them because he fears he is just like them. Careless, irresponsible and cowards. All things that he either hates or respects very little.


The relationship Anttail has with his brother can only be described as 'tight as'. After being abandoned and to some degree only having each other for a period of their childhood the two had no other choice than to stick together to survive. After being picked up by SummerClan and given a proper home, the two remained as close as could be and were inseparable. Anttail admires his brother's strong personality and very distinctive sense of humour. There's not a day where he doesn't need some really bad light-hearted humour to cheer him up. Anttail truly loves his brother in a way that is hard to describe. Some might say that the black cat might 'ride or die' for his brother.



Anttail has been friends with Lizardcloud since he and his brother joined the Clan. They became fast friends since they were some of the only kits in the nursery. Throughout their apprenticeship and into the early warrior-hood, the two of them have remained close. Anttail was happy for his brother and best friend when they became mates after years of Anttail silently hoping they would. He sees her as a long-lost sister and treats her as such because of how close they really are. He loves that she is so relaxed much like Magpiefang and has the patience to deal with his own little attitude. The tom wishes her the best always and loves their banter they share.


Coming Soon


"The ceremony today has been one of her few appearances since receiving her lives, so I'd say that Nightstar's death has really taken a toll on her, hopefully, something might pop up and it'll take her mind off of it and make her realise she has a Clan to lead."
Anttail to Chervilclaw about Waspstar [[SummerClan]]


  • He is one of Coop's favourite cats.
  • Anttail has no desire of leaving SummerClan, most likely due to his long-term abandonment issues. This has also affected his view on relationships and settling down with somebody. He will likely not take a mate due to his internal fear.
  • Coop thinks that Anttail will one day meet up with his parents and that might give him some closure on this problem, however, there is still some uncertainty with that idea.





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