Beakkit is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Kit Beakkit
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Stillborn
Debut WinterClan
Last Post Unknown
Father Pebbledash
Mother Fadeshadow
Siblings Briarshine, Regretpaw, Leopardkit, Lightningstorm, Aspenflower (half), Willowkit (half)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Rainlegs

Beakkit is a small, slender, well-balanced, short-furred, white tom with dark, spotted-tabby stripes and wide, yellow eyes.


Beakkit is sensible, quiet, and charming. He figures things out quickly, and isn't afraid to correct himself if he's wrong in a situation.


Beakkit is born to Fadeshadow and Pebbledash of WinterClan in the middle of leaf-bare, along with his siblings, Leopardkit, Regretkit, Lightningkit, and Briarkit.

Fadeshadow hadn't joined the nursery until a few days before giving birth, keeping up with active warrior duties until then. As a result, Beakkit is a stillborn.

He now resides in StarClan.


  • Fadeshadow named him Beakkit because he looked like her former, deceased, mate, Ospreytalon.


Mother: Fadeshadow ~ Living

Father: Pebbledash ~ Living

Sisters: Leopardkit ~ Deceased; StarClan resident, Lightningkit ~ Living, Briarkit ~ Living, Regretkit ~ Living

Half-Sisters: Aspenflower ~ Living, Willowkit ~ Living

Grandmother: Owlwing ~ Deceased; StarClan resident

Grandfather: Wolfpelt ~ Deceased; StarClan resident

Uncles: Moonsight ~ Living, Azuregaze ~ Living

Half-Nephew: Aerialace ~ Living

Half-Nieces: Alpinefeather ~ Living, Glaciermoon ~ Living

Cousins: Pebblesong ~ Deceased; StarClan resident, Stormwhisker ~ Living, Shadestripe ~ Living, Guppyfin ~ Living, Crowfoot ~ Living, Visionblurr ~ Living, Petalkit ~ Deceased; StarClan resident, Apple ~ Living, Hiddenshadow ~ Living

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