Cherrystripe is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past Loners & Rogues, SummerClan
Given Loner: Cherry

Warrior: Cherrystripe

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Blood loss when giving birth
Debut CS
Last Post Unknown
Father Miles
Mother Silvia
Siblings Pear, unnamed brother
Mate Grayface
Kit Sorrelkit
Owner Crys
Cherrystripe is a tortoiseshell tabby and white she-cat with a pink nose and striking blue eyes.



Cherrystripe is a slender, darkish tortoiseshell with black and ginger patches, slim white paws, belly, and chest. She has long white whiskers and triangular ears that are sharply pointed at the tips, a triangular pink nose, grayish earpink, black stripes at the legs, and striking crystal blue eyes.
Cherrystripe has a tallish, thin structure. Her fur is very short and soft, and has a dull shine to it. She is somewhat attractive, in a sharp way.


Physical Health

She isn't too fit because she doesn't like to venture outside the camp, but when she does, she frequently hunts and battle trains, in hope of protecting herself and her clanmates in the future. 

Mental Health

Cherrystripe is shown to be a very intelligent warrior, although a very impatient one. She is very thoughtful, and can get upset about herself. She also frequently gets nightmares of her past, as it scarred her for the rest of her life. She is afraid to leave her clan territory, in fear that she will be outside of their protection.


Cherrystripe is very snotty, always getting pissed whenever something she wants doesn't happen. Even though she may be a very annoying cat, Cherrystripe is very serious, very smart and quick-witted, and never violent. She works hard to reach her goals, even if they can never be suceeded.
At first, she can be extremly shy and soft, but after she gets to know cats more, she becomes more arrogant and dictative. She isn't very easy to befriend, although she proves to be extremely loyal to her friends. She can be cold and calculating towards the warriors, even to her friends. Cherrystripe is very defensive and quickly loses her temper.
She does have a soft side, though, and tries to count herself as a "normal" warrior. She tries to help out at times, but when that doesn't work out, she returns to being the same dictative warrior. She tries to keep her calm and be a nicer cat, but it doesn't always work out. Cherrystripe keeps on trying to get more perfection in her life, but she believes that she can't due to her anti-social actions and words. She can be rather upset about how she is, and wishes for more friends.
She is shown to be rather spiteful and disrespectful towards the leader of SummerClan, because she does not approve of his clan type, but will not leave the clan because of that. She is afraid of the forest beyond clan territory, and the rogues and loners that live in them. Under the layer of her cold and certain attitude, she is really just a scared, uncertain cat.

Skills and Abilities

Cherrystripe can climb, hunt, and fight very well. She is an average swimmer, and isn't the best runner in the clan. She has good hearing, and can see well. She is a typical warrior with no extraordinary senses, abilities, or "powers". But, her skills are usually left to rot because she never actually likes to use them.


Kithood and Adolescence

Cherrystripe was born as a loner to two cats named Miles and Silvia, along with her sister named Pear and unnamed brother, who was a stillborn, and her former name was Cherry. After she was raised by an abusive father and a neglective mother, she finally escaped her old kit life and lived alone, teaching herself to hunt and fight by herself. She never saw her parents again.
Her kithood created a wall of defense around Cherry, making her unwelcoming and territorial towards the loners and rogues that came near her in interest. The wall kept growing, until the old her was completely covered and replaced by a new Cherry, who was cold, defensive, and spiteful. She kept living like this until she was twelve moons old.
Coming Soon


Cherrystripe is seen hunting.
Later on, she dies.


  • She was originally a ChristmasClan cat, but Crystal decided to change her completely.
  • Crystal loves her.


Life Image


Character Pixels

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