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Current Dark Forest
Past StarClan, SummerClan
Age Unknown
Status Faded
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Lionstar
Mother Redsky
Siblings Brutalpaw, Petalseed
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Dark Forest Cat
Owner None

Bloodpaw is reddish-brown she-cat with dark orange/reddish eyes and scars along her pelt from the Dark Forest.


Bloodpaw is seen as a sweet, gentle, but shy and cautious. She has a bit of trouble with proper grammar (ex, "More funner") and doesn't fully understand why the Dark Forest cats are "big, fat, scary meanies." Although she can look cute, she has a hidden dark side. If provoked, Bloodpaw can be nasty, cruel, and overwhelmingly vicious. Bloodpaw doesn't like to be this way though, and refers to her murderous self as, "Bad Bloodpaw". She desperately wishes to be in StarClan with her mother, but even after sneaking into their hunting grounds, is afraid of what Lionstar or the Dark Forest will do to her.


Bloodpaw was born to Redsky and Lionclaw along with her brother, Brutalpaw, and her sister, Petalseed. However, she and Brutalpaw died, unable to take a breath. Redsky never named them, and she and her friend, Tanfang, took them to bury them.

Much later, Lionstar kidnapped them in StarClan and took them to the Dark Forest to train them as apprentices. Lionstar named them Bloodpaw and Brutalpaw, and they trained hard.

One day, Redsky and her friends in StarClan planned a rescue, but it didn't go well. Lionstar and the other Dark Forest cats attacked them, and when Brutalpaw and Bloodpaw tried to go to StarClan, they were killed and faded away.

She comes back again in the Dark Forest along with her brother and father, due to Meteorpaw's power. Her father, Lionstar, is bullied by the other cats when he comes back, and Bloodpaw and Brutalpaw expecially take pleasure in taunting him.


Mother: Redsky ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

Father: Lionstar ~ Deseased, confirmed Dark Forest member

Aunt: Rosestar ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

Sister: Petalseed ~ Living

Brother: Brutalpaw ~ Deceased, confirmed Dark Forest member

Nephew: Brownpelt ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member Nieces: Rainheart ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member, Whitefang ~ Living, Shinefeather ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member, Flightseed ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member Grand-Nieces: Mallowkit ~ Status Unknown, Flutterkit ~ Status unknown, Spider ~ Living, Silentspark ~ Living Grand-Nephews: Ripplepond ~ Living, Specklethorn ~ Living

Great-Grand-Nieces: Palekit ~ Living, Lizardkit ~ Living

Great-Grand-Nephew: Twitekit ~ Living

Character Pixels

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Life Picture



  • If she had lived, she was going to be named Reddust.

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