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Columbia is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Kittypets
Past Loner
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings Sabine, Rainier, Several Unnamed Cats
Mate None
Kits Twisp, Willamette, Umatilla, Chelan, Klaskanine, Cispus, Hood, Deschutes, Spokane
Owner Rainlegs

Columbia is a female kittypet of Birman ancestry. She is the littermate to Sabine and Rainier, being born a loner, but later leaving her family to seek a better home with twolegs. Her twoleg is a single man who is a breeder, and she lives with many other purebred Birmans, despite her mixed blood. She is the mother to Willamette, Umatilla, Klaskanine, Twisp, Chelan, Cispus, Hood, Spokane, and Deschutes, and lives about four blocks from the border of The Storm Front's forest territory.



Columbia is fairly large in size when compared to other cats, her fur making her seem huge. With her recent pregnancy, as well, she is much larger than other kittypets in her neighborhood.

She covered in thick, long, downy fur, that is rather sleek along her back but gradually fluffs out towards her belly. On her chest, it occasionally curls into a spiral or two, from the difficult manner in which she grooms it. Her body is a light, creamy-brown color, that fades to a near-white towards her belly. Her face, ears, legs, and tail are all a dark, brown-black color. She has long, stark-white whiskers which curve gently at the ends.

Her eyes are large and wide, fairly round in shape, except towards the ends, where it forms a slight point. Her irises are a pale blue color, the color slightly darker towards the top of her eye then at the bottom.

Her paws are large and heavy, her legs are rather stout, and her tail is thick, but despite this, she has a rather slim, slender frame, uncommon for the Birman breed, but it matches her mother's build. Her claws are short and dull, for her twolegs often trim them, in fear of her ruining a couch or two.


Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Intelligent, vain, compassionate, cautious, and distrustful virtually sum up the personality of Columbia. Like more kittypets, she is proud of her pelt and heritage, and is very vain in regards of her appearance. Grooming her pelt and looking at herself in the reflection of a twoleg's mirror or even a puddle to make sure she looks great is a near-daily routine.

Distrust is another key to her personality, this trait forming mainly after the disappearance of her sister, Sabine, and the abandonment by her mate.

Intelligence comes with her genes, and most cats in her litter are just the same. She often asked questions as a kit, and would pay attention to the smallest of details to figure something out or deduct a solution to an issue. However, with this intelligence comes cautiousness- she has to analyze a situation before partaking in it to verify she won't be injured or harmed in the process. She'll study foreign things before getting anywhere near them, and the same applies to other cats.

Compassion is common, despite being fairly distrustful. Once you earn her trust, this trait really kicks into play. She will be kind and sweet, and tries anything to make her friends happy. She worries over them, not wanting them to be hurt.

Skills and Abilities

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Columbia is born to two loners, along with her siblings, Sabine, Rainier, and several others. She eventually leaves her parents and siblings to become a kittypet, a few moons after Sabine vanishes.

She is taken in by a breeder, and she becomes pregnant a year or so later.


She is first seen with her newborn kits, a day or so after their birth. She hears the other cats in the household become excited for dinnertime, and she rests with her kits.

Later on, it is mentioned she is pregnant again, from one of the Breeder's toms this time. She and all of her kits are healthy and well, and most of them have moved to different homes. The only ones living with her still are Willamette, Klaskanine, and Deschutes, the latter two still being up for adoption.



Willamette: Living
Spokane: Living
Twisp: Living
Umatilla: Living
Klaskanine: Living
Cispus: Living


Chelan: Living
Hood: Living
Deschutes: Living


Sabine: Living
Rainier: Deceased; unknown residence


Several Unnamed Cats: Statuses Unknown, most likely living


  • She is unaware of Sabine's whereabouts, and whether or not she is alive.
    • It is likely she and Sabine will never meet again.


Coming Soon




Character Pixels

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