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Cashmereflower is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Given Kit: Cashmerekit
Apprentice: Cashmerepaw
Warrior: Cashmereflower
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Blood loss during kitting
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Quailsplash
Mother Amberflash
Siblings Hawkwing, Jayfur, Swifttail, Blacknight, Nutpaw, Viperfang, Plumfeather
Mate Dingohowl
Kits Waxkit, Savannahkit, Tinykit, Glowkit
Mentor Leafheart
Apprentice Windsky
Owner Beebs

Cashmereflower is a beautiful, well muscled, glossy, long furred, soft furred, mottled reddish brown, pale ginger, black, and chocolate brown she-cat with streaks of pale gray in her fur, small, neat tapered ears, a long fluffy tail, a bright pink nose, and honey-golden eyes with the slightest streaks of turquoise.


Cashmereflower is kind, caring, and funny. She's sweet and playful, and loves everyone. She is also strong, and is not scared to fight for what she believes in. She's a bad fighter, but is a great hunter.


She was born to Amberflash and Quailsplash, a day after her siblings, Nutkit, Viperkit, and Plumkit. She is born very fast, and pops out after only three pushes on Ambrerflash's part. Her mother is surprised at how beautiful she is. Cashmerekit opens her eyes just seconds after her birth, and surprises her mother.

She walks up to Amberflash and tells her that she's hungry. Amberflash purrs and gives her and her siblings some milk.

She eats a vole, and sees a blue and gold butterfly flutter past. She murmurs it's pretty and follows it, trying to catch it. She pads up to Sorrelshine after her elder ceremony, and tells her hi. After Thunderfoot becomes leader, he chooses Lightningdash as his deputy. Cashmerekit cheers for her, and after Leafheart scolds Boulderspots for being disrespectful, she tells Leafheart she'll be like her one day.

She becomes an apprentice, and earns her new name and mentor, Leafheart. She is seen training with Leafheart. Leafheart tells her to try again and she groans. She leaps into the air and spins. Leafheart taunts her by flicking her on the nose with her tail. She is tackled by her mentor before she teaches her, and is pinned. Leafheart tells her to do it again, and she groans.

It is revealed she has a crush on Dingopaw. She asks Leafheart if she did good, and receives a positive response from her mentor. She hears a twig snap and turns to see Dingopaw. She greets the younger apprentice quite timidly. She sees Leafheart has a huge smirk on her face. She becomes agitated at Leafheart.

Dingopaw pads up to her in camp and asks her to hunt. She is nervous, stammering and stuttering before finally spitting out yes. They begin to leave, but are cut off by a call from Mudstar. She has her warrior ceremony, being named Cashmereflower. She walks up to her mother who had retired to the elder's den after her warrior ceremony. Amberflash congratulates Cashmereflower. Cashmereflower thanks her, but wishes Nutpaw could be with her, making Amberflash's smile fade.

Dingopaw becomes a warrior named Dingohowl. She cheers loudest for him at his ceremony. She goes in the forest with him, and asks him to be her mate. She anxiously waits on a response. She receives her first apprentice, Windpaw, while she's in the forest.

She becomes pregnant with Dingohowl's kits. She tells him and he is shocked but happy all the same. She manages to birth four kits with Mitepaw's help. She tells Mitepaw to name two kits and for her to tell Dingohowl to name the others. She tells the Clan to make sure Dingoghowl knows she loves him. She dies due to blood loss and shock. When she joins StarClan, she falls, breaks her neck, and fades forever.



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Life Image


Character Pixels

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  • Her pelt description is based on the color and pattern of the tile in Nick's bathroom.
  • Nick thought of her while staring at the floor while in the bathroom.
  • Her life image shows a tortoiseshell, but it's the closest Nick could find.

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