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Cats up For Adoption

The Adoption Program is where the role-play cats from users that haven't edited for over one month altogether, are to be listed. Their cats will be listed here for the adoption of another user that first requests it. You may request as many as you want unless you are unwilling to roleplay and take care of the cats.

If there is a cat that is role-played by an inactive user, add {{Inactive}} to their page.

Adoption Process

To request a cat, please edit their template, and place your request. When it is approved, the template will be removed from the page, and your name will be put on the cat's page.

If you add the Inactive template to a cat's page, please add the cat to the adoption page in the correct section using {{adoption|Cat'sName|date=~~~~~}}, with Cat'sName being replaced with the name of the cat being put up for adoption. It saves staff and other users a lot of time and effort if you do. Also, please add the cat in alphabetical order on the page.

NPCs are cats that have been taken down from the adoption page due to lack of requests for a long period of time. You are free to take as many as you want without requesting them.

Cats in SpringClan

Coming Soon

Cats in SummerClan

Coming Soon

Cats in AutumnClan

Coming Soon

Cats in WinterClan

Coming Soon

Cats in SplashClan

Coming Soon

Cats in The Wind Chasers

Coming Soon

Cats in Loners and Rogues

Coming Soon

Vacation List

Users who will be gone for 1 week or longer please sign your name here and, if possible, note the reason.

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