Blackwing is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Current Dark Forest
Past AutumnClan, Rogue
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Heart attack
Debut AutumnClan Roleplay; Archive III. June 19th, 2012.
Last Post Unknown
Owner None

Blackwing is a black tom with green eyes.



Blackwing has sleek, smooth, and short fur. He has powerful, long hind legs, and especially sharp claws and teeth. Blackwing has an angry glare and bright, green eyes. His paws are quite big, and he is very muscular.


Physical Health

Blackwing was once a fit, strong, warrior of AutumnClan. However, due to being exiled and becoming a rogue, he has become just a little scrawny. However, he is still tough and powerful.

Mental Health

Blackwing thinks before he acts, though he is perfectly sane, though ambitious.


Blackwing is rude and evil. He hates everything around him. Blackwing is also ambitious, and will do anything to harm another cat. He has a horrible attitude towards every other cat.

Skills and Abilities

He is a great fighter, and very powerful. However, he uses these strengths wrongly; he harms his allies instead of his enemies.



Coming Soon


Blackwing first appears in AutumnClan. He is shown to be on top of the Highrock, and calls Flashstar and Hazeleye traitors because they both had mates that went against the Warrior Code. Caramelfur grows angry and attacks Blackwing, because he was saying horrible things about the two.
Blackwing is then exiled from the Clan, and, right before he leaves, he quickly takes away one of Flashstar's lives. He creeps into the shadows, and attacks Caramelfur when she accidentally comes to close to him, not knowing he was there.
He then lives on as a rogue, lurking behind the shadows. Blackwing is later shown to go find a place to make dirt, when he has a rather random and sudden heart attack, and dies. He now resides in the Dark Forest, for his crimes against his former Clan.


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