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Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Peacefully died of old age in his sleep
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Grayfur
Mother Snowfur
Siblings None
Mate Snowfern (formerly)
Kits Icestorm, Darkslash, Birchtrail, Leafstem, Swanfeather, Spiritheart
Leader Position
Predecessor Froststar
Successor Sapphostar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Snowfur
Successor Sapphosky
Owner Ferk
Darknight is a gray tabby tom with kind, ice-blue eyes.


Darknight is a powerful, kind cat. He shares a strong bond with his parents and his sister, Wintersnow. He is caring for his clanmates and most cats think he will become a great leader one day. He has the makings of a great leader, but has to wait until Froststar dies to become leader. He is kind and caring, and he is always thinking of his clan-mates over himself. 


Darknight was born to Snowfur and Grayfur , along with his sisters, Wintersnow and Iceflow. He and his sister, Wintersnow, have a strong bond, but his other sister, Iceflow, isn't fond of him. He and his siblings grew to become strong, honorable warriors. Iceflow dies, and Darknight is greif-stricken. He finds happiness in Snowfern, who helps him through the sadness, and they become mates. They have 4 kits, Icekit, Darkkit, Birchkit and Leafkit. Darknight later becomes deputy, and his kits become apprentices. He recieves Thornpaw as an apprentice, and Snowfern tells him that she is expecting another litter. He is thrilled. 

Snowfern later give birth to their second litter, consisting of Swankit and Spiritkit. He is seen playing with Swankit a few times, and is thrilled to have two more beautiful daughters. He is seen a few times around camp. 

Later, he is seen mourning over Snowfur's death, and carrying her back to camp with Grayfur. He is seen burying her, and is seen telling Sapphokit a story about Snowfur. He is seen sharing tongues with Icestorm and Spottedpelt, and is seen training Sapphopaw, his new apprentice. He is seen mourning over Grayfur's death, and stuffing his nose in Wintersnow's fur. He later breaks up with Snowfern, telling her that he didn't love her anymore and leaving her sad and kind of depressed. He is seen a few times, out by the lake side, thinking. 

Later, he tells Sapphopaw that they are going hunting, but Cheetahpaw shows up and steals her away, and the two apprentices go on a border patrol together.

When Sapphopaw, Cheetahpaw and Icestorm come back, to camp, Cheetahpaw almost dead, Sapphopaw with a broken leg, and Icestorm, dead, he is seen mourning over his daughter, and saying his final goodbye to his sister.


  • Grandfathers: Darkpelt - Deceased, Residence: StarClan, Strongheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan
  • Grandmothers: Starlight - Deceased, Residence: StarClan, Winterheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan
  • Father: Grayfur - Deceased, Residence: StarClan
  • Mother: Snowfur - Deceased, Residence: StarClan, but as her original form, Snowstar.

Life Picture


Character Pixels

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"What are you doing here, Swiftfoot?"

-Darknight to Swiftfoot.

"It looks like you and Lilypaw did a good job making that nest."

-Darknight to Snowfern

"What is wrong with that cat?"

-Darknight about Swiftfoot


Coming soon~


  • Darknight is going to be leader one day. (Hopefully)
  • Darknight is one of Snoweh's favorite cats.
  • Darknight is a main character in Snoweh's fanfiction.

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