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Cinder that Comes after Fire
Cinder that Comes after Fire
Current Tribe of Rising Moons
Cinder that Comes after Fire
Cinder that Comes after Fire
Cinder that Comes after Fire
Age Approx. 48 moons (4 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Tribe of Rising Moons Archive I
Last Post Unknown
Father Mountain that Stands Tall
Mother Chestnut that Falls from Tree
Sibling Cove of Shining Shells
Mate None
Kit Tunnel that Hides from Daylight
Mentor Fire that Blazes through Night
Apprentices Thunder that Roars in Sky, Vulture that Flies Overhead
Owner whiskers

Cinder That Comes After Fire, or Cinder is a strong, black molly with pale eyes. She is a senior prey-hunter of the Tribe of Rising Moons. She is a daughter of Mountain that Stands Tall and Chestnut that Falls from Tree. The molly is the elder sister of Cove of Shining Shells, and the mother of Tunnel that Hides from Daylight. The molly learnt from Fire that Blazes through Night. And has since taught Thunder that Roars in Sky and Vulture that Flies Overhead. Cinder is a protective molly who acts like a teacher to the younger cats of her Tribe.



Cinder is a tall, lean molly. She has a semi-foreign like build. The molly has long, thick legs which give her her height. Upon her legs, she has small rounded paws that tuft between her toes. Like her coat, her legs have a thick, medium-length coat on them. It is dense enough to provide her protection against the cool winter winds. She has a thin build, with slim shoulders and a narrow chest. Her tail is long and plumy too. The molly is also noted to be one of the tallest cats in her Tribe.
Cinder has a fluffy, medium-length coat which appears shorter around her face. Her pelt is a solid black which appears like coal in the dark sunlight. She has a small muzzle that houses pale colored teeth, which seem to be free of poor hygiene. Her eyes are referred to as a pale color, but they omit a soft blue that mixes with a grey-green color. They are an almond shaped, and noted as a defining feature of her. Her ears are triangular in shape, and sit tall upon her head. The molly has long dark gray whiskers that are clean and neat.


Cinder is a protective cat. This started when she became an elder sister to Cove,. Who she helped raise while she learned as a to-be. The molly developed it over time. And started to take it as a small responsibility to protect her Tribe mates. Whether it be with tooth and claw, or just helping someone get through their day. Cinder is up for doing this. She is known for her teaching capabilities with the younger members of the Tribe. As she grew up the molly learnt all she could about her rank. And when she became a to-be she trained hard to impress her mother. So those are all the pluses to Cinder. She's seen as a pretty respected cat. And not just because she is the sister of Cove. But because she built it up herself.
The molly doesn't take to well to rudeness and poor behavior. Cinder generally expects the best behavior and manners out of her tribe-mates. She's isn't repulsed by affection, but when it goes unwanted then well she can have a few harsh words come out of her. After her mother telling her about how she met her father, Cinder developed an opinion against cats like he was; simple hatred. So being seen as a teacher amongst the younger cats, the molly uses metaphors to teach safe practices in terms of romance and how it shouldn't go. Cinder also seems to exert herself. Spending full days out of camp, doing a mixture of training and hunting. It gets to the stage where she is given a small dosage of poppyseeds before sleeping so she'll actually stay down. Its a rather new development in the molly, and if truth be told she isn't proud of it. All she wants to do is serve the tribe before she either retires or is killed.


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Kittenhood & Adolescence

Cinder was born to Chestnut that Falls from Tree and Mountain that Stands Tall not long after a minor fire storm; thus where her full name came from. Her mother raises alone for the first few months, as her father was from another tribe; Tribe of Stars that Shine. Though the tom soon joins the Tribe of Rising Moons, and from there the black kitten has both her parents. Cinder grows up playing with the many other cats; who she continues to stay friends with as they age.
She grows up to be built like her mother, and Petal, the healer, decides that she is to train in the ways of a prey-hunter. From there, Chestnut teaches her about being a prey-hunter and what it means to be one. So as Cinder awaits her ceremony, she becomes excited to train as a prey-hunter and to work beside her mother when she's old enough. And at the age of eight moons she becomes a to-be under the guidance of Fire. As a to-be, Cinder is mentioned as a joy to teach and learns all there is to the rank, beyond the basics her mother taught her as a kit.
At roughly the age of fourteen moons Cinder is named a prey-hunter alongside her friends. Before her ceremony she becomes an older sister to Cove, who is foretold to become the next Healer. The black molly helps her parents care for her younger sister, and the two develop a close bond as a result. When Cove becomes a to-be Cinder is there to congratulate her first and tell her that she'll be the best healer the Tribe has seen.


Cinder is first introduced hunting as a young prey-hunter. She manages to catch a mouse and brings it back to camp, giving her catch to Frost; a kit-mother. The molly thanks her and asks if she had seen Wolf. The black cat replies with a no, but thinks he went on a patrol earlier. Cinder leaves the smaller den and heads to her nest to rest; having spent the day out of camp. Later on Fox calls out to her, but before she can reply to him he walks away. Another Tribe-mate, River decides to talk with her.
Cinder is seen with her younger sister, who tackles her playfully. The prey-hunter goes along with it, and then asks the younger cat how her healer training was going. Cove answers that it was good but no fun since they can't spend a lot of time together. The black molly replies that life isn't always fun and games, but that she was very proud of her. Cinder bids her sister farewell, but later aids her when Frost has cravings and chases the younger cat. The prey-hunter calls out to Wind to give her some aide. After the event, she is seen resting in the main den. She is kept awake by her thoughts about Fox.
She's seen chatting with Fox, but then goes to talk with her younger sister. Soon Frost kits, and Cinder calls her sister to tend to the kit-mother, or for someone to fetch Petal. After the birth, the prey-hunter congratulates the new mother and notes that her litter look beautiful. Afterwards Cinder goes out with Fox for a hunt, glad that the tom asked. She hunts for a while before she goes to find where Fox is. Some days later, the molly finds her sister alone and asks whats wrong. Cove replies that her mentor, Petal had passed away after saving a mother and their litter from a fire. The younger cat begins to blame herself, but the prey-hunter cuts in saying that none of it was.
Then for a while, Cinder is not seen. But it is assumed that she goes about Tribe life by helping the to-bes out and chatting with her sister, who had since taken on the role of Healer quite nicely. When Frost's kits become old enough, she is assigned to train Thunder. His training finishes with ease, and Cinder notes that he will become a valuable prey-hunter for the tribe. But when he passes away a moon after completing his training, the molly is saddened by this. Though later on she receives his daughter, Vulture as her next to-be. As she grows, most of her tribe-mates pass away or go missing and she becomes one of the older cats and takes on the rank of a senior prey-hunter.



Mountain that Stands Tall: Deceased; Tribe of Endless Hunting resident


Chestnut that Falls from Tree: Deceased Tribe of Endless Hunting resident


Cove of Shining Shells: Living


Tunnel that Hides from Daylight - Living



Mountain that Stands Tall & Chestnut that Falls from Tree:

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Cove of Shining Shells:

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Fire that Blazes through Night:

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Thunder that Roars in Sky:

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Vulture that Flies Overhead:

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Frost that Clings to Rock:

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River that Flows Silently:

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Wind that Spins in Sky:

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Love Interests

Fox that Sneaks through Shadows: (Formerly)

The pair grew up as friends and stayed that way for a long time. Eventually the pair developed feelings for each other. In Cinder's case, she became restless at night as she found herself thinking about him. But as they carried on, neither of them made a move so their affection stayed at the level of friendship. It soon became apparent to Cinder that the ginger tom had moved on when he took Acorn as a mate and had a litter with her. As she has grown, the molly looks back on her crush and believes it was almost her fate not to be with Fox. But deep down, she does have to hopes of rekindling their friendship to what it was before she became connected to her duties, but not longer has romantic feelings for the tom.


Petal that Falls from Flower:

Although not formerly interacting on many occasions, Cinder had a great deal of respect for the former Healer of the Tribe. This respect grew more when her sister was foretold to succeed her, so Cinder decided to get along with the deceased tabby. Her opinion was mainly formed on how well she taught Cove, and how she went about with the rest of the Tribe. So Cinder's opinion didn't stretch too far. When she passed away, the molly was sad, again a normal thing for someone to do.


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  • Cinder was originally a pale gray molly with blue eyes.
    • However she was changed as Alex struggled to find a fitting life image that wasn't edited.
  • She has heritage from the Tribe of Stars that Shine because her father was a cave-guard there until he left to live with her mother.
  • It is likely that she'll never have kits again, as she likes being seen as a strong, independent figure.



Cinder that Comes after Fire


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