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Current Loner
Loner Claw
Age Approx. 54 Moons (4.5 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Loners & Rogues Archive VI
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Owl
Mate None
Kits None
Owner arthur kirkland

Claw is a gray tabby tom with copper eyes.



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Claw is a rough, sarcastic, and generally unfriendly cat. He prefers the company of only his brother, and is willing to pick a fight with any cat who crosses their path to ensure their solitude, despite his lack of battle skills and training. Around Owl he is extremely protective of him, however he's often very harsh and judgmental with his younger brother and his actions. Despite his harsh personality, he's quite soft around young kits.


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Born into a litter of three, Claw lived as a loner with his mother during his kittenhood. Both his sisters died not long after being born, one nearly immediately after birth, and the other barely a week later.
A roving male impregnated his mother, but didn't stick around to see the kittens born. He left almost immediately after mating with her. Claw's mother often told stories about the wandering loner, and spent a lot of her time looking for him and hoping he would return. Claw began to resent his father because of his mother's obsession with him, as well as the fact he abandoned her with kittens to take care of.
As he matured, Claw was forced to not only completely independent, but also responsible for keeping his mother alive and well. She slowly began to lose her mind from the grief of losing Claw's two littermates, as well as the loneliness of having no mate or family to be with. By the time Claw was 5 months old, his mother had become completely reliant on him.


Him and his mother struggled to survive alone for a couple months. During one of Claw's hunting trips, the same roving male who had fathered Claw was passing through the territory once again. He briefly mated with Claw's mother, before disappearing again before Claw returned from his trip.
His mother was ecstatic to have gotten the chance to see the loner, and to be once again be pregnant. She became less dependent on Claw during her pregnancy, and started hunting for herself and keeping both of them safe for the first time since Claw was very young.
After the new litter was born, Claw's mother began to go into a panic. She feared the worst for her new kittens, and abandoned them completely. She worried that they would meet the same fate as her past litter, and returned to her former state of insanity. By the next day, she fully believed them all to be dead, along with Claw. She died less that a week later.
Owl, born scrawny and slightly sick, along with his littermate, a small she-kit, were left to Claw to care for. Only 7 months old at the time, Claw struggled keeping them all alive. The she-kit died before she opened her eyes, but with the help of Claw, Owl managed to pull through and survive his kittenhood. Much like with his mother, Claw was completely responsible for keeping his brother safe.
Because of their mother's choice of solitude in her life, neither Claw nor Owl knew how to live any different. They spent their lives completely alone aside from each other, never searching for any companionship or owners. They did, however, get fed by a human during an especially harsh winter. Once the cold passed, they never returned.
The two brothers constantly roamed various areas, changing dens often and looking for the best place to live for the season.


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Unnamed molly: Deceased, unknown residence


Unnamed tom: Status unknown


Owl: Living


Three unnamed mollies: Deceased, unknown residence




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Love interests


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  • He may be sterile.


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