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Current AutumnClan
Age Approx. 24 Moons Old (Approx. 2 Years)
Status Living
Debut AutumnClan Archive I
Father Acornfur
Mother Flystorm
Siblings Tinycloud, Pinestorm, Wolfstorm
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Elmfur
Apprentices Tinycloud, Dipperpaw
Deputy Position
Predecessor Falconheart
Owner Mink

Aspenflower is a gray tabby and white she-cat with copper eyes. She is the deputy of AutumnClan, born as the oldest child to Flystorm and Acornfur. Her sisters are Tinycloud and Pinestorm, while she has a single brother, Wolfstorm. Growing up she became the best friend of Orchidsnow, the two to this day still doing things together.

Aspenflower grew up in a calm and well-respected family of warriors. This gave her a similarly high status among the Clan after she became a warrior, as well as grew to become the mentor of her little sister. After her sister's training was finish, Aspenflower at a rather young age was made deputy.



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Acornfur: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Flystorm: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Wolfstorm: Living


Tinycloud: Living
Pinestorm: Living


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She's like her brother in all honesty, only less. She's mellowed out a ton since apprenticeship and even has a great potential in the future. I've seen her chatting with others a lot and she's got the charm for it. I don't see how she doesn't have a mate already. -Aspenflower's thoughts on her little sister, Pinestorm
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I love my brother, really I do, but both him and Pinestorm cause all the trouble around here. Messing with Rooknose all the time, planting poppy seeds in Tinycloud's food. I've no idea what to do with the two, honestly. -Aspenflower's thoughts on her little brother, Wolfstorm
Aspenflower loves her troublesome little brother but has a great fear that he and Pinestorm might cause more than Clan trouble. Despite his nice and gentle upbringing, the young tom has several qualities to him that aren't considered nice. Such as his and Pinestorm's teasing on Tinycloud and their talent for causing trouble. As far as Aspenflower can say, he's a great pawful and needs some mellowing in his life.

Despite their parents recent death, Wolfstorm sti remains to be trouble and this seems to worry Aspenflower greatly, which voices quite a bit.

There have been many times that Aspenflower has tried mellowing or giving her brother responsible activities where he has messed up greatly.



I don't know what I'd do without him, really. He's always been there for me, when Elmfur died he was always by my side and to be honest, it's a good quality for him. His loyalty. I think at some point after Elmfur's death the Clan thought we'd hook up but he's like a brother to me. -Aspenflower's thoughts on her best friend, Orchidsnow
Having grown up with Orchidsnow her whole life, the two share a bond like no other. Throughout her childhood he was always there for and she couldn't think if anyone else she'd rather have by her side. Once the two became warriors their bond got stronger, the two doing most patrols and hunting parties together. She and Orchidsnow were thought to have been a possible couple during the days after Elmfur's death - however- both made it obvious they did not share those kind of feelings for each other. As she grew older, Orchidsnow began to expand his view towards others. Before long Aspenflower was named deputy, despite Orchidsnow's brief jealousy over this he supported her the whole way.

After the death of Orchidsnow's mother and sister, Aspenflower pushed her duties aside quite a bit to be there for him, showing great qualities as a future leader. Her caring and loving nature towards the warrior showed him that despite being jealous of her being chosen she was meant for the job. To thia day the two stilled remain close.

Love Interests




I was very close to Elmfur, his gentle and humble ways taught me all there was to know. Well towards loyalty and care anyway. Despite that, Elmfur and I we grew close. For a while I thought I had a crush on him. Can yoy believe that? -Aspenflower's thoughts on her mentor, Elmfur
During her whole apprenticeship, Aspenflower grew to know Elmfur very well. The two began to bond not long after their first outing and were usually seen together afterwards. Right before her warriorship they were said to have been an ideal couple for each other - however - the two made it known they did not view each other that way. Not long after her warrior ceremony, the two were out on a patrol together and grew to be caught up in a terrible storm that killed Elmfur. Afterwards, Aspenflower grew upset and began to blame herself for his death.
Once she was able to get him back to camp, she sadly explained about the senior warrior's death and grew too upset to finish and went to rest. To this day she still blames herself and can be found quite frequently visiting his grave.



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  • Aspenflower will not become leader instead she will step down, to have time with her family.

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