Cosmicpaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past The Wind Chasers, Loners & Rogues
Age Approx. 13 moons (1.1 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fell
Debut CS
Last Post Unknown
Father tba
Mother tba
Sibling tba
Mate nonr
Kits none
Owner Crys

Cosmicpaw is a small, tortoiseshell and black tom with bright patches and large, yellow eyes.



[DRAFT] Cosmicpaw is a small, tortoiseshell and black tom with bright patches and large, yellow eyes.
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Mental Health

Cosmicpaw is a very doubtful tom, and is very hard on himself for every little mistake he makes. He is filled with self-loathing, and because of this, he dislikes to socialize with others since he can't socialize with himself. 
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Physical Health

Cosmicpaw, although his fur makes him look somewhat plump, is a very thin tom. 
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Cosmicpaw is a quiet cat. Never wanting to leave his family when he was younger, he is very regretful and wishes to be forever in his past. His traumatic events when he was a kit left him sullen and depressed when The Wind Chasers found him, and made him even more melancholy when he realized he was the odd one out with no power at all. Cosmicpaw believes himself to be nothing but a burden to the clan, and doesn't like talking to the other cats for that. He pities himself for his poor life, and takes no interest in another's.
He can be quite a selfish tom, snapping at random times and squealing on about how horrible his life was. He doesn't like to share with other cats, nor can he even start a conversation with them. He usually just replies to another cat, and never talks back when he's in control of his mind. He is unusually wise and deep-thinking for a young apprentice, perhaps six moons or so. He isn't afraid of death, in fact, he welcomes it. Even though he is an anti-social and soft spoken cat, he isn't afraid of anything, but isn't brave enough to stand up for himself.

Skills & Abilities

He is not a fighter, nor is he a hunter. He is skilled at swimming, though, and can easily swim through currents. He is still a very clumsy tom, and nowhere near agile. He is still a fast tom, but only when the surface of the earth is smooth enough for him, because he will trip and tumble when on rocky soil or a hill. Climbing is average, but whenever he comes up, he is too nervous to come back down, in fear his paws will betray him.
He, unlike his fellow clanmates, is powerless and very mediocre compared to everyone he knows. His eyesight is not extraordinary, nor is his taste and hearing his strongest feature. However, he is very sensitive and will shiver at the lightest breeze and get dizzy on his paws in warm weather. Currently, he does not know his power or what he is actually really good cat.



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  • Crys likes him.


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