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Current Loners & Rogues
Loner Coretan
Age 20 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Deus
Mother Lila
Siblings Littermate:


Mate None
Kits None
Owner Lively
Coretan (or Core) is a ragged-furred white and orange rogue. Usually trying to stay out of another cat's way, she prefers to travel alone most of the time. She's the half-sister to Kamikaze, Cash, Zene, and Esa, and daughter to a traveling loner named Deus.



Coretan is a chubbier white and orange she-cat, her fur helping her keep warm in the winter but not so much blend into the shadows. She also has a pair of large amber (almost orange?) eyes. The color in her eyes are always consistent, despite weather or her moods. Core also has thick paw pads, much like her half-brother's, Kami. The color of her pads are a bright pink, as well as the insides of her ears. However, her nose is an almost bright red.


Living with owners at the very beginning of her kithood, Coretan has encountered both vet medicine and flea collars, but also none of those things at all when she decided to run away. Going from one way of living to another has caused Coretan to have periods of time being extremely ill, to being perfectly fine a few days later. There's been no explanation for why this happens to Core.
Mentally, Coretan isn't much better. She struggles with extreme anxiety, which sometimes can cause her to become an emotional wreck and/or even dangerous. The she-cats sometimes claims during her random attacks that something or someone is watching her, but this statement appears to be at the time most likely false. Some believe that Core could have a mental illness called Paranoid Schizophrenia, which is characterized by delusions and auditory hallucinations (hearing voices that don't exist) but relatively normal intellectual functioning and expression of emotions. The delusions can often be about being persecuted by a person (in this case, other cats) or an organization (such as a clan or group), or feeling harassed or treated unfairly. Persons with paranoid-type schizophrenia are known to express anxiety such as Coretan, as well as anger and such. Nothing has been confirmed, however.


Coretan, in her earlier days, has been shown to be compassionate as well as kind to others. Her mother was Core's main role model, until something noticeable changed in her mom's status. One day, Coretan's mother (Known as Lila), told her daughter it would be best to live out on her own. Core didn't understand why, but the attitude of Lila had somewhat changed, most likely because of an event Coretan herself hadn't witnessed.
Quite enjoying the care-free, laid back style of her kittypet life, Core contemplated about refusing. However, to make her mother happy (and in hopes to change Lila's personality back to the one she once knew), left. Living on the streets has given the she-cat what most call a "rough edge", or "hard shell". Coretan has learned many lessons with the short time going solo, and now usually has a snarky personality towards cats she doesn't know well and doesn't trust anyone too quickly.
Along with Core's sassiness and untrusting nature, she also has extreme anxiety as mentioned before. This will cause Coretan to sometimes make quick decisions, accidents, and/or even get on someone's bad side, if not behaving properly. This is something Coretan, for the majority of the time, has no control over.


Coretan is mild with abilities all around, and this is mostly because of her contemporary life as a kittypet. Not being raised in the wild has caused Core to have to learn most of her techniques by scratch, with a few exceptions like hunting and climbing (which has been either taught to her by another wandering street cat -Dues- and/or has just been pure instinct).
Fighting wise, Coretan has little experience. She knows how to swipe a good blow her or there, but that's about it!
Hunting wise, the she-cat can manage a mouse or too. Having a reasonable amount of stamina and patience (surprisingly), Core can usually quietly as well as quickly stalk up on prey.


As stated previously, Coretan at first was raised alongside her mother, Lila, as a kittypet. The owner of Lila intended to keep Coretan for most of her life, until Core was basically forced to run away because Lila had asked for unknown reasons. The she-cat's incentives were obviously to help her mother have a more positive aura by doing as she asked, but after few months living on her own, Coretan could see her decision and sacrifice for her mother had been an extreme mistake.
During her early stages of living in the wild, a friendly loner tom took Coretan under his wing for a few months, teaching her the basics to survive all on her own. After he knew for sure she was going to be alright on her own, he hurried away, not to be seen again. Coretan has no idea of his whereabouts now.
In the present, Core usually focuses on tending to herself, and tries not to interact with other cats she doesn't know well. Through her past experiences with unknown strangers (besides her hunting teacher), she hates to speak and trust someone. However, even without much help from anyone, the rogue has managed to get by.



Deus- Living


A kittypet named Lila. Ran away from her residents at a very early age.- State unkown



Half Siblings:

Kami- Living

Zene- Living

Cash- Living

Esa- Living





Although unaware that her hunting teacher was her own father, Core respected Deus deeply with the small time they spent together. This was when Coretan had first run away, not knowing how to survive with basic skills.


A kittypet named Lila. Ran away from her residents at a very early age.

Core has been known to have a close relationship with her mother when she was younger, although this soon abruptly stopped after having asked to run away by Lila. Coretan hasn't seen her since, and doesn't know how she's doing.

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  • Coretan has harmed herself on purpose before, but tends not to do it as often now. You could say she's changed her perspective on a few things over the past few years she's been in the wild, self harm being one of them.

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