Daisyclaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SplashClan
Medicine Cat
Age appox. 47 moons old (3.92 years old)
Status Living
Debut SplashClan/Roleplay/Archive 11
Father Thriftstorm
Mother Sycamorecloud
Siblings Smokecloud,Rosefang
Mate unknown tom
Kits Daffodilkit,Dandelionkit,Asphodelkit
Mentor Sculpinclaw
Apprentices Volcanoflame (formerly),Roseleaf
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Windfeather
Successor Roseleaf
Owner Osp

Daisyclaw is a tall scarred cream mackerel tabby and white she-cat with amber eyes. She is currently is a warrior, but she did serve time as a medicine cat when Windfeather died, she had stepped down once her apprentice Roseleaf was fully named.  She briefly mentored Volcanoflame. She is one kits of the two respected SplashClan warriors, Sycamorecloud and Thriftstorm. After a one-night fling with a unknown tom when she a young warrior she has three kits, Daffodilkit,Dandelionkit, and Asphodelkit, whom are all dead. She is the sibling of Smokecloud and Rosefang

She was once considered the model SplashClan warrior, and star sibling in her parents' eye, but her life spiraled out of control with caused her to just give up. She's currently a bitter, mean-spirited, spiteful and frankly a lazy jerk.



What is quite notable about Daisyclaw is the fact that compared to most of her clanmates, she rather taller and lankier. Her fur for the most part is thick and rough to touch. Her pelt is a cream color with some white on her muzzle, lower chin, neck, belly, paws, and tail. She has mackerel tabby striping, and and all across her body many scars from fights she has been it, some from loners and rogues. There are couple of white stripes from where hair had regrown that was once scarred. On her face there is a notable scar that is from her cheek to near the eye, it bridges over her muzzle and near the edge of scar the hair has started regrowing, the hairs the regrowing are white due to fact the hair follicles have been damaged. She has a couple nicks on her ears. Overall, she has been in many fights in her life.
Her body shape is quite foreign, her ears are quite large. Her tail is quite long which gives her great balance. Her eyes are oval shaped and are the color amber. On her left front paw is an extra toe, because she's polydactyly. She walks with very intimating gait and often has a scowl on her face. Her teeth are slightly yellowed.


Like the majority of her clanmates she quite physically fit. Her immune system is quite strong and rarely does she get ill. She has a history of miscarriage, and while she believes it's StarClan's fault, but it could be possible because her family has a history having difficulty reproducing on her mother's side. For she the only successful litter her mother had.  
Mental health wise, Daisyclaw does have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or otherwise known as SAD. In the winter and autumn, she displays a lot of normal depression warning signs, including greater need or sleep, less energy, weight gain, etc, and in summer and spring, Daisyclaw typically is still depressed, has insomnia, loses weight, has poor appetite, and she's often anxious or agitated. She also has Postpartum Depression, which was caused due to her history of miscarriages. She has many anxieties about kits, birth, and pregnancy, whether or not these anxieties are often are cause of her miscarriages are unknown. She use to take herbs for her mental illness until she got addicted to them, so she really doesn't no longer, more for her own sake and the fear of relapsing.


(Draft: she's lazy jerk, snarky, probably hates everyone, but she does her soft spot when it comes kits
+: compassionate {surprisingly}, honest, affectionate, confident
o: stern, loyal, superstitious, daring
-: lazy, mean-natured, commitment-phobe, feisty
In short, Daisyclaw was the model SplashClan warrior of her family, she had the ambition, she had the drive, but she fell out of grace when her life took a turn for the worst. Somewhere in her mid-apprentice years, her SAD started showing up, and just got worse in her warrior years. Her mental illness always brought out the worse in the tall she-cat, at least when she had family, she could force herself not to give into the illness, but since which most of well in the ground, she has succumbed to it. She's now a shell of a respected model warrior, all she is now is snark lazy cat would loathes everything around her, including herself. Oh boy does she loathe herself, she hates how she wasn't able to get mate in her younger years, she hates how she yet her family dies, she hates how she's hasn't been able produce at least one successful litter in her life, and she hates how she let herself become the way she is.
She was respected, of course, when with long family of pure SplashClanners, that's a given. In her younger years, she could found herself a mate, but if was only for the fact she really doesn't like commitments and was very reckless cat in her younger years. Her commitments-phobe is not better in her older years, with her not being able to give a healthy litter, she finds herself not wanting to commit to cat that would expect her to rear a healthy litter, nor does she want them bear the same pain she bears when it comes to being unable to carry kits to term. Her history of miscarriages is probably is where her bitterness stems from.
When she didn't just give up, she was a cat that hated to get bored, which one main reason she had step down from being a medicine cat, the job was painstaking boring. The only way for her to ease her boredom in her medicine cat days, was use up the herbs that ease depression, which would cause her go out to get new ones. Now all she wants to do is sleep and brood. She was also a cat who wasn't constantly awful, she was affectionate and showed compassionate to those she loved. She still shows some compassion, but it's very rare and only towards cats she can tolerate. Surprisingly, the only cats that do get her compassion at times, is kittens. Daisyclaw always loved kittens and it still is a big goal of the she-cat is to raise just one litter that survives to be warriors.
Even when she was happier, she had some feisty streak in her. She didn't do anything she didn't want to, and made it know very verbally, she still does.


Daisyclaw's talent is in fight, hence the suffix -claw, she's pretty good at fishing, and she's strong swimmer. Though, she's the best with catching land prey or birds, she quite speedy and has below average balance. She's an average tracking and her stealth is also average, so is her endurance. She does a have extra toe on her left front paw, which gives her better grip on things with that paw. Due the fact she was previously a medicine cat, she does have knowledge of herbs and how to use them. 



Daisyclaw was born to SplashClan warriors Thriftstorm and Sycamorecloud along with her two sibling Smokekit and Rosekit. As kitten she born sightly smaller then rest and a bit insecure about her height often trying her hardest and best at play-fight. Her sibling often complain that Daisykit would be quite rough often end up her sibling having minor wounds. Thriftstorm was quite proud that his daughter was showing skills of being excellent fighter and encouraging her behavior. Minus the times she got rough, Daisykit's kithood was healthy and soon her started to get taller than her siblings.  


Once Daisykit reached six moons, she was grant a senior warrior as an mentor. Daisypaw was determined to impress her mentor. At the same time, Sycamorecloud died trying to birth a second litter, and her father ended being killed by foxes. Daisypaw was heartbroken that she lost her parents, but still worked to be an excellent warrior.


After, becoming a new warrior, she had a small fling with unknown cat, after two months, she gave birth to three kits, two toms and she-cat. She tried her best to raise her kittens, but then Aspodelkit died from green-cough, because she was born with weak immune system. Soon her two sons followed. The tom kits managed to wander off and fall into river where they drowned. When Daisyclaw discovered her sons body, she was devastated and blamed herself for their deaths. She lives to this day regretting not stopping them from wandering out of camp.
She is later seen yawning as she washes her face, she starts feeling longing to have kittens again. She then realizes that means that she would have to take mate and she's probably too ugly to have one. She watches some kittens play and then sighs again as she trots towards the fresh-kill pile. She takes a fish and hopes that someone will share prey with her, Scorchnose notices her and offers to share. Before they could share the prey, Poolstar interrupts with an apprentice ceremony. She gets Volcanopaw as an apprentice and promises to herself to make him a honorable warrior.
Daisyclaw frowns as she realizes that she's in heat, it's noted that she hates being the fact that she wasn't very attractive cat. She turns her attention as Grayface announces that Shadesplash is dead. She asks whats killed him, and she presumes it was a fox or a badger. Daisyclaw cheers as Grayface was made deputy, she also notes that Poolstar that was dead and then wonders where Windfeather has gone. As she ruffles her fur, she guesses that Windfeather was out collecting herbs or something. It was also noted she didn't like the feeling of not having a medicine cat at all, and believes that place would spiral into chaos.
She then tilts her head in confusion on why Grayface wasn't replying to Emeraldstar, and the comments to herself that any cat would love to have his position. Later Daisyclaw leaves camp to go do some hunting only the stumble upon the body of the medicine cat. She becomes disgusted and drags the body back into camp. She announces to clan that Windfeather has died and becomes frighten because the clan has been left without a medicine cat.
Meanwhile when StarClan was deciding who the next SplashClan medicine cat is, Duckwhisker suggests Daisyclaw as a possible candidate. Snowstar agrees with her selection, even though it was pretty much unusual selection. StarClan later selects her as a medicine cat and sends a daisy as sign that she should be the next medicine cat.
She becomes an annoyed that nobody cares their medicine cat as just died, and stares sadly the previous medicine cat's body. She notes that though she didn't know what killed her, but it was still sad to see her go. She goes to check on the queens and then greets Ebonyswan. She later spots the sign that was meant for and realizes that she is suppose to be the next medicine cat. She takes up the job and goes into the nursery to check on Ebonyswan's kittens. Ebonyswan allows her to check on her kittens. She pushes Flykit towards her to check on her.
It was later stated, it was while since she last checked on Ebonyswan's kittens and notes that weaker ones had died. She becomes sadden by this, but reminds herself to get over it. When Hollyfrost comes in with a dislocated leg, she puts it back and gives the warrior soon poppy seeds.
She then collects some herbs, and then goes off to do some hunting. She fishes some, and it's noted even though she became a medicine cat, she still hunted. She later checks on Ebonyswan and her only surviving kit, Shellkit. Ebonyswan later sends her daughter to play with Daisyclaw, when Grayface comes in.
Sometime later Daisyclaw receives Rosepaw as her apprentice, before she could even touch noses with her apprentice, Hollyfrost starts kitting. She helps to deliver the kits, and goes off to bury the stillborn in the litter.
She buries some dead herbs and gets frustrated that it snowed. When Beetlestripe and Squirrelkit get into fight, she ends up siding with Beetlekit. It can be noted that Daisyclaw didn't enjoy being a medicine cat. Smokepool starts to kit and she helps out with that, and then Ebonyswan.
Emberpelt comes to her, and asks with her could chat with her. She agrees, because she had time to spare. She watches Ebonyswan's kits play in the snow and then summons her apprentice to do collect some herbs with her. Smokepool brings Charredkit over, and she recalls how Beautifulface and Pikepelt had seen similar symptoms and delivers the bad news.
When she asks for some herbs, she suggests holly berries in order from to end his suffering, and then adds poppy seeds if she wants to ease it. Smokepool disagrees with killing him, so she takes the poppy seeds. When Emeraldstar dies she takes Elmstar to mooncave to receive his nine lives. As they pass a river, she quickly remembers that her little tom kits are dead.



Thriftstorm: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Sycamorecloud: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Rosefang: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Smokecloud: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Unknown kits: Deceased; Suspected StarClan Residents


Daffodilkit: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Dandelionkit; Deceased; StarClan Resident


Asphodelkit: Deceased; StarClan Resident

Distant Ancestor

Troutclaw: Deceased; Faded
Larkfrost: Deceased; Faded




"Ah yes, I was the apple in my father's eye. He saw my full potential, too bad his dead. Just like everyone else in StarClan forsaken family"


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"Smokecloud was my last remaining sibling, after Rosefang died, I swore to StarClan that I wouldn't let anything happen to my sister. I guess I need to stop swearing oaths to StarClan, because she's dead. She couldn't even defend herself, that rogue who murdered her is heartless. Who attacks a defenseless cat??? She was blinded, and sucked at fighting, and there's this cat who has no heart. Just thinking about her death, makes me ANGRY. I swear, I hope that rogue realized what they did was disgusting and I hope it just eats up at them until it kills them."
Daisyclaw and Smokecloud had a great relationship, the two were the best of friends, and once their brother died. Daisyclaw grew more protective, and tried to keep her sister safe, but it wasn't enough. During the rogue attack, while Daisyclaw was fighting Cliff, another rogue came in and murdered her sister. Even the mention of her sister's demise will set her off, she gets so angered by the fact so cat would be so heartless and do that.

Daffodilkit,Dandelionkit, and Asphodelkit

"My precious kittens.., I miss them dearly almost everyday. Dear StarClan, I blame myself everyday for Daffodilkit and Dandelionkit's death. If only I saw them wander off, but I didn't, and when...I realized they were was too late. My precious sons were dead, the spirits in the river decided it was time for them to join them. When I mean by that, they decided to drag them down into the river. There's not a day that goes by when I wish that I had done something differently. I wish that Asphodelkit even lived her first moon, but she couldn't. She was so sickly, and I was so worried. But, my worrying never helped her, she died from green-cough." -Daisyclaw on her late kits
Daisyclaw missed her first litter dearly, and often wishes that they had survived. She knows how much wishing will never bring her kittens back. She blames herself for Daffodilkit and Dandelionkit's deaths, she wasn't watching them when they had wandered off. She actually out hunting, and when she had came back into camp, she had discovered her kittens missing. However, it was too late when she found them, they were already dead. She often wishes she could change that day. Daisyclaw regrets that Asphodelkit never lived up to her first moon, but there was nothing the cream tabby couldn't do. The reason for Asphodelkit's death was due to her weak immune system.



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"Okay, I admit, I did get bit too carried away when I killed him. It was my intentions are that to happen, but I just got angry and wanted revenge for my sister's death. Yes, I realize that he had nothing to do with it, but at the time, I wanted to kill all the rogues just because they associated with Smokecloud's murderer, which was wrong of me. My only intentions were to badly wound him, it sucks that it ended like that. He probably has a family that misses or even friends, but I selfishly took a life for my own needs. I should have been better cat and not killed someone, but I just can't control anger at times."
Daisyclaw acknowledge's Cliff murder, and she does regret it, she let her ire get the best of her. She only wanted to give the tom serious wounds, not flat-out murder the tom. She feels guilty about taking away someone's family member or dear friend just for sake of revenge. She also acknowledges that it was mistake on her part for even allowing her anger over her sister's death to make her take life.


  • Daisyclaw is redesigned of one of Osprey's oldest characters. 
  • She is polydactyly from a random mutation in her family.
  • Daisyclaw is gray aromantic heterosexual  and is very romantic replused 
  • Daisyclaw has had many miscarriages and firmly believes StarClan is punishing her for her carelessness with her first.
  • actually, I'm unsure if she'll ever have another surviving litter


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