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Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Age Approx. 108 Moons (9 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Blackstar
Debut SummerClan I
Last Post The Battle of the Century (SummerClan vs. WinterClan III)
Father Swiftfoot
Mother Rowanstar
Siblings Songbreeze, Whistlewind
Mate Branchheart
Kits Longtail, Batwings, Tawnyleaf, Brightfeather
Mentor Petalseed
Apprentices Faithstripe, Berrynose
Deputy Position
Predecessor Rowanstar
Successor Stormclaw
Owner Stoem
Cloudstorm is a fluffy pure white tom with stunning blue eyes.


Cloudstorm is a strong fighter and a talented hunter. He is caring and thoughtful. He would give his life for his clan anyday. He loves his family and his mate, and he is always been proud of his kits as they became warriors and turned into great Warriors. He cares for his mother a lot, and is strict when it comes to battes and keeping his clan safe. He has the traits of a leader, like his mother, Rowanstar, showing that he will take leadership seriously.


Cloudstorm was born to Swiftfoot and Rowanflight in SummerClan.

He is shown to care greatly for his siblings, even saying to his sister, Songkit, that he would never leave her behind when she is shown to feel discouraged about ever becoming a 'paw.

At his young age as a kit, he is also shown to begin to show some affection for Branchkit. When he feels discouraged, he is always lifted up by Branchkit.

When he is an apprentice, he is mentored by Petalseed, one of his mother's best friends. He was an obedient apprentice, and learned quickly.

As an apprentice, Branchpaw's mentor, Silverflower, dies after giving birth in the midst of a dog attack. Soon after the dog attack, he, his siblings, and Branchheart and her siblings, and the other current apprentices become warriors. He and Branchheart become mates soon afterwards, and they make the decision to adopt Silverflower's kits, Angelkit, Moonkit, Featherkit, Luckkit, and Goldenkit. Branchheart begins to wish for kits of her own, though. And later on, after Silverflower's litter become apprentices, they have kits of their own: Brightkit, Tawnykit, Longkit, and Batkit

He is proved a very strong tom, fighting dogs and defeating badgers. He grew stronger and stronger as his warriorship proceeded.

Pretty soon, he got an apprentice from Rainface's second litter. Her name was Faithpaw.

Later on, he is talking with his sister, Songbreeze, And she tells him he is next in line for the deputy position, because Moonstar is about to step down. He gets named deputy by his mother, Rowanstar, who returns from the mooncave with her nine lives and leader name.

He is shown to be a great deputy, helping his clan at all costs and protecting the ones he loves. He approtches Branchheart and tells her that they are going to be Grandparents, because thier son, Longtail was having kits with Sootflight. Later, he guards the nursery from cats when Sootflight is giving birth. Later, he visits Tigerkit and Nightkit when they are born, smiling at the new additions to the clan.

Later he goes to the gathering. He is shown to be supporting of the SummerClan cats when they accuse them of stealing prey. He growls at them. Later, when they are yelling at WinterClan for letting kits run free, Stormclaw and Cloudstorm are shown to go somewhere during the gathering. They spot Wildkit and Risingkit fall into a lake and they run straight back to the gathering. Cloudstorm yells that the kits fell into the lake and Stormclaw backs him up.

He later decides that he wants to retire. Rowanstar freaks out, wishing that he wouldn't. Cloudstorm, stubborn as he is, tells her he has made his desision. He is happy by who Rowanstar picks as his successor, Stormclaw. He later talks to Branchheart about his decision, she doesn't want to move with him to the elders, but she supports him. Later, though, he decides that he doesnt want to retire because of all the cats he would make sad, and that he knows he could make it longer. He runs to tell Rowanstar. He is later seen at the gathering next to his mother.

He later goes to visit Branchheart and talk to her. They talk for a while, and later he organizes patrols for hunting. He goes to the gathering, and talks to other cats.

Later, he is seen chanting with his clan about avenging the stolen kits. He says if he dies protecting his clan, then he will know that he died with honor. He is seen afterwards organizing patrols with Rowanstar for training, and going on a patrol with Rowanstar.

He dies bravely in the battle with WinterClan, avenging his own fathers death by killing Blackstar, before she kills him after she comes back. He now resides in StarClan.



Father: Swiftfoot - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Mother: Rowanflight - Living

Sisters: Whistlewind - Living, Songbreeze - Living

Uncle: Cloudsong- Deceased; suspected StarClan member,

Aunts: Feathernose - Living, Fallowheart - Status unknown, Ivyblaze - Status unknown

Grandmothers: Whistlewing - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Wingbreeze - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Grandfathers: Rowancloud - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Airface - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Mate: Branchheart - Living

Sons: Longtail - Living, Batwings - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Daughters: Brightfeather - Living, Tawnyleaf - Living

Adopted Kits: Angelcarol - Living, Moonface - Living, Luckfur - Living, Goldentalon - Living, Featherpelt - Living

Neice: Brindlenose - Living

Nephew: Pepperpatch - Living

Grandson- Tigerclaw - Living

Granddaughter- Nightglow - Living

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Narrator: "Cloudkit looked up at Cloudsong."
Cloudkit: "Is that big cat really who I was named after?"
Rainface: "Yep, that is who you were named after, Cloudkit."
—Cloudkit about the ThunderClan newcomer, Cloudsong SummerClan/Roleplay Archive4




<p style="text-align: center;">Cloudkit's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Narrator: "The 3 kits gathered with every cat after Sunstar's yowl."
Sunstar: "Songkit, Cloudkit and Whistlekit please step forward."
Narrator: "The kits ran up. Songkit stepped forward smiling and her mentor was Rainface. She was now Songpaw.Yay!,she thought. Soon her littermates became apprentices too. Cloudpaw had Petalseed and Whistlepaw had Lionheart."
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive5

<p style="text-align: center;">Cloudpaws's Warrior Ceremony</p>

Luckshine: "You need your warrior names. But a ceremony will not be preformed. We will name you."
Luckshine: "From this moment, Songpaw, you will be known as Songbreeze. Cloudpaw, you will be known as Cloudstorm. Whistlepaw, you will be known as Whistlewind. Poppypaw, you will be known as Poppyheart. Branchpaw, you will be known as Branchheart. Shadowpaw, you will be known as Shadowpelt. Bramblepaw, you will be known as Brambletail. Graypaw, you will be known as Grayfoot. Eclipsepaw, you will be known as Eclipsemoon."
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive6

<p style="text-align: center;">Cloudstorm's Deputy Ceremony</p>

Rowanstar: ""Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join me at the high??? for a Clan meeting."
Rowanstar: ""I have been to the Moonstone to get my nine lives, so It is time to choose the next deputy of SummerClan""
Narrator: "Cloudstorm steps forward, Rowanstar looks proudly apon her pure white son"
Rowanstar: "I say this words before my StarClan ancestors, so that they may say and approve my choice. And Moonstar, So that he may hear and approve my choice. Cloudstorm will be the next deputy of SummerClan."
Cloudstorm: "Thanks, Rowanstar. I'm honored,I will do my best to serve as your deputy, and I will serve with my life."
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive13


  • Though born in SummerClan, Cloudstorm has no SummerClan blood in him whatsoever. Both his parents were originally of ThunderClan.
  • He is named after his uncle, Cloudsong, formerly of ThunderClan.
  • He is also named after Cloudstar of the Warriors Series.
  • He was once mentioned as a She-cat in Roleplaying
  • He used to belong to Silverflower, but since she left, Stormstar took over RPing him.

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