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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Age Approx. 110.5 moons (9.2 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Widespread organ failure
Debut WinterClan I
Last Post WinterClan XL
Father Wolfpelt
Mother Owlwing
Siblings Moonsight, Fadeshadow
Mate Reedstar
Kits Apple, Petalkit, Guppystar, Hiddenshadow, Visionblurr, Crowfoot
Apprentices Lightningflash, Risingspirit, Swiftstrike
Leader Position
Predecessor Risingstar
Successor Guppystar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Hawkheart
Successor Shadowclaw
Owner Rainlegs

Azurestar is a black tom with long legs, whiskers, a short pelt, an unusually long tail, a pelt covered in scars, and a missing eye. The remaining is a bright azure colour. He is the son of Owlwing and Wolfpelt, with his siblings being Moonsight and Fadeshadow. His mate was Reedstar, and his kits are Applewhisker, Petalkit, Guppystar, Hiddenshadow, Visionblurr, and Crowfoot. He mentored Lightningflash, Risingspirit, and Swiftstrike.



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He was a very calm and laid-back cat, nearly the opposite of his mate. He was stern, but just enough to earn the respect of older warriors, making him a likely choice for deputy one day. He was very quiet, and used to enjoy being outside of camp. After the fox attack that left him without one eye, he fell into a depression, often moping around camp and complaining that Reedstar had to die instead of him. However, when chosen as leader, he became a little more social, perky, and cheerful, trying to keep the hopes of his clan up in times of need.


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Kithood and Adolescence

Azurekit is born to Owlwing and Wolfpelt of WinterClan, along with his siblings, Fadekit and Moonkit. He is seen sleeping in his nest with his siblings. He rolls over, startling Reedkit. After a while, Reedkit peers into Owlwing's empty nest. She had left on a patrol, leaving Azurekit, Moonkit, and Fadekit inside. He asks if Maplestar is sick, and Reedkit tells him to mind his own business. Moonkit cuffs his brother's ears, telling him to leave her alone. Azurekit retorts with the fact that she loves him, and Reedkit leans away, disgusted. Reedkit says that she begs to differ, and Fadekit tells Azurekit to stop being such a player.
Azurekit, now an apprentice, is talking with some of his denmates. Reedpaw approaches the small group, sitting down next to Fadepaw. Azurepaw is then seen hunting, scaring a rabbit away from Reedpaw. He rests his tail across Reedpaw's shoulders, standing next to her. She hisses that she could have caught that rabbit, and Azurepaw snickers. He says that he was just saving her from embarrassment when she didn't end up catching the prey. Reedpaw lashes her tail a bit before storming away. Azurepaw then heads back to camp.


Azurepaw is made a warrior with the name Azuregaze. Reedstar later brings Azuregaze on a patrol to try and stop a fire ravaging WinterClan's territory. He races to catch up with her, whispering something in her ear. She freezes, heading back to camp. Later, Reedstar performs a ceremony, giving Azuregaze Lightningpaw as an apprentice.
Reedstar then performs some other ceremonies, naming Lightningpaw a warrior. After the ceremony, Azuregaze sits down next to Reedstar, flicking his ears. He later leaves on a hunting patrol with some others, and is seen arriving back in camp. Sometime later, Azuregaze becomes Reedstar's mate. He leads a gathering patrol back to camp, looking up to the Highrock where his mate sits. Reedstar, now heavily pregnant, performs a ceremony, giving Azuregaze Risingpaw as an apprentice. He touches noses with his apprentice, hopping off of the Highrock. Azuregaze later takes Risingpaw exploring, and are seen on the SummerClan border.
Reedstar is then seen in the medicine cat's den, giving birth to Azuregaze's kits: Applekit, Petalkit, Hiddenkit, Visionkit, Guppykit, and Crowkit. Petalkit is a stillborn, and Azuregaze buries her himself. Later, Azuregaze is seen with Risingpaw. Risingpaw catches a pheasant, and the two drag it back to camp. A while later, Azuregaze calls for Risingpaw, and the two leave camp.
Later, Reedstar and Azuregaze leave camp. They go for a walk, but a group of foxes catch them. Reedstar is brutally torn apart with injuries too great for even StarClan to heal. She loses all nine of her lives, and Azuregaze gets back to camp safely, though he loses an eye. Due to his injury, he retires to the elders den. He returns later to gather his mates torn body, and buries her. Shadowclaw is assigned to take over Risingpaw's training, as Azuregaze can no longer train him.
Azuregaze is later seen leaving the warrior's den, his once-bright eyes glazed over and dull. He looks jealously at Guppysplash. Later, Azuregaze is seen hunting along the border. He barely misses a rabbit he was stalking when he hears a loud screech. Azuregaze sees a small patrol, walking over to it. He is later seen back in the medicine cat's den, next to a SummerClan tom who he had injured. A while later, Clawtooth is seen talking to Azuregaze. Clawtooth mews that he'll be an elder soon. Azuregaze looks around camp, his joints stiff with age. He notices his gray-speckled muzzle, and decides it is time for him to retire. He looks around for Risingstar so he can announce his retirement. He approaches the leader's den, looking for where he could possibly be. Risingstar was out on a patrol, and was killed.
Countrypaw is seen looking at Azuregaze. She states that the risen has fallen, and that it is the time of azure shadows. She proclaims that StarClan has chosen Azuregaze to become the leader after Risingstar. Azuregaze is looking around, but stops when Countrypaw mentions 'azure'. He hears the prophecy, and freezes. Azuregaze stammers that he's too old, but if it's StarClan's will, he'll do it. Shadowclaw looks at Azuregaze, saying that he'll be a great leader. He asks who the deputy will be, and Azuregaze states that he'd like to receive his lives before choosing. Countrypaw shakes her head, thinking that her prophecy was actually clear. She states that it means Azurestar will become leader, and Shadowclaw will become deputy. Azuregaze dips his head, and states that they should head out at once.
Azuregaze, now Azurestar, walks confidently back into camp. StarClan had given him his eye back, and nine lives. Fadeshadow jumps at the sight of him, and purrs that his eye is back. Azuregaze leaves his sister, stating that he has to appoint a new deputy. He performs the ceremony, naming Shadowclaw the deputy of WinterClan. Shadowclaw tells Azurestar that he'll do his best, and Azurestar tells him to go rest. Azurestar climbs back down the highrock, pressing his muzzle into Risingstar's fur. He states that he was a great apprentice, and that it was not his time yet. Fadeshadow talks with Azurestar a bit, asking what he saw at his leader ceremony. Torchkit later looks up at Azurestar, asking when his ceremony will be. Azurestar states that it will be the next morning, after the vigil is over.
Azurestar wakes slowly, leaving his den to perform some ceremonies. Swiftpaw then calls out for him, wanting to head out. Swiftpaw asks what they'll be learning about, and Azurestar teaches him about stalking rabbits. The two left to the training hollow, fresh air filling Azurestar's lungs. The two later return to camp, and Azurestar performs a name-changing ceremony for Countryheart. He names her Nettleface, for her dark pelt and good looks. Applepaw, who had gone missing years before, arrives back in camp with a kit. She sets him down, and calls for Azurestar. Apple greets some of her old clanmates, who tell her that Azuregaze is leader now. She rejoins the clan, wondering what her warrior name will be. Azurestar pads out of his den, listening to the unfamiliar voices. Azurestar blinks a bit, recognizing Apple. She calls for her father, and Rook calls out a greeting.
Azurestar later goes to sleep, and Shadowclaw attempts to wake him up. He prods Azurestar, saying that Risingspirit was back somehow. Azurestar jerks awake, flattening his ears. He scrambles out of his nest, looking at Risingspirit. Shadowclaw confirms that Azurestar is alright, and wonders if Risingspirit will want his leader position back. Azurestar says that he won't get it back without a fight, and says that he'll be around for a long time. Shimmershadow approaches Azurestar and Shadowclaw, greeting them. Azurestar says that he hopes Shimmershadow's kits will be healthy and strong.
Tanzaniteshadow approaches Azurestar, requesting a name change. He performs the ceremony, and is then seen out of camp. Azurestar races through a meadow, tearing up small bundles of grass with each lunge. He skids to a stop, complimenting his daughter's catch. Azurestar is then seen back in camp, grooming his pelt. He thinks about delaying Crescentpaw's warrior ceremony. Shadowclaw approaches Azurestar, asking if he's feeling alright. Azurestar replies that he's fine, and that he'll warn Shadowclaw if he gets old and sick.
Nettleface approaches Azurestar, telling him about visions she's having. Nettleface says that she wishes Azurestar could see them, and he says that he wishes he could too. Nettleface blinks, asking if he thinks it's a warning. She says that she needs to go to the Mooncave, and Azurestar gives her permission. He says that he'd like to go too, and the two leave camp. After they return, Azurestar hops on top of the Highrock, performing a warrior ceremony. He names several cats warriors, and then leaves to his den.
Azurestar is seen pacing in his den, waiting for the patrol he sent out to locate Brightkit to return. He sighs softly, thinking of his daughter, Guppyfin. The patrol returns, and Azurestar feels like a rock has hit his gut. He is interrupted by the fact that Spiderstorm, one of the elders, was dead. Crowfoot then meows news of Stormwhisker's death. Azurestar asks where he is now, and Crowfoot reports that he was in a tree and fell. The next day, Azurestar woke in his den. He ruffles his fur, thinking about what would happen if he died another time. He calls a clan meeting, performing yet another apprentice ceremony. Moonsight approaches him after the ceremony, wishing to retire to the elders den. The two go through the crowd of cats, looking for Beautifulface.
Azurestar is later seen in his den. He ached all over, and had a raging headache. He calls out for Beautifulface and Guppyfin. Fadeshadow also follows her niece inside, after hearing Azurestar's pained yowls. He attempts to stand to greet them, but crumples instead. He glances up at his daughter and the medicine cat, giving Beautifulface a slight nod. He proclaims Guppyfin the new deputy of WinterClan before giving out one last shaky breath, and passing on.



Reedstar: Deceased; StarClan resident


Guppystar: Living
Applewhisker: Living
Petalkit : Deceased; StarClan resident


Visionblurr: Deceased; StarClan resident
Crowfoot: Deceased; StarClan resident
Hiddenshadow: Deceased; StarClan resident


Brightstorm: Living
Minnie: Deceased; unknown residence
Rookstorm: Living
Orcacry: Living
Magpiesong: Living
Birdpaw: Living


Loyal: Living
Romeo: Living
Webshadow: Living
Dolphinwave: Status Unknown
Rollingstone: Status Unknown
Lionkit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Roseleaf: Living
Greenkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Stoatwhisker: Living


Catfishpaw: Deceased; StarClan resident


Owlwing: Deceased; StarClan resident


Wolfpelt: Deceased; StarClan resident


Fadeshadow: Deceased, StarClan resident


Moonsight: Deceased; StarClan resident


Pebblesong: Deceased; StarClan resident
Stormwhisker: Deceased; StarClan resident
Beakkit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Shadestripe: Deceased; unknown residence
Aspenflower: Deceased; StarClan resident
Willowkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Leopardkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Briarshine: Deceased; unknown residence
Lightningstorm: Living
Regretpaw: Status Unknown


Alpinefeather: Deceased; StarClan resident
Slugface: Deceased; unknown residence
Leechfang: Deceased; StarClan resident


Aerialace: Living


Lovekit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Robinkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Weevilfoot: Living


Pridefall: Deceased; StarClan resident
Guilttrip: Living
Justicesight: Unknown Status




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Love Interests


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Rank Info


  • He didn't enjoy being leader.
  • He actually liked his missing eye because he thought it made him look cool.





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