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Placeholder cat
Current Dark Forest
Past SummerClan, Rogue
Medicine Cat
Berrytail, Berry
Age Approx. 96 Moons (8 Years) at Death
Status Faded
Cause of Death Died due to eating poisoned hare
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Hareflight
Mother Ashpool
Siblings Mouse-eye, Willowkit, Brookkit
Mate Lilycloud (Formerly)
Kits None
Mentors Fireclaw (Warrior), Falconfur (Medicine Cat)
Apprentices Featherstream, Goldenpelt (Formerly), Rookpaw, Snakepaw, Kestrelpaw, Whiteleaf
Owner Stoem
Berrytail is a brutally scarred white tom with a black face and black tail and one amber eye, in which the other is missing.



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Mental Health

No Mental Health problems recorded

Physical Health

No Physical Health problems recorded


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Skills and Abilities

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He attacks and almost kills Wolfspirit while introducing himself and teaching him to show no mercy. He finds Wolfspirit a formiable opponent, but doesn't admit it. He later leaves him as he says they will train another day.




Lilycloud (Formerly) - Deceased; suspected StarClan member


Hareflight - Deceased; suspected StarClan member


Ashpool - Deceased; suspected StarClan member


Mouse-ear - Deceased; suspected StarClan member


Willowkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member
Brookkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Love Interests

Lilycloud - Berrytail and Lilycloud went way back to when they were kits. As kits, they were the best of friends, and they almost never left each other's side, especially after the death of Berrykit's sisters, Willowkit and Brookkit. Mousekit, though, was jealous of their friendship, so he took a friend of his own, which was Lilykit's sister, Mallowkit. After this, Berrykit and Lilykit decide to let Mallowkit and Mousekit join their adventures, and soon, they became a group together. When they became apprentices, their feelings for each other got more intense, to the point where they started to form crushes on each other. When they were Warriors, they thought that their lives were set, and they soon became mates after the grief of the death of Mallowstorm, which saddened Lilycloud. But, after he becomes deputy, he gets a message from StarClan saying he must be a Medicine Cat, as he wasn't supposed to fall in love in the first place. He was forced to retire and become Falconfur's apprentice, and lose Lilycloud. After their break up and soon after Falconfur dies, Lilycloud takes Mouse-ear as a mate, making Berrytail jealous. Berrytail, blinded by his own grief, decides to try and kill Lilycloud and Mouse-ear. In a failed attempt to kill them, he is exiled by the clan leader and forced to be a Rogue, where he almost realizes how horrible he had been to try and kill his old love and brother, but something nagging within him keeps him angry and cold-hearted until he passes from poisoning, ending up in the Dark Forest.


Mouse-ear - Berrytail and Mouse-ear were rather close all through his life. As kits, they were as close as any brothers could be. They had their occasional fights, until they made up and went to find Lilykit and Mallowkit. As apprentices, they always discussed their feelings together, and Mousepaw strongly encouraged him and Lilypaw to be together, knowing they were the cutest together. As warriors, when Berrytail and Lilycloud became mates, he is happy for them. But, when Berrytail is forced to become a Medicine cat, Mouse-ear takes a liking to the grief-stricken Lilycloud and they become mates, making Berrytail immensly jealous. Berrytail almost kills him and Lilycloud, but fails and ends up being banished from the clan, where their brotherhood is forever forgotten.
Lilycloud -
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  • Berrytail has nieces and nephews, they are just unknown.
  • Berrytail was never meant to be a Warrior, and if it weren't for Lilycloud being in the nursery with him, he would have been a loyal medicine cat and ended up in StarClan.
    • Although, he probably would have ended up in the Dark Forest anyways, because his real nature is rather aggressive and battle-hungry, and that mixed with his self-pride makes him a dangerous cat to be around really.
      • The reason why StarClan wanted him to be a medicine cat is unknown; it may be because they thought that making him a medicine cat would make him less of a threat to other cats, by trying to give him a healing post, he would lose some of his ignorance and agressiveness.
  • Berrytail was adopted once by Stoem, and forgotten after that until recently
  • Berrytail is a very talented medicine cat and a very intelligent cat in general, and if he didn't use his skills for killing, he would have been a very succeesful medicine cat.
  • He is actually pure SummerClan, as his family line doesn't include any half-clan relationships
  • His time from when he was alive was very long ago, which is why he is faded partly.
    • But, if it weren't for him killing any cats, he would probably be faded already.
  • His life image shows a picture of him when he was younger; without his scars and missing eye
    • Ignore the collar on his life image






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