Bandit is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Bandit is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current Rogue
Given Rogue: Bandit
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Regrets of the Swooping Jay
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown Tom
Mother Unknown She-Cat
Siblings None
Mate Selene (formerly)
Kits Jayswoop, Meadow
Owner None

Bandit was a large, bulky, muscular grey mackerel-striped tabby tom. He was well-known for his hostile personality- notably due to the fights he got himself caught in and almost-always won with his strength and long, curved claws. With cold, slightly dark amber eyes, Bandit was able to sharply see anything that crossed into his vision. Bandit also had massive white paws.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Bandit was among the harshest rogues known to the Clans. He was extremely vicious, willing to have gone to such extremes as to have killed his own mate to obtain what he wanted. Brutal and hatred ruled his heart for as long as he had lived. His fury towards himself and other cats eventually led to his downfall, for his own son, Jayswoop, killed him to avenge Meadow and Selene.

Skills and Abilities

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Regrets of the Swooping Jay

Bandit and a group of other cats are first seen chasing Selene, Meadow, and Jay through a forest. As Jay calls out to Selene that Meadow, the weaker kit, needs help, Selene rescues the kit, but only to find that she and her kits have been surrounded. Bandit strolls from the crowd, commenting on how Selene tried to run away, facing the she-cat with a smug expression.
He flicks his tail smoothly, though Jay can sense that he is not as friendly as he seems. Bandit circles Selene, then peers down at Jay. Angry, Jay swipes Bandit, leaving a deep scratch on his cheek. Just as Bandit attempts to crush Jay, Selene intervenes, knocking Bandit away from the kit. He is viciously attacked by the she-cat until he screeches in agony, calling for the cats to kill all three.



Selene (formerly) ~ Deceased


Jayswoop ~ Living


Meadow ~ Deceased


Skykit ~ Living

Life Image

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Character Pixels

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