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Cottonfur is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current WinterClan
Age 13 Moons
Status Living
Debut TBA
Father Greyfoot
Mother Lightpool
Sibling Tangletail and Ivylight
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Dawnstorm
Apprentice Gustpaw
Owner Charlie

Cottonfur is a pure white tom with pale blue eyes. He is the son of Greyfoot and Lightpool, and is a Warrior of WinterClan. He has two sisters: Tangletail and Ivylight, and he has no known half siblings. Cottonfur has no mate, and has not yet taken on an apprentice due to his rookie warrior status.



Cottonfur has a completely white pelt and pink skin, making him even whiter than most other cats. He uses this to his advantage, especially in Winterclan’s snowy environment, making a hobby of hiding under a few inches snow and jumping out at unsuspecting passerby. His eyes are a very pale shade of blue, but they work just fine and are sharp as tacks. His unusual coloring has, in fact, rendered Cottonfur mostly deaf; he can only hear muffled noises if somebody shouts right in his ear. Though this is somewhat discouraging (he’s always wondered what a “songbird” sounds like), he gets through, and has even learned to read lips and body language with astounding accuracy.

He’s built rather sturdily, with a small layer of chub that keeps out the cold and makes him look a little younger than he actually is. He’s got a smooth face with a slender, pointed nose and wide eyes, and his neck fur is a bit thicker than the rest for extra floofiness protection. Cottonfur’s ears are large and filled with fluff, with short tufts on the tips. He has a few minor scars from his apprenticeship, most notably one thin one along the bridge of his nose, but he hasn’t had time to acquire anything major. He hopes he won’t ever have to.

His fur is thick and has multiple layers perfect for keeping out the cold, but it’s still only medium length, and on the short side at that. It’s thicker around his neck and paws, giving him the look of an oversized snowshoe hare. His paws are a bit big for his size, and he hopes he’ll grow into them, but it seems unlikely. He’s to be cursed with big feet forever (at least they’re good for navigating deep snow).


Cottonfur is a rather amiable cat, who is willing to make friends with anybody who wishes to reciprocate. However, he is not so friendly as to pursue relationships with people he doesn’t get along with, which is a surprisingly large amount of cats. He detests people pitying him for his disability, and will reprimand those who do with a harsh word and a bit of silent treatment. Cottonfur has a tendency to hold grudges despite the fact that he is aware that it is wrong, and can be rather harsh to those who push his few buttons.

Other than that, he really is quite friendly, always eager to teach and learn in equal measure, and when he does make good friends, he tends to keep them for as long as he possibly can, preferably forever. Cottonfur’s fiercely loyal and will protect his Clan with his teeth, his claws, and most certainly his life if at all possible. However, he can be a little possessive over those he cares about, but not terribly so.

Cottonfur is definitely an introvert, and often escapes the camp during his free time to go sit in a tree and think. He loves the quiet strength of trees, admires them, and hopes to be as steadfast as they one day. His pet philosophy is “trees are better than cats”. He supposes it’s a good thing he likes the quiet, because otherwise he would’ve gone mad long ago.


Being only a rookie warrior, Cottonfur is not particularly skilled in much. However, he has shown a talent for climbing trees, thanks to his penchant for hiding in them, and has a particularly agile way of moving, which helps him in the hunt. He’s not very adept at battle, thanks to his ears, but he’s been teaching himself how to overcome this ever since he was just a wee kit.



Feisty and sharp-tongued, Cottonkit was stubbornly independent and refused to be coddled (nothing has really changed since then). His favorite “game” was pulling all manner of pranks on his denmates, and became infamous for them by the end of his stay in the Nursery. They say he once even tried to prank Guppystar, but his mother put a stop to that before it got too far, much to his dismay.

(Cottonkit did not formally appear in this stage of life.)


Despite showing an immediate talent for hunting, Cottonpaw was not exactly the best apprentice. He often snuck off to go nap in trees and shirked his duties, getting him in trouble. He spent so much time cleaning out the Elder's Den, in fact, that he became better friends with some of them than he did with the other apprentices.

(Cottonpaw did not formally appear in this stage of life.)


Coming Soon


Father: Greyfoot - Deceased, Verified StarClan member.

Mother: Lightpool - Deceased, Verified StarClan member.


Tangletail - Living

Ivylight - Living

Uncle: Dawnstorm - Living




Died before Cottonkit was born.


She and Cottonkit never really saw eye-to-eye. She was insistent on coddling and protecting him- he was insistent on his independance. As he got older, the two of them spoke less and less until they finally came to the point of outright avoiding each other. He never truly forgave her for treating him differently than his siblings.


The biggest, strongest kit of the litter, Tangletail spent most of her time with the older apprentices and ignored the younger, smaller cats. After they became warriors, Cottonfur and Tangletail actually started speaking regularly, and now they get along rather well, even if Tangle is still a bit distant.


Cottonfur's childhood best friend and favorite sister, Ivylight is even friendlier than he and has many friends, but saves a spot for her brother especially. They were a handful growing up, and they're still a handful in their adult years.


Both Cottontail's Uncle and his Mentor, the younger tom looks up to him immensely, and deep down, aspires to be like him. Though Dawnstorm's methods of teaching could be somewhat strict, Cotton's lax nature balanced out his uptight one, and the two of them got on fantastically, forming Cottonfur into the Warrior he is today. They still talk regularly, and often go out hunting together.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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