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Current SummerClan
Warrior: Chervilclaw
Age Approx. 34 Moons Old (Approx. 2.83 Years)
Status Living
Debut SummerClan Archive I
Father Snakeclaw
Mother Blowingbreeze
Siblings Littleclaw, Reedfeather
Mate None
Kits None
Apprentice Horsepaw
Owner Mink

Chervilclaw is a white she-cat with green eyes.



Chervilclaw is a cat with some of a foreign-build, typically from her mother's side of the family and suspected to be that of either Siamese or Oriental. She is slim, carrying a majority of her muscles in her back and legs. The she-cat has long, spindly legs and rather small, delicate looking paws that house short, silvery-gold claws. Part of the reason for her name is after her glossy, white coat that resembles the milk (or sap) of a chervil plant, her suffix -claw is names for her fair hunting skills. Chervilclaw's build resembles that of her mother, being smaller and slender unlike her father and two siblings. She takes on the appearance of a pure-bred or Kittypet for her glossy and near coat.
Her pelt is thin and soft, being slightly longer (not too noticeable) along her stomach, behins her legs (armpits), and tail areas. Chervilclaw has little to no battle scars, due to her almost refusal to fight anyone. Her pelt takes on a creamy-white color and even in some lights gives of a very pale silver-gray color, which is assumes she inherited from mother's pointed pelt. She has a single scar that covers the back of her left ear and her eyes are a pale but vivid green, like that of a chervil leaf, sometimes taking on a more darker green when upset or ill.


[Draft:] polite, sassy (when provoked), all around everybody's go to cat, motherly, gentle, can't stand arguments, religious, family-oriented p (family is everything to her)

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[Draft:] fair hunter, good fight (fights only if necessary), uses stealth to fight with, poor nose at times, okay hearing

Chervilclaw, named for her hunting skills, has always been known to "put in her fair share". Although she's not excellent at hunting she fares with it better than fighting, this was said to be credited to her mother whom was never keen on arguments let alone a brawl. As an apprentice she was fairly good at hunting usually always out of camp hunting or sometimes refusing to learn how to fight, her brother and father sometimes downing her for her peaceful attitude. The she-cat's hunting skills being known as fair due to her poor sense of smell at times and below average hearing, this may also be her faulty when in battle. She does however carry a good stealth advantage due to her small and slender build making it rather easy to sneak through the moor/meadows of her homeland and the forest.



Chervilclaw is notably the daughter of two SummerClan warriors, Blowingbreeze and Snakeclaw, as well as two siblings, a brother Littleclaw and a sister Reedfeather.
She is first seen sitting inside camp grooming her already glossy coat while listening to her siblings chat up about Waspstar. She listens politely as Littleclaw states that Waspstar had started to her leader duties since her litter was nearing their sixth moon. He then goes on to say that gossip had been going around from AutumnClan that SummerClan no longer marked their borders. She then speaks up for the tortoiseshell leader stating that they must realize that she lost both her leader and mate as well as how the two were nearly inseparable when Nightstar was alive.
She eyes her two siblings as she says that Waspstar just needs to remain strong despite any, she looks pointedly at the two cats, doubt from her Clan or any other Clans.



Snakeclaw: Living


Blowingbreeze: Living


Reedfeather: Living


Littleclaw: Living


"You must realize," the soft spoken molly said. "That she lost both her mate and leader, those two were nearly inseparable when Nightstar was alive."
Chervilclaw to Reedfeather and Littleclaw about Waspstar and Nightstar's relationship SummerClan/Roleplay





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  • She has a low-fertility rate.
  • The only time she will choose to be violent is when Blossombreeze attacks her brother, in which she will attack Blossombreeze angrily and to protect the fluffy babe.

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