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Ceremony List

Here are where users who wish to have their cats change rank sign up to have it done so. Here's how it works:

First, look for your cat's Clan. There should be a table underneath it's heading where you can insert your cat's information. There is a total of four sections in the table. The first one is for your cat's name. The second, the rank he or she is moving to. The third, the name that he or she will receive (doesn't always change, like in the case of an elder ceremony), and the fourth for the date you wish to have the ceremony, according to UTC time.

The leader of your cat's Clan has one week to perform this ceremony. If more time than that has passed, then you have the permission to perform it. Once the ceremony is complete, you may remove your cat from the list. The purpose of this page is to avoid finger pointing, conflict and so you can control your cat in whichever way you please.

It should be noted that your cat cannot move up a rank via on screen ceremony unless listed below.


Firekit Apprentice Firepaw February 30th, 2013


Leader: Antstar
Lightningkit, Ivykit Apprentice Lightningpaw, Ivypaw April 3rdth, 2017
Songkit, Nightkit, Fennelkit Apprentice Songpaw, Nightpaw, Fennelpaw April 5th


Leader: Waspstar


Leader: Lakestar
Lavenderpaw Warrior Lavendershade January 23 2016
Rainkit & Clearkit Apprentices Rainpaw & Clearpaw January 23 2016


Leader: Sorrelstar


Leader: Duskstar & Dawnstar
Batkit, Sunpaw Warrior Batwing, Sunfire Feb. 28th, 2017
Skipperpaw, Daisypaw, Beetlepaw Warrior Skipperfang, Daisycloud, Beetlesplash Feb. 28th, 2017


Leader: Oliver

The Wind Chasers

Leader: Swampstar

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