Brioshade is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SummerClan
Given Kit: Deathkit

Apprentice: Deathpaw

Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut SpringClan/Roleplay
Father Bloodmoon
Mother Knifeflight
Siblings Crimepaw, Corpsekit, Twistedpaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Blazeshot
Apprentice Sunpaw
Owner Ravey
Brioshade is a black tom with amber eyes and a short tail. He used to live in SpringClan, but now lives in SummerClan due to wanting to escape the bad memories and judegment of his home clan. He doesn't understand why his mother was so mean as to name him Deathkit, and actually is a very shy and sweet tom.



Deathpaw is a small black tom with amber eyes and white paws.


Deathpaw is a very quiet tom. He almost never speaks, and when he does, everyone pays attention because they know he wont speak without a good reason.
Deathpaw is extremely honest. He has never been known to tell a lie to any of his clanmates, or about any of them. He doesn't understand lying or why cats would lie besides for evil purposes. Deathpaw thinks that 'white lies' are cat's ways of telling themselves they're not bad, and that all lies are weighted equally. This may be partly because his mother was such a huge liar, and it got her into immense trouble. Deathpaw understands well that lying always leads to more trouble when the cat finds out eventually; and is therefore heavily against it.


Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Skills and Abilities

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When her mother, Knifeflight, is talking to Pelli about Corpsekit's death, she mentions that, along with her deceased brother, Deathkit was leaning over Shadekit like they were going to kill him/her. This was an inaccurate statement, as he was only looking at Shadekit curiously.
Deathpaw is next seen in his new clan, SummerClan, when he decides to go out of camp and look around from a vantage point in a tree. It is said that Ashenpaw notices him.
When Deathpaw returns to camp, he approaches the new deputy Harefoot and congratulates the tom on his position shyly.



Bloodmoon- Deceased


Knifeflight- Deceased

Character Pixels

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  • Deathpaw's warrior name will be Brioshade, brio meaning life or spirit.
    • His prefix is being changed to represent his distance from the evil of his mother, and the judgement of his original clan.
  • Deathpaw means a lot to Isa, as he represents change and moving on from mistakes.

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