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Cove of Shining Shells
Current Tribe of Rising Moons


Cove of Shining Shells

Cove of Shining Shells

Age 24 Moons (2 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Mountain that Stands Tall
Mother Chestnut that Falls from Tree
Sibling Cinder that Comes After Fire
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Petal that Falls from Flower
Leader Position
Predecessor Petal that Falls from Flower
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Petal that Falls from Flower
Owner Silver

Cove is a under-sized, fluffy, dark gray she-cat with bright, blue eyes. Cove is the Healer of The Tribe of Rising Moons, with no current To-Be. Her older sister (by two years) is Cinder that Comes After Fire, and their parents are Chestnut that Falls from Tree and Mountain that Stands Tall. Cove doesn't have a mate or kits, and her mentor (who is now deceased) was Petal that Falls from Flower.

Cove is known to be a patient and caring she-cat, loving every cat in her tribe in a special way. She'll always love her tribe that she rules, and everytime a cat doesn't feel well, she's by their side, helping. Though she's patient, Cove is quite hyper, always ready to go and do her job, and always on her toes. She seems to be ready for just about anything that is thrown at her tribe, despite her young age.



Cove's coat happens to be very healthy and fairly thick. It has a fine, soft texture to it, and can be described as "cloud-like" because of its softness. Her pelt is of a medium length, and is a pretty dark gray color, and has a hint of smokeiness to it.  She doesn't have a fleck of white on her smooth pelt, which happens to be always sleek and well-groomed, though she's very bussy. Cove's pelt is a solid color without any spots or stripes.  Her pelt is feathery, ecspecially the fur on her tail, which is always kept high so it doesn't get dirty.  Her fur doesn't drag on the ground what-so-ever, but she isn't exactly a neat-freak. Cove's fur can become full of leaves when she's re-oraganizing the stores.

Cove's eyes are a brilliant, bright blue-color, and happen to be lighter around her irises.  They seem to have a silvery tint to them, but that's only up close. Cove's bone structure is fairly thin, buth as an average strength, so she can hold her ground. She's a thinner cat, and her legs have an average amount of muscule, which isn't very impressive.  Her nose is a coal-black, as well as her insides. Cove's paw pads are soft and delicate, being the same coal-black color as her nose and ear insides. Cove's whiskers are long so they droop a bit, and are a silvery-white color.  Her teeth are a yellow-white color, but are as healthy as can be. Cove's ears are a triangle shape, and happen to be an average size.  Her paws are small and delicate, perfect for gently picking up herbs. Her head is finely shaped, and her skull is a bit smaller than most cat's.  Cove's muzzle is a bit bigger than an average cat's, and is the same color as her dark gray coat, meaning she isn't old and is young.  Cove's legs are shorter, giving her a smaller height.

Being a Healer, Cove isn't the toughest opponent, but she can stand her ground. Cove's claws aren't the sharpest, and aren't very long, but they work fine. Cove's teeth, on the other hand, are strong, healthy, and sharp.  Her teeth easily tear flesh, and her powerful jaw makes the job easier. Though her claws aren't the best, Cove makes up for it with her teeth. Cove often does her best to initimidate her opponents with her pelt by fluffing it up to double her size, though this doesn't often work.

Cove's skin beneath her perfect pelt is a gray color, not too dark, yet not too light.  Her skin doesn't happen to be scarless, for she does know how to fight.  Her fur grows back quickly and easily, so Cove isn't missing any fur, and her scars aren't visible underneath her dark gray coat.  Cove stands with her legs closer together, and her ears pricked.  She keeps her head high, but no too high so she doesn't look proud and stuck-up.


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Cove is known for her great patience. She is known to not rush others, and waits patiently for them to answer her or ask for help. She isn't one to rush others, believing that she won't get the correct answer out of a rushed cat. Cove has a deep faith in the Tribe of Endless Hunting, knowing that correct things will happen when they're meant to happen. Cove believes that The Tribe of Endless Hunting and Herbs will heal others, but it will take time. But, if the cat gets worse, Cove will give them more herbs, for she cares greatly for her Tribe-mates.

Cove is also a very chatty young cat. She loves to talk about pretty much anything, from kits to clouds, she finds enjoyment in any conversation. Cove loves to talk all day if she could, which can get pretty annoying, but Cove isn't a total gossip. Cove enjoys learning from her Elders, ecspecially about their past. She does enjoy a little drama in stories, but too much annoys Cove.

She is also a hyper she-cat, always on her paws and ready to go. This doesn't mean she's impatient, she just has endless energy, and usually has to let it burn inside. Cove is one to explore often, just to burn off her energy, but this doesn't always work. She can be described as kit-like for her excitement and hyperness. So, this can get annoying, so Cove tries to keep her hyper-activity inside, and let it out when no-one's around.


Cove, of course, has a great thing with herbs. She works swiftly and efficently on her paws, and is careful when she picks up any sort of herb. Her memory is vast, and she even knows some herbs others don't happen to know about. She learns quickly and remembers what she learns, and Cove happens to be very organized. Cove explores often to search for herbs, and asks older loners that she finds on her territory if they know of any great herbs. She is sure to ask for help when needed, though she dosen't often need it.

Cove is also a talented rock-climber. Since trees are fairly scarce in her territory, Cove spends some of her off-time climbing rocks to explore. Her harder paw-pads keep her from being sore, and get her a good grip on the rocks.  Cove's tail isn't bobbed or too short, so she has perfect balance on her paws.



Cove was born to two Unnamed Tribe of Rising Moons cats, being the only kit in her litter like her older sister, Cinder that Comes After Fire. At her birth, Petal that Falls From Flower knew Cove was her next To-Be, and told Cove's parents that she was to be the next healer of the Tribe. Cove's parents gave birth to the young she-cat in a cove, since Cove's mother had been exploring out of the territory.

As soon as she opened her eyes, Cove had an interest in herbs. She constantly watched her Mentor-To-Be, and often helped her out. Cove also bonded with her older sister from another litter, and this bond was close. Cove followed her older sister everywhere, since they were the only kits of their parents and only had each other and their parents as family. Of course, Cove did play with other kits.


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Chestnut that Falls from Tree - Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member

Father: Mountain that Stands Tall - Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Cinder that Comes After Fire - Living



Mountain that Stands Tall & Chestnut that Falls from Tree:

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Cinder that Comes After Fire:

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