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Cookie is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current None
Past Kittypets
Kittypet Cookie
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a wild animal
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Jacob
Mother Petunia
Siblings Sugar, Chocolate
Mate Cloudlove
Kits Spirit, Ripple, Fred
Owner Stoem
Cookie is a white tom with brown colored points and blue eyes.


Cookie is generally nice to her friends, but when under pressure she could claw anybody.


She is a kittypet and is replacement cat for Nikos. Her favorite toy a small ball filled with catnip. Her twolegs are the mayor, his wife, and his teenage daughter, Tara. Because her twoleg is the mayor, they own the main garden that most cats like to hang out in for the day. Cookie's friends are mostly Flame, Raindrops on Roses, and Shelly. He does have a mate and kits, Cloudlove and his kits Spirit, Ripple, and Fred.


Mate: Cloudlove; living

Kits: Spirit; Living, Ripple; Living, Fred; Living Father: Jacob; status unknown

Mother: Petunia; status unknown

Brother: Chocolate; status unknown

Sister: Sugar; status unknown

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