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Current WinterClan
Past Kittypets
Age 54 Moons (approx. 4.5 Years)
Status Living
Debut Owlstorm's Resentment
Father Larkfeather
Mother Nettlefur
Siblings None
Mate Thomas (Formerly)
Kit Webshadow
Mentor Eden
Apprentice Molepaw
Owner Whiskers

Applewhisker is a black-based tabby she-cat with soft fur. She has bright, yellow-green eyes and dense fur.



Applewhisker is a tall, lean, black-based tabby she-cat with soft, thick fur. Her fur is always clean, and rarely has any ticks or fleas on it.  The only white on Applewhisker is on her front, right paw, and on her belly. Like her father and her sister, Applewhisker's pelt sheds in soft tufts instead of single threads to fur. Her pelt is a bit difficult to groom though it's soft, it's dense and thick, but Applewhisker is sure to keep it clean and healthy. Her pelt always seems to have a shine, and there never seems to be a tuft of fur sticking out on her pelt. Her fur clings tight to her slim figure.

Applewhisker's bone structure is fairly strong, but isn't the strongest, and is more on the thin side, making her an easy opponent. Like her father, Applewhisker's a taller cat, with long, thin legs, giving her long, perfect strides. Applewhisker's tall for a she-cat, but remains thin and lady-like. Like her mother, Applewhisker's eyes are a distinctive almond-shape, but are a bright yellow-green color. On the outer edges, Applewhisker's eyes are a bright green shade, but they slowly fade to a yellow as they near her irises. Her paws are fairly large due to her height, and her tail seems a bit long, helping her with balance.  Her cheek-bones are well defined on her delicate face, and her nose and paw-pads are a soft pale shade of pink.

Applewhisker stands with her legs close together, and with her tail often low. She keeps her head held high, and her ears pricked, always looking aware and alert. Applewhisker's claws are fairly sharp, and are an average length. Her teeth are fairly healthy, not yet worn down and remaining sharp, being a yellow-white in color. She doesn't often have an expression, but when she does, she looks serious and ready for anything. Applewhisker bears the scent of sharp pine and snow/water, thanks to the area she lives in.


The molly certainly has a bit of an arrogance to her presence, with her self-assigned rank of highness within the Clan. Applewhisker is proud of not only her accomplishments, but those within her clan, although she might not always admit it. She tends to be very cold and short with outsiders or those she does not believe are worth her valuable time. Gaining her trust and respect is a difficult and timely process, and something that one should be proud of if they have it. Applewhisker doesn't tend to boast of her skills and accomplishments, but it's her passive aggression that hurts the most. From past experiences, she's come to resent almost all cats born outside of WinterClan, with Kittypets taking the most heat. Her wrath is certainly something to look out for, even if it isn't obvious at the moment. She won't hesitate to lay something down plainly, as she never sugarcoats things.

Applewhisker's loyalty is just as plain as her coldness towards outsiders. Her heart and soul clearly belongs strictly to WinterClan, for the molly is willing to lay down her life for them. In the stubborn feline's mind, her Clan is the first thing that comes first, even when it comes to her own life. She can and will act foolishly on behalf of her own life for the betterment of her own Clan, which tends to frighten the youngsters. Her bold actions might be a bit extreme, but are a must in her own mind. She sees herself as but a worker ant: all that matters is the betterment of WinterClan. Her own life is meaningless when it comes to the progressiveness of those around her. Her actions are brash, bold, and sometimes very unpredictable. 

Regardless, her loyalty to her faction is something to be admired, as well as her determined nature. She is very hardworking, and rumored among the Clan to know no such thing as 'rest' and 'relaxing'. High amounts of respect exist for Applewhisker because of what she's willing to do for her clan. She frequently takes up extra patrols whenever allowed, and seems to be lost whenever she's without some form of work. She's very socially awkward and is often uncertain about how to approach others and strike up a worth conversation. She can be very hesitant, so it's often best of another approaches her first. It's not that she absolutely loves work and lives only for it, it's because of what very few who are close to her know: Applewhisker is running from her past. Despite her major accomplishments and great amount of time devoted to WinterClan, Applewhisker continues to feel as if she needs to prove herself.

Secretly, the awkward senior warrior seeks only one thing: comfort. Gaining her trust and respect is a difficult process, but showing signs of gentleness and an understanding spirit seems to draw her in. Jokes don't fly too well with her because of her serious nature, although sometimes she'll be caught off guard and indulge in a good laugh or two. Applewhisker might not seem like the cuddliest of all cats because of the intense image she puts off, but secretly, she just wants a kind friend to hold her close and tell her everything's alright.

Skills and Abilities

Applewhisker's a talented hunter, being a lighter weight, she can make careful steps without making a sound. Her semi-sharp claws still give her a good grip on her prey, and her teeth can easily deliver a killing bite. Her swiftness helps her catch up with prey, such as faster prey like snowhares. Having larger paws, it is easier to walk on snow, and she doesn't sink in too much. She smells like her surroundings in her territory, making it harder for prey to detect her, though her pelt does stand out against the snow, but she blends in better with trees.  Not only is she good at hunting, but she enjoys it as well, which makes her practice it more for fun.  Her size doesn't help much with hunting though, but her long legs, semi-sharp claws, and sharp teeth make up for it.

Applewhisker's long legs also make her a talented runner. She's swift on her paws, and has a great amount of stamina. She's in shape, and her lungs are powerful, letting her run for quite sometime before she tires down. Her long legs give of bursts of speed every time she takes a nice long stride. She walks rather smoothly, and walks as if she's "floating". Her fairly large paws act as snow-shoes on snow, giving her extra balance and support, especially when she runs. Applewhisker's fairly long tail gives her even more balance in the snow, though it doesn't help too much when she's running.


Kithood & Adolescence

Very little warriors knew of the terrifying and abusive world Applewhisker was born into. As a kitten, she was born fatherless after Larkfeather passed away when Applewhisker's mother, Nettlefur, became pregnant. Applekit was born into WinterClan, and quickly in awe with her mother and her prowess. Nettlefur was deputy, and Applekit was her daughter! The kitten was spontaneous, excitedly claiming to her mother that she'd be the greatest daughter ever, and one day make her very very proud by becoming a deputy as well, maybe even leader.
However, without hesitation, Nettlefur pushed her daughter away. She disowned Applekit, harshly claiming to her daughter's face that she was nothing but a mistake, and she would never be as great as Nettlefur herself. The kitten, naturally, was horrified, but continued to attempt to please her mother. She grew shockingly strong, naturally born large because of her ancestry. She would follow her mother around camp, inspired by how well-organized the deputy was.
It was a mistake. Irritated by her daughter's constant shadowing, Nettlefur lashed out. She began to physically harm and abuse Applekit, but still the kitten tried to please her mother. She begged her for forgiveness, but was never given it.
As an apprentice, Applepaw worked even harder. She was set on making Nettlefur proud, and developed into a strong and tall molly. She was the top out of her age, an impressive and powerful warrior...yet she never caught her mother's eye.


She became desperate. Applewhisker, as a result, ran off to become a kittypet, hoping this would cause Nettlefur to come after her. Yet...her mother never came. Day after day, she waited, feeling unwanted, unimportant, like a disgrace. However, a smooth and charming kittypet known as Thomas noticed the situation, and was quick to take Applewhisker to his advantage.
He tried to make her feel important, charming her and referring to her as his 'princess'. She found him kind and charming, quite handsome and strong as well. After all, he was all that Apple the kittypet had, and the only one who seemed to believe in her. So, she took a liking to him and followed him around for a while, but things turned to the worst.
Against her own will, Apple was forced to bear Thomas's kittens. And it was then that the dark pit began to open up within the molly. Once satisfied with the fact that his line would live on, he began to show his true colors towards Apple. He was cruel and manipulating, and rather selfish about what was his. She attacked Thomas, but he fled before she could finish him off.
It was then that the forever-changed molly returned to WinterClan with her single son: Webkit. She announced that she had come to devote her life to her Clan, to make up for her foolishness and make her Clan proud again. She promised to work hard until her very death. It was then that her mother, Nettlefur, attacked, claiming that Applewhisker was a disgrace to WinterClan and to herself, announcing that she'd erase her from WinterClan's history so they didn't have to be ashamed.
It came as a surprise that a deputy as skilled as Nettlefur was unable to kill her own daughter, and came out with such heavy wounds when she was forced away from Applewhisker. Nettlefur later died from infection, while Applewhisker was unable to look at her son any longer. She had turned into the monster her mother was, and she was ashamed. She disowned Webkit because of his kittypet heritage, and because she feared he'd become just like herself.
For moons, she worked hard. Daily patrolling and den cleaning, constant volunteering, you name it, she did it. Applewhisker was set on making things right again.



Thomas - Deceased, residence unknown


Webshadow - Living


Nettlefur - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Larkfeather - Deceased, verified StarClan member




"My mother was, obviously, horrible. I've never told anyone, but she did use to abuse me. I wanted nothing more than to make her proud, and be a great cat like she was...except, Nettlefur was never great. She was a ruthless killer, a self-absorbed molly who cared about nothing more than a title. I wish she wasn't dead, so she could rot in WinterClan as a prisoner, so everyone could see her as the monster she is. She is the reason as to why I cannot look at my son, the reason why I'm such a horrible mother, and the reason why I did such mouse-brained things. Upon my death, I will drive her out of StarClan, and drive her into the Dark Forest, where she rightfully belongs."
For obvious reasons, Applewhisker hates her mother with all her heart. Although few to no cats knew about it, Applewhisker was originally abused by Nettlefur while she was alive, only because the kitten was following her everywhere. Applewhisker had wanted nothing but to make her mother proud, and prove that she was worth her time and not a disgrace after all. However, her mother was a monster, a ruthless killer. After Nettlefur's death, Applewhisker realized that she couldn't change her mother's mind, because she was so 'far gone'. Her mother is the other reason as to why Applewhisker was unable to properly raise Webshadow: she didn't want him to turn out horrible, too.


"It's a shame that I never got to know my father, he sounded like a very admirable tom. They said he would've been a much better deputy than my mother, and, seeing how my mother is, I imagine that's correct. If Larkfeather was still around, I imagine I would've made much more intelligent decisions, and would've grown into a much better warrior...and mother. I think I would have gotten along with him very well, according to how others described him."
Unfortunately, Applewhisker never got to meet her father, Larkfeather, because he died before she was even born. However, based on how others described him, she imagines that they would've gotten along swell. She also likes to believe that should he have been around to save her from Nettlefur's wrath, her life would've turned out much better. Applewhisker longs for what her father could've been like, and constantly ponders about what her life could've been, should he have lived. Yet, even though she never met him, she finds herself admiring him for his so-called talents, although she also pities him for falling for a cat like Nettlefur.


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"I wish I could've killed him myself. Not that it was his fault I was a complete idiot and was dying for attention, but he was part of the past I wish I could erase forever. Thankfully, Thomas is history now, and I'll happily suffocate anyone who dares to bring him up. He wasn't at all attractive, neither in personality nor appearance, so I have no idea how my young foolish self 'fell' for him."
Applewhisker would like nothing more than to eradicate Thomas, both from existence in general, and from her own personal history. Although she was in 'love' with him in her younger days, she finds him very unattractive because of his arrogant nature, and regrets ever meeting him. Should Applewhisker have the option, she would've killed him herself, even if it wasn't his fault that she was so foolish as a young cat. Regardless, she'd never repeat what she's done, and is incredibly ashamed of her past actions. She, for obvious reasons, hates to talk about him, and will react violently, should she be asked about him.


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  • As a kittypet, she wore a blue camo collar.
  • She will definitely take up a mate, and have a litter of kittens who she will love with all her heart.
    • For obvious reasons, the tom will have to be a warrior as dedicated as she is, but also willing to show her true kindness and comfort.
  • Naturally, her poor ability to mother Webshadow was due to the trauma she had with her own mother. She also fears she can never be a good mother.