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Current StarClan
Past Kittypets, Loners & Rogues
Age Approx. 7 moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a badger
Debut Coming soon
Last Post Coming soon
Father Daxter
Mother Peach
Siblings Alexia, Geckonose, Misty (foster), Tony, Paul
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Crys
Danny is a somewhat fluffy black and white tuxedo tom with bright blue eyes. He is known, by the few cats he met, to be either a shy yet a cocky and sarcastic tom or a brave, reckless and a egotistic cat. His siblings are Alexia, Geckopaw, Misty, Tony, and Paul, and his parents are Daxter and Peach.



Danny is a fluffy, glossy black and white tuxedo bicolor tom. His fur is the typical tuxedo pattern, with the black and white coat, along with the white dash between the eyes, white paws, white chest, and white belly. Fur fluffy, soft, thick, and medium, he is the mimic of his father, Daxter's, appearance. His fur is short at the head, but long at the rest of the body. His rounded ears are feathered at the tips.
Danny has a muscular but a thin build. He has average length legs, and a long, fluffy tail. His muscles are hidden through the thick mess of fur, but they can be seen when he's wet. Danny has a triangular face, and his eyes are a large, striking blue, an unusual color for a tuxedo. The paw pads are hard and pink, and his small triangular nose is a mix of gray and pink. His whiskers are long and white.


Mental Health

His mental health is pretty stable, despite his split personalities. Although, he did get a lot of nightmares about cats trying to kill him when he was alive. He is very intelligent when it comes to subjects and skills that he actually focuses on, but poor at anything else. He is very self conscious and usually thinks himself as a freak for his disorder at times, but at other times, he pushes the thought away due to his self confidence.

Physical Health

Danny's physically healthy. Always exercising and practicing his own skills, day and night, he has a strong immune system that blocks out any sickness that overwhelms him. When he does get sick, it is usually very minor and could be rid of quickly.


Shy, timid, and cocky, Danny may seem like nothing but a weakling at first glance. However, he also has another side to him- a much more braver, heroic, responsible side.
He is extremely sarcastic and will usually make a sarcastic remark when talking to a cat he doesn't like, but isn't likely to stand up for himself, and another cat must always stand up for him because he doesn't defend himself. He takes no pride in his large family, and before his death, he always seemed to be the one overshadowed. However, he still loves his family deeply, even if they are extremely annoying to him.
He, like his father, is very secretive. He doesn't like telling secrets to even his own family, but he will tell them to his few friends. He isn't the most social cat, and shows cats with witty, sarcastic remarks and his actions. He loves to prank his enemies, but usually makes sure that they never find out about what he has done. He isn't dense at all; he knows the difference between a lover or a friend, but he doesn't show it because he's too afraid to say his feelings. He isn't very proud, and does his best to hide every action he does. Danny is very flexible and will happy eat anything, a trait no one else in the family has.
Danny changes drastically when he or the ones he cares for are in danger, that not even his friends or family can recognize the shy, clumsy cat beneath the new one. With all his shy traits gone, he will kill to protect them. When angered, his braver, violent side comes out to attack the offender. He is still sarcastic and witty- maybe even more. With his braver trait, he will easily interrupt another cat and insult them. He's very dangerous when angered, but fortunately, he does not have a short temper, although he will get annoyed when something he accomplishes is messed up and destroyed by another. Then, he will shun the cat until they're in danger.
He believes himself as responsible when he's the "other half". In fact, he obsesses over saving cats life other than his own. He isn't likely to ask for help, and always attempts to confront tasks and problems on his own. His obsession to help everyone can turn him into a very egotistic cat, which usually gets him into trouble. Danny is misunderstood, most of the time, when he tries to help cats in need, and more cats think of him as a foe than a friend due to their misunderstanding.
His self confidence and ego makes him think he can take on any cat and win. However, this won't work if he clearly sees that the enemy is too powerful, then he'll ask for help. But his determination and his support usually always win the battle the end.

Skills & Abilities

Danny is phenomenal at battling, and uses this skill as an advantage when fighting another cat. He is an average hunter, but can't catch anything faster than a mouse due to his clumsy movements. Climbing skills are all very well- he can jump from tree to tree without falling off if he wanted to. He runs fast, faster than an average cat. Dodging attacks is simple for him with his speed and nimbleness. The skill, along with his offensive battle skills, give him an advantage in battle.
However, he is poor at swimming, and is thankful when he doesn't have to help anyone in water most of the time. He has no real abilities, but he has good eyesight and hearing. He can see things from far away, and hear a lot of things. He can also hold his breath for an unusually long time, which is the only thing that he's good at when he's underwater.


Kithood and Adolescence

Born to Daxter and Peach as a kittypet, along with his siblings Tony, Misty, Paul, Alexia, and the unnamed kit, Danny and his family was separated by the twolegs. However, Tony came along with Danny, and they grew up in another housefolk's care, although they still stayed in the same neighborhood.
Danny never knew his family members names until Tony told him. Living a comfortable, rich life with his brother and the housefolk, he stayed with the twolegs until he and Tony explored the world outside the fence. After multiple visits to the wild, the two finally left the housefolk and set off to live alone in the wild, hoping for some adventure.
They quickly encountered a group of wild cats in the forest. Curious, Danny asked about their life, and a cat from the group explained the ways of "clan life" and started to go on talking about something named "StarClan". The cat then offered for the two to join, but Tony quickly declined, not wanting to jump into a foreign group without the confirmation that they were harmless. However, Danny quickly grew interested and was convinced that there was something called "StarClan", a place where dead cats go. Tony had to drag his brother away from joining, and from then on, he started calling him "Starstruck".
Deeper in the forest, they learned to hunt and fight on their own, but despite their skills, they were too young to defend themselves against any predators on their own. When the two were a little over six moons old, they encountered a badger, and Danny was killed by the large predator. When Danny died, he went to StarClan due to the fact that he was a believer of the stars.


Danny is first seen in StarClan, lamenting over his death and his family, wishing he got to know them better. Overhearing Leafstorm's comment, he asks the the tom what a warrior is. He explains the way of a warrior, and asks why he knew about StarClan if he didn't know what a clan actually was. Danny replies that he learned about the clan from a clan member, and because he thought that the fact of life after death sounded so interesting, he started believing.
He then starts calling himself a freak for how absurd his words sounded to him. Leafstorm replies that Danny is not a freak. Danny, annoyed and angry, snaps at Leafstorm, telling him that he didn't know what it was like to be him, and then adds if he only knew why. He then leaves the warrior and takes off alone in StarClan.
Danny is next seen staring at Mintflower, who was complaining about not getting another litter. After muttering something unintelligible under his breath, he quickly runs away, not wanting to hear any more from the she-cat.




Merida; deceased, residence unknown
Minty; deceased, status unknown


Dash; living
Richie; status unknown

Great Aunt:

Leah; deceased, residence unknown


Peach; deceased, residence unknown


Daxter; deceased, residence unknown


Volkner; deceased
Dallas; living
Timmy; status unknown
Cosmo; status unknown


Venia; living

Foster Sister(s):

Misty; living


Addertail - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Earthspirit - Living
Bakura - Deceased; Residence Unknown
Yami - Living
Seto - Living
Sunsetfall - Living
Rumble - Unborn
Frogstep - Living
Brightwish - Living
Wavesplash - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Windsky - Living
Lee - Living
Grace - Living
Darkstorm - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Morgan - Unborn
Stoatpelt - Living
Mottledfur - Living
Gingernose - Living


Paul; living
Tony; living


Alexia; living
Geckonose; living


  • He was convinced by a cat from the clans that StarClan was real, so that's where he went when he died.
  • He has dissociative identity disorder, or DID.
  • Because he was the age of an apprentice when he died, he was put under the apprentices section in the StarClan allegiances.
  • Danny's life image does not fit the description, but it was used anyway because it was fitting to him.


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