Dandelionface is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Given Warrior: Dandelionface
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Ivyfang
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Snowfire
Mother Gullflight
Siblings Blizzardfang, Amberflight (adopted)
Mate N/A
Kits Cuckoofoot, Quailnose, Salmonstream, Brindlesong
Owner Rainlegs

Dandelionface is a sleek, short-furred white she-cat with silver tabby patches and copper-colored eyes.


Dandelion was named purely for her beauty- she's self-centered, arrogant, picky, and prissy. She hates going on patrols or even bothering to lift a paw for someone else, let alone hunting and having to kill the prey she eats. As a result of such, she often relies on the 'big, strong' toms of her clan, flirting with them at any chance possible, in an attempt to have them do the work for her.


Dandelionkit is born to Snowfire and Gullflight of WinterClan along with her brother, Blizzardkit.

When she was barely a moon old, her parents took in Amberkit, an orphaned kit found at the border of the territory. The two become close friends, however, Dandelionkit doesn't play with her.

She is later apprenticed to Reedshine, and the two have no luck with training. Somehow, Dandelionface manages to catch prey on her final assessment, and passes, becoming a warrior, Dandelionface.

Shortly after becoming a warrior, Dandelionface becomes a queen, moving into the nursery, pregnant with kits.

Later on, her kits are fully grown, and she attends a gathering. She sits next to Foxtail, by Ivyfang, a fellow warrior. Noting that the she-cat smelled funny, she shifts a little, crinkling her nose. However, the cat begins to froth at the mouth, turns, and attacks her, killing both her and Foxtail nearly instantly.

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