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Current ForestClan
Past Loner, SpringClan
Age 37 moons (approx. 3.08 years)
Status Living
Debut ForestClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Father Sleetpool
Mother Quailsong
Siblings Newttail, Kellogg
Mate None
Kits None
Owner reksihwrevliS (Whiskers)

Cardinalflame is a small ginger and white she-cat.



Not one for always priding in good looks, Cardinalflame has fur that's fairly untidy. She often is seen with a bit of a bed-head and a dusted pelt from hard work, although she thankfully does groom herself when need be. The molly despises any sorts of strong or gross odors, and as a result, cleans herself before she becomes too dirty. Carindalflame, as her name can hint, is a ginger she-cat, but of a paler hue at her base rather than a dark or bright scarlet. Her classic tabby stripes, however, makes her coat appear brighter than it truly is. The young she-cat is also splashed with a bit of white, particularly on her face and paws. Her coat is medium and length with a decent amount of thickness, keeping her a bit too warm in the warm moons, but keeping her more comfortable during cold seasons.
Cardinalflame is a cat of a smaller stature, noted for being shorter than even most mollies. She isn't the most muscular of them either, with short legs with small paws with only an average amount of muscle. The ginger she-cat is a bit more on the slender side and built for speed and hunting, with a light weight and outstanding flexibiltiy for even a cat. In battle, Cardinalflame has the lower hand with her small size and little strength, but she makes up for what she lacks with her stealth and speed. Cardinalflame also has a longer tail that provides her with superb balance. With her smaller size and better balance, Cardinalflame is great at hunting within the trees.
In a manner of "attractiveness", Cardinalflame would likely be considered only average. Because she is a busy-body, her fur isn't always the best-kept. Her tiny size, however, makes her "cute" to twolegs, something they want to cuddle after she's cleaned up. As for her facial features, Cardinalflame has a wide, bright pink nose that pops against her white muzzle and nose bridge. Her eyes are also quite large and almond-shaped, as well as hazel in color. Her cheekbones are a bit higher and more defined than most, although she is still quite far away from looking anything like a feline of an oriental descent. Her white muzzle and ginger ears are smaller in size, with her white whiskers being shockingly long and often entangled.


The molly is a character with endless energy. She ultimately gives off a positive vibe with her good-natured ways, although her constant bounciness can easily get annoying. Cardinalflame has the heart of a warm child, and will forever be mentally youthful. She has a fantastic imagination and can easily whip up some wild stories that she easily gets into. Cardinalflame does everything with great enthusiasm, even if she isn't fond of whatever task needs to be complete. This, however, is one of her greatest issues: she lets things get to her. They annoy her and eat at her all day long, and will refuse to share them with anyone, and she'll never feel better until the issue is resolved. She'll keep her negative feelings a secret, in fear that someone will judge her or look down upon her.
Cardinalflame is a good-natured cat with a kind heart, but she's also easily hurt. Perhaps she won't share this with others, but the molly is easily offended if others do not watch their words. But she'll simply smile, nod, and move along as if nothing had happened, despite being greatly impacted in a negative manner. Cardinalflame is gentle towards those who are around her, even if they happen to be a bitter character. She's easily taken advantage of and is a target of constant torment because of her obedience. She's also considered far too naive for her own good.
If she is to become a bit too excited, Cardinalflame may become a bit sassy in a playful manner, as well as become daring. Her energy-highs can make her do ridiculously stupid things in attempts to please others and make friends, and she'll often regret these actions later on. She has an adventurous heart with a constant thirst for entertainment and exploration. 


Cardinalflame is hands-down a terrible fighter. She's outpowered by a lot of cats, and they tend to use their weight as their advantage, pinning down the molly with little to no effort. However, Cardinalflame makes up with her lack of power with her great speed. The tiny cat is light on her paws and had spent the majority of her youth on the run, fleeing from town to town, since she couldn't hold her own piece of territory. She's also a talented hunter, particularly when hunting anything that lives in trees, or something swift on its feet (such as a rabbit). She likes to run down her prey and attempt to wear it out, if it doesn't seek out a burrow or fly off before she can catch it.
The light-weight is also a very stealthy creature, her pawsteps silent, adding to her hunting abilities. Her ginger pelt does make her stand out when in the snow, but she blends in a bit better while on sandy terrain or in certain forests. Whenever she's near danger that she knows she won't be able to handle, Cardinalflame either flees at her top speed, or attempts to sneak off. This also makes her great at stealing things, such as prey or herbs from her enemies. Now that she lives in a clan, the she-cat doesn't have to worry much about stealing for her own survival, or constantly fleeing from enemies. However, her stealthy abilities still come in handy while hunting.
Cardinalflame's tail provides her with a nice amount of balance, and her small size allows her to slip through tighter spaces. As a result, Cardinalflame is a famed tree-climber, and is particularly fond of hunting squirrels while up high. She feels secure while in high-up locations, although she remains cautious while moving about in trees, in case she slips in falls. But she's learned to keep good balance while scaling branches, and has become talented at swiftly moving up trees.



Born during leaf-bare in SpringClan, a lot was put on the kitten at birth. She was a (suspected) descendent of their founder, Vita, and therefore had deep and meaningful roots in the Clan's background. Her parents were Quailsong and Sleetpool, respected warriors of SpringClan, although her mother was less so due to her kittypet heritage. Cardinalkit was born along with Shrikekit and Newtkit at dawn on a cold day, and was named after her bright coat.
Her birth was during the reign of Froststar, a while before the mysterious illness broke out and killed off a majority of the Clan. She lived a relatively happy life with her close family, although was later burdened by high expectations from her father. The kitten attempted to play dumb at first, before his confrontations became more frequent. Sleetpool saw her to be something like Vita, and wanted her to rise up as a Clan leader at some point, too. As a result, he began to pull her away from meaningless kit-play to attempt to train her, before her mother intervened and demanded that he stopped.
From that moment onward, she returned to her usual playing habits, particularly close to her brother Shrikekit. However, her father's previous demands stuck to the back of her mind, and she became frustrated and stressed. 


As an apprentice, Cardinalpaw was mentored by an unnamed warrior of SpringClan. Her father was still on the back of her mind throughout her training, so she began to push herself harder. As a result, she began to drift away from her family. This upset Quailsong, who immediately began to blame Sleetpool for the issues. 
After a while, Sleetpool settled down and attempted to talk to his daughter and pump some reassurance into her. It seemed to work, and Cardinalpaw became closer to her family, particularly Shrikepaw. 
Unfortunately, it was around that time that the mysterious illness began to break out within the Clan. For a while, her family was safe from harm, although Cardinalpaw was concerned about the illness and her dying clanmates. She feared for the worst.


Cardinalpaw, unfortunately, was made a warrior nearly a whole moon after her brothers. A few days before the intended ceremony for all three of them, she caught the mysterious illness. It hit her hard, causing her to lose a lot of weight and muscle, but she miraculously pulled through. She was actually the first to survive the illness after receiving it, most believing she would pass on. 
After extensive care for nearly a moon, she recovered from the illness and seemed to develop and immunity against it. It took a while before she could be back up on her feet again, and it also took her a while to regain the muscle tone she'd lost. She was given the warrior Cardinalflame, after her fiery and energetic personality, and apparently powerful spirit that could survive a death-sentence illness. 
Cardinalflame worked hard for the next few moons, to hunt and provide for her dying clan, and to regain her strength. She recovered well and did her best to aid her dying Clanmates, but the worse was yet to come. Around 19 moons of age, her brother Newttail fell ill with the illness. She offered him plenty of comfort, even sleeping in the same den as him, but her efforts were in vain. He passed on from the ilness a few nights later. 
Upset by the news, she drew away from her parents, who began to argue after the death of her son. Shrikenose, fed up with his parents' feuding and the illness running rampant in the Clan, abandoned SpringClan and struck up the life of a loner. This left Cardinalflame feeling extremely lonely, so she instead focused on her Clan.
Many, many moons later, SpringClan finally recovered from the trauma, although Froststar was on his last leg. The Clan began to wonder if he'd survive much longer, and Cardinalflame was wondering the same thing. Meanwhile, she kept in contact with her brother, who had renamed himself 'Kellogg', and developed an even deeper bond with him.
Upon turning 36 moons of age, Cardinalflame agreed to leave SpringClan and reunite with her brother. Kellogg raved of a faction known as ForestClan, and explained that he planned on joining it with his mate, so they could start a family. Cardinalflame, renaming herself 'Cardinal', journeyed off with her brother to find said group. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a fox, and Kellogg died at her paws from blood loss. She buried him under a burnt oak, and joined ForestClan in his honor. 



Quailsong: Deceased, residence unknown


Sleetpool: Status unknown


Newttail: Deceased, residence unknown
Kellogg: Deceased, residence unknown


Vita (suspected, unconfirmed): Deceased, verified StarClan member


Timor: Deceased, verified Dark Forest member



Sleetpool & Quailsong:

"I suppose you could say I was indifferent about my parents. Naturally I love them: they raised me for StarClan's sake. But I didn't always get along with them great, either. My father always pushed me too hard, said I was too sensitive. As for my mother, she thought I was too soft because she always had to rescue me from my pushy father, and was always complaining that I never groomed enough. At least they both agreed on that I was always too excitable. But I suppose that's how parents are, no cat is perfect. I just wish they would've appreciated me for being me. They always thought my brothers were perfect."
Cardinalflame loves her parents, simply because she feels that it's natural to do so. They were there to raise her and pick her up in the toughest moments, but they also caused her toughest moments. She tried hard to please them and catch their interest, but she always fell flat to their 'standards' due to her sensitivity and impatient nature. In short, Cardinalflame always loved her parents as parents, but never felt a particularly strong bond with them, nor did she really respect them because of their lack of respect for her. Cardinalflame occasionally misses them, but always got the vibe that they preferred her brothers.


"Newttail was really cool, and could tolerate me a whole lot better than our parents. It broke my heart when he passed on, as he was always my 'shoulder to lean on'. He happily allowed me to burden him with all of my stresses and blab his ears off, never did he turn me away. Maybe he wasn't as adventurous as Kellogg, but it's a real shame he had to pass on. He was always inviting me into his dreams about how he'd mentor a million apprentices, and polish them into perfect warriors, something he could be proud of. StarClan was he passionate."
Despite her bond with Newttail never being as strong as her bond with Kellogg, Cardinalflame cared greatly for her brother. Newttail was always the cat she ran to with her problems, as he was always willing to listen and never judge her for her complications. She was disappointed that she never got to admit to him how much she admired his passion for SpringClan. To admit, she was jealous of how proud her parents were of him, but that never changed how much she appreciated and loved Newttail as a brother. At times, she even wishes she had his collected personality and incredible wisdom.


"It felt like my life ended when he died there at my paws. I still mourn to this day, during the nights when I feel particularly lonely. If someone else died that day, I would've run back to SpringClan to my father for comfort. But it wasn't someone else who passed on: it was my brother. So for him, I joined ForestClan, and it's for him that I live on. Kellogg was my best friend, my brother, my everything. I was going to be the aunt to his kittens, and I was going to have a life I'd really been hoping for...I hope he rests well now. He deserves it."
The relationship Cardinalflame had with Kellogg was extremely strong, and the two were inseparable for a period of time. He stood as her inspiration at times, and the two spent long nights talking about what they'd do in the future. Most importantly, Kellogg was her only reason to join ForestClan, and she proudly remains and serves there strictly in his name. Cardinalflame had been looking forward to the life she was going to have, being the aunt to his kittens and starting a story of their own. He was always very accepting of her fiery and sensitive nature, therefore causing the two to get along very well. At night, they'd stay up late in the warrior's den sharing their dreams, and now without him, she feels very lost in the world.


  • Her suffix was based off both her coat and fiery personality.




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