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Clawslash is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Dark Forest
Past SummerClan
Age Aprox 40 moons at death (3.34 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Flowerblossom
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Flowerblossom (formerly)
Kits Hollowkit, Longstripe, Rainlegs, Whitebirch
Mentor Unknown cat
Apprentices Firepool, Ivyheart
Owner Mink

Clawslash is a huge, muscular, dark gray tabby tom, with large, bright orange eyes, and long, gruesome scar across his face. He is the son of two unknown cats and mate of Flowerblossom. He is the father of Hollowkit, Longstripe, Rainlegs, and Whitebirch. He is the former deputy of SummerClan and now resides in The Dark Forest.


Clawslash is dangerous, mean, cruel, ambitious, and cold-hearted. He will not hesitate for a single moment to kill. He isn't afraid to speak his mouth, and doesn't know when to shut his mouth and be quiet. It's revealed he's extremely loyal to Lionstar, and isn't afraid to make people follow Lionstar.


Not much is known about his early life. All that is known is that he was born a single kit, and therefore was spoiled rotten.

He hoped become deputy one day. When he didn't become deputy, he killed the cat who had beaten him at the position, and finally became deputy. When he became mates with Flowerblossom, they had four kits Whitekit, Longkit, Rainkit, and Hollowkit.

He killed Hollowkit, and tried to kill the rest of his children, but failed. When he failed, he was infuriated, and tried to kill Flowerblossom. She ended up killing him, but he killed her as well. He went to the Dark Forest for his many crimes.

He looks down on Longstripe and Brightdrop, and snarls, stating he failed to kill him last time, but would succeed this time. Silverfrost tells him soon.

When Tigerscar tells Slashedface to bow down to him, Lionstar scoffs. He snarls at Tigerscar, telling him that Lionstar was leader, and he needed to get over it. When Tigerscar kills Lionstar, he is extremely angry. He attacks Tigerscar, slashing him across the face. He then latches onto his throat, intending to kill. A randon she-cat yowls for him to stop, and he drops Tigerscar's bleeding body.

When Fogface chooses to follow Tigerscar, Clawslash calls him a coward, asking where his loyalty was. He calls him a weak, loyal, snake-hearted coward, and takes a step towards the gray tom, bristling. Tigerscar knocks him to the ground, causing his head to bleed, telling him to be quiet. Clawslash comes back up, and tells Tigerscar in his bloody dreams, and swipes Tigerscar over the ear. He snarls in Fogface's face, spitting on him.

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