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Current StarClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a Badger
Debut SummerClan 3
Last Post Unknown
Father Lionheart
Mother Luckshine
Siblings Branchheart, Shadowpelt, Poppyheart
Mate Songbreeze
Kits Brindlenose, Pepperpatch
Mentor Swiftfoot
Owner Stoem
Brambletail is a large, muscular bright ginger tabby tom with long, silky fur, long and sharp claws, and brilliant sky blue eyes.


Brambletail is a brave cat. He can get angry about rumors, though, so it is not hard to deceive him. He is overall a good cat though. He loves his mate, Songbreeze, and is very protective of her, especially with Shadowpelt around her. He loves his kits, Brindlenose and Pepperpatch, and is very proud of them.


Bramblekit was born to Luckshine and Lionheart in SummerClan with his siblings Shadowkit, Branchkit, and Poppykit.

He takes a liking to Songkit when he is a kit, and begins to want to play wit her. But Shadowkit also takes a liking to her, causing a fight to begin over the she-kit. Shadowkit injures Bramblekit, but not on purpose. He is shown to be playing with Songkit later on, and Shadowkit butts in and he gets angry.

He later earns his apprentice name, Bramblepaw, and gets Swiftfoot as a mentor. He is shown to be happy, and he goes to celebrate with Songkit, who is envious of him being an apprentice before her and her litter-mates. He is shown to be training with Swiftfoot, and hanging with Songkit, who is still in the nursery.

When Songkit becomes Songpaw, he is happy for her. Shadowpaw, though, comes to celebrate with her as well. He thinks that Songpaw likes Shadowpaw, who is always around. Though she tells him that she likes him more, Shadowpaw becomes jealous and is shows hatred for his brother. Later, though, there is a fight with dogs and he fights bravely, as all the cats, but sadly Rainface, Silverflower, and Luckshine die from this battle, Bramblepaw is shown to be heartbroken after the death of his mother and his brave clan-mates.

Later, he earns his warrior name from his deceased mother, Luckshine, who tells them a real ceremony cannot be preformed. He becomes Brambletail, and the rest of the apprentices become Songbreeze, Poppyheart, Shadowpelt, Cloudstorm, Branchheart, and Whistlewind. Shortly after, he asks Songbreeze to be his mate, and she replies yes.

Later, he and Songbreeze fight and they end up breaking up, leaving Brambletail sad. He had always loved her even when she became mates with Shadowpelt. When Shadowpelt is rude to Songbreeze, she breaks up with him and later Brambletail proposes again to Songbreeze, who replies yes again, saying she has always loved him even when she was with Shadowpelt. After this, Shadowpelt and him become mortal enemies, and he hates Brambletail with all his life, and Brambletail protects Songbreeze a lot from him whenever hes around her.

Later, Songbreeze becomes pregnant with his kits. He is overjoyed, and walks around proudly. When she gives birth to Brindlekit and Pepperkit, he stays with them continuously, protecting them and always plays with them, remembering the days when he and Songbreeze were kits.

Soon, his kits become apprentices, Brindlepaw and Pepperpaw. He is very proud of them, and congratulates them warmly. Later, he goes on a walk with Songbreeze, and they think that they should be together more, because their moments together were getting awkward. Later, though, he is sheen at Rowanstar's den, seeing what was going on with Cloudstorm because he was resigning, though he later changes his mind, which makes Brambletail happy, because he always thought Cloudstorm was a great deputy.

Later, his kits become warriors, getting the names Brindlenose and Pepperpatch.

He is seen later when Songbreeze asks him to talk to him. He is surprised, but listens. She says they cant be mates anymore, and he is extremely surprised, saying he loves her. She says that she loves him too, but he never spends time with her. He says that he loves her more then anything else in the world, and that he doesn't want to lose her. She says they can remain as mates, and he is overjoyed, saying he will be more loyal then before.

Later, Songbreeze walks out of camp with the medicine cat, Pikepelt, and he is seen to be anxious of his mate that something may be wrong, so he paces around camp and then flicks his son's ear. He finds out she had died, and he becomes very sad afterwards.

He and Tigerclaw get killed by a Badger and now he resides in StarClan.

Life Image


Character Pixels

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Brambletail: "Songbreeze, we've been away from each other for almost a moon now, but do you want to be mates again?"
Songbreeze: "I would love too!"
Brambletail: "Me too"
—Brambletail asking Songbreeze to his mate again SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive10





Bramblepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Luckshine: "You need your warrior names. But a ceremony will not be preformed. We will name you."
Luckshine: "From this moment, Songpaw, you will be known as Songbreeze. Cloudpaw, you will be known as Cloudstorm. Whistlepaw, you will be known as Whistlewind. Poppypaw, you will be known as Poppyheart. Branchpaw, you will be known as Branchheart. Shadowpaw, you will be known as Shadowpelt. Bramblepaw, you will be known as Brambletail. Graypaw, you will be known as Grayfoot. Eclipsepaw, you will be known as Eclipsemoon."
—Brambletail's Warrior Ceremony SummerClan/Roleplay Archive6

Bramblekit's Apprentice Ceremony

Sunstar: "Branchkit, Poppykit, Bramblekit, and Shadowkit please step forward."
Narrator: "Bramblekit steps forwards, taking a glance at Songkit"
Sunstar: "Until the day you earn your warriors names, you shall be known as Bramblepaw, Branchpaw, Shadowpaw, and Poppypaw. Bramblepaw, your mentor will be Swiftfoot, Brachpaw, your mentor will be Silverflower, Shadowpaw, your mentor will be Moonstorm, and Poppypaw, your mentor will be Rowanflight. The clan welcomes you as full apprentices of SummerClan"
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive5


Mate - Songbreeze - Living

Daughter - Brindlenose - Living

Son - Pepperpatch - Living

Father: Lionheart - Deseased, suspected StarClan member

Mother: Luckshine - Deseased, verified StarClan member

Brother - Shadowpelt - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Sisters: Poppyheart - Living, Branchheart - Living

Aunt: Echo - Status Unknown

Grandmothers: Sapphire - Status Unknown, Redflight - Deceased; Residence unknown

Grandfathers: Swift - Deceased; Residence unknown, Greentail - Deceased; Residence unknown

Nieces - Tawnyleaf - Living, Brightfeather - Living, Rowanspirit - Deseased; verified StarClan member, Flarepaw - Living, Skycloud - Living

Nephews - Longtail - Living, Batwing - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Breezefur - Living, Seedfeather - Living


  • He had always loved Songbreeze, even when she was with Shadowpelt.
  • His life image shows a cat with brown eyes instead of blue.
  • He used to be owned by Cheesywhale123, but Stormstar took over Role-play him after Cheesy became inactive.
  • A song that fits when Brambletail and Songbreeze broke up is When I was your man by Bruno Mars.

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