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Placeholder cat
Current The Storm Fronts
Past Loner, The Storm Fronts
Given Kit: Clara
Member: Clara
Queen: Clara
Loner: Clara
Rogue: Clara
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Mitch
Kits Matt, Donna
Owner None

Clara is a shortfurred, pale, creamy-white she-cat of Siamese descent with light brown tabby points, a pink nose, and slanted blue eyes.



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Physical Health

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Born to two unknown cats in The Storm Fronts, she grew up with her strict mother and more lenient father. As the only kit in her litter, she was always being given quite a bit of attention. She was a charmingly polite young kit, and loved the attention she got.
As she reached six moons of age, gaining the rank of member, she started to hate the attention, feeling that whenever she did anything at all, there would always be a cat glued to her side, smothering her with compliments and praise. Clara hated being constantly lectured by her mother on hunting and fighting skills, wanting to be practicing them, rather than having the history of the move or technique told to her.
When she was twelve moons old, her mother decided that she had been given enough training. Less than a moon after her mother stopped training her, her mother contracted greencough. Despite the many remedies given to her to stop her illness, she succumbed to the fatal lung infection. At this point, Clara's father had left The Storm Fronts, and his status and residence remained unknown to any of the other members.
One season later, Clara gave birth to Mitch's kits, Matt and Donna. At first, the kits were unlikely to survive through the first moon, but they became stronger after they had fed properly and got to moving around. Her kits were lively and well-raised.
After her kits had reached the age of fifteen moons, she stopped training them. Mitch had left The Storm Fronts, because he felt that the group didn't supply his needs often enough, just as her father did. A few moons after Mitch left, Clara began to wonder if he was right to have left the group. She started to have an urge to leave herself, but kept pushing the thought away.
Two seasons after Mitch left the group, she began to feel out of place. Whenever she could, she would walk through the territory and search for a suitable place for her new home. Finally finding the right place, she said her last goodbyes to her friends in the Storm Fronts, and left.
After being a loner for many moons, she got sick of having to obey the rules of the Clans. As a loner, she respected the Clans' borders, and never hunted in their territory. As the prey became scarcer, she found herself constantly hunting in the Clans' territory, which wasn't all that different from the territories outside the Clan markers.
During some of her hunts, she ran into Clan cats patrolling borders. She learned that the Clans called cats that disrespect the warrior code "rogues", and was called one many times by the patrols. She was warned to stay off the territory, many times, before she finally had enough of being controlled by cats that live under a few rules and believed in the spirits of dead cats. She got into many fights with the Clan cats, nearly one skirmish per two moons.


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  • She is named after Clara Oswin Oswald from Doctor Who. 
    • She is not based off of Clara Oswald in any way.


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