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Current AutumnClan
Age 8 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Falconheart
Mother Sorrelstar
Siblings Dipperpaw, Swiftpaw, Morningpaw, Sycamorepaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentors Jayflight, Otterdance (Unofficially)
Owner whiskers
Dappleleaf is a tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with a white chest.



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Famed for her outstanding manners, Dappleleaf is a well-respected cat within her Clan who is often thought highly of. She isn't fond of others looking down upon her, so rather than snapping, Dappleleaf calmly explains what's troubling her, and attempts to make things work out with others. She's a silver-tongued diplomat as well, commonly used as a peace-maker when trouble is brewing within the Clan. However, because of her extremely politeness, she can be thought of as too up-tight, and one who needs to loosen up a bit and relax.
Dappleleaf is a kind-hearted cat who cannot stand the sight of blood, and as a result, isn't fond of killing things. This makes her a poor hunter at best, as well as a terrible brawler. Thus, she is looked upon for her wisdom and strategizing skills. She's a well-organized cat who, surprisingly, lacks interest in ever becoming a Medicine Cat, although it was often suggested that she does so. Dappleleaf prefers the position of a mentor, as her kind personality allows her to comfortably teach youngsters. Her great wisdom also makes her a fantastic mentor, to both the young and old.
Motherly at heart, Dappleleaf is easily mistaken for smothering others too much, as well as being a bit clingy. She truly means well, and is secretly hurt when others complain that she's too loving for her own good, as well as far too trusting. She's easily used by others and is easily hurt in the end. Despite her long fuse, Dappleleaf is easily offended and hurt by the words of others, and isn't all too well at hiding it. However, she's great at keeping her cool while speaking with others, for it seems to make her feel much better.
A serene character, Dappleleaf loves to be out and about in nature. Not neccessarily exploring, but rather sitting around and listening to her surroundings and enjoyed what StarClan blessed her with. Not only does she respect her surroundings, but Dappleleaf has a very strong belief in StarClan, and looks down upon all who do not believe in them, or even respect them. The young molly greatly loves her home and Clan, and is thankful for anything she receives.


With her inability to stand the sight or smell of blood, Dappleleaf is an extremely poor hunter and fighter. At times, even eating is a bit difficult for her, but she miraculously suffers through it. However, she makes up for it with her diplomatic ways. She despises bloodshed in general, as well as obnoxious fighting. As a result, she's often used as a "peace-maker/keeper" both within and outside of her clan. She's a very convincing and honest character, who uses her tempting words to convince others into making peace. Her manners greatly help as well, rudeness won't help with keeping the peace.
Dappleleaf is also famed for her tree-climbing skills, as well as her swimming abilities. She's swift at both activities, her smaller stature and sleek coat allowing her to slip past branches, or have no drag whilst swimming. Her webbed paws permit her to glide confidently and swiftly throughout the water, despite not being SplashClan-born. Dappleleaf's stronger shoulders and forearms also give her the ability to easily cling to trees, with her tail providing her with great balance to preform risky maneuvers from great heights.
With her wisdom and patience comes Dappleleaf's excellent mentoring skills. She'd make a perfect mother due to how well she works with the youngsters, but it appears that she'd be an even better mentor. The intelligent she-cat seems to constantly have life-lessons and important survival skills that she feels the need to pass onto the other felines in her faction. Due to her chill nature, she gets along well with others, although clever apprentices tend to take advantage of her.



Born to Sorrelstar in AutumnClan with her siblings Swiftkit, Morningkit, Sycamorekit, and Dipperkit, Dapplekit is at first seen as her mother's favorite. The kitten, like most of her siblings, is unusually quiet before she opens her eyes, often sleeping close to her mother. Her mother become distant, although she still seems to favor Dapplekit.
After opening her eyes, Dapplekit considers attempting to make friends, but pokes around her brother, Morningkit, instead. She immediately comes off polite, asking as to why he was blinking his eyes so much. Their mother claims that he is blind, much to his disliking. Dapplekit immediately attempts to cheer him up, claiming that being different was good, and she still loved her brother nonetheless. She leads him around the camp and visits him often, having great confidence in the tomkit despite his lack of sight.
As they grow older, Swiftkit starts to tease Morningkit because of his blindness. In response, Dapplekit is quick to jump in and argue against Swiftkit, growing to hate his great confidence and arrogant nature. She argues that Swiftkit is the one who deserves to be blind, and before long, Morningkit hooks his claws on Swiftkit's shoulders. Scenting a bit of blood and growing dizzy, Dapplekit begs them to stop. She leaves the nursery to avoid the fighting, and exits camp as her mother watches her. Dapplekit is aware that her mother no longer favors her, and favors Swiftkit instead.
The kit leaves camp to climb a tree, happy to be away from all the troubles in AutumnClan. She declares to herself that she will become great, and prove her Clan wrong. Instead, she'll make them wish they accepted her. After climbing up the tree, she falls and injures her shoulder. She walks off, only to scent Morningkit outside of camp as well. At first, she is worried for his sake, but later discovers that he is being escorted by a warrior.
She then hears another warrior calling not too far away, and he eventually approaches, but she doesn't know who he is. He finds her, and the two are quick to start getting along. He claims to know her because she is Sorrelstar's daughter, and she asks if she's known for anything else beside that title. The two eventually return to camp, and the warrior seems to be very fond of the kitten. He even offers for her to share his nest in the warrior's den, as Sorrelstar doesn't really care for her, but Dapplekit declines.
She takes a nap, while he promises to never mention her leave of camp to Sorrelstar, and instead, asks the leader if he can mentor her. He continuously refers to the kitten as "Dapple", and later shares freshkill with her while they talk more. Their relationship continues to brighten as they talk even further. Morningkit then brings Dapplekit his catch so she may eat it, and she's proud of her brother's accomplishment.


The newly made apprentice is granted Jayflight as her mentor, as promised. He offers to take her hunting with Morningpaw to which she politely declines, claiming that he seems uninterested in hunting, so she'd rather practice first.



Sorrelstar - Living


Falconheart - Living


Swiftpaw - Living
Morningpaw - Living


Sycamorepaw - Living
Dipperpaw - Living


Bumblefern - Living


Antheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member


Duskwhisper - Deceased; verified StarClan member


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"I wish my mother would love me like she used to. Everything feels like it changed...she loves Swiftkit so much, but how? Can't she see the pure evil and arrogance within him? Or is she just like him? I used to love my mother a lot, but now...I just don't trust her? I wish my father were here, perhaps he'd understand me, and perhaps he'd love me unconditionally like a true parent."
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"I really like Morningpaw, even though he's blind and seems to be a bit short-tempered. Me 'n him are real close, and seems to share my hatred towards our other brother. He's actually quite like myself in the way that he's always attempting to prove himself to our pig headed clanmates. I strongly believe in Morningpaw, and I hope that one day, he truly does something great, and proves our mother and brother wrong."
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Dipperpaw & Sycamorepaw:

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"I don't like him. At all. Swiftpaw's too caught-up in himself, and sees no goodness in others. I have absolutely no faith in him, and wouldn't be surprised if his tongue got himself killed on day. I don't wish evil upon him, yet...I just hope he gets so hurt that he learns his lesson. He's so mean to everyone, too caught up in his own pride to see past his own major flaws. I just...hate him, I guess that's all I can really say."
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  • If she scents or sees blood for too long, she tends to faint.
  • She's commonly referred to as "Dapperkit", due to her polite and mature demeanor.
  • She will grow into an essential, gallant strategist.
    • She might leave AutumnClan and threaten them because of their lack of respect for her, and turn against them and spill all of their secrets to her new Clan. 
    • Maybe be a deputy, but step down because of her disliking of bloodshed?
  • She may decide to stay in AutumnClan for whatever reason, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, develop fugue, and randomly journey off to another clan. While under her little 'spell', she'll rename herself _____, get a mate and become pregnant, before snapping out of it and returning to AutumnClan. There, she'll forget everything that happened (naturally), and never realize she's expecting a litter.