Blackhaze is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Blackhaze is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Blackhaze is a black she-cat with gray-tipped hairs and very dark violet eyes. She is the daughter of Havenwatcher and Fenneldust, and she has three siblings, all of which are dead: Tawnykit, Stagkit, and Beautykit. Unlike her family, she resides in the Dark Forest, and she is a WinterClan cat.

Placeholder cat
Current Dark Forest
Past WinterClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Crushed by stalagmites
Debut Dark Forest/Roleplay
Last Post Unknown
Father Fenneldust
Mother Havenwatcher
Siblings Tawnykit, Stagkit, Beautykit
Mates Alpineheight (formerly), Badgerscar
Kits None
Mentor Jagbush
Owner None



She is a black, patchy-furred she-cat with scars lacing her flank from her death by stalagmites. Her dark color may come from Asian cat ancestry, and she has a relatively fuzzy scruff, but it is relatively unnoticeable when she grooms it. Despite her raggedness, she has relatively smooth fur, which she sometimes grooms.

She is a wiry-framed cat, and she has muscles that are mostly in her shoulders and front paws, which enables her to fight well. However, her skin is laced with fleabites as her time as a rouge, and she can easily open new wounds. She has sharp, pointed ears, unlike a natural soft curve, and her muzzle is relatively long like a fox. She is a Oriental body type.

Physical Health

Blackhaze has multiple scars from training in the Dark Forest as an apprentice, usually inflicted by other cats. She has broken a few bones in her past life, but other than that, she is a relatively strong cat. She used to get the same illnesses as other cats- minor ones, such as greencough and fever- but usually not serious ones such as greencough.

Mental Health

Blackhaze seems to have a taste for fighting, and may have some mental problems from her neglectful past, but other than that, she is relatively stable. She is a quick learner, and she likes learning something new- especially if it is a battle move.


She is a sly, manipulative she-cat, and she is able to manipulate those dumb enough to follow her to do anything she wants. She enjoys causing pain, and is generally as bad as other cats speak of her as. She hates her family members, thinking that they all are stupid, and is furious that they are happy in StarClan, while she walks alone in her world of misery, the Dark Forest.



See Blackhaze's Curse

Blackkit is born to her mother Havenwatcher, and her father, Fenneldust. Her siblings are Tawnykit, Stagkit, and Beautykit. She is noted to shove around Beautykit, which is then moved to Stagkit. It is noted that when Fenneldust meets his kits, he regards Blackkit with a sour expression.


Mates: Alpineheight (formerly) - Deceased, Faded

Badgerscar - Deceased, Faded

Kits: TBA

Mother: Havenwatcher - Deceased, Faded

Father: Fenneldust - Deceased, Faded

Sisters: Tawnykit - Deceased, Faded

Beautykit - Deceased, Faded

Brother: Stagkit - Deceased, Faded

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