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"Nightcloud, you never were going to last as a warrior. Your too weak and live in a fantasy world much like our dear mother."
Darknose to Nightcloud about his brother's weak nature
Current SummerClan
Age Approx. 8 Moons Old (Approx. 0.66 Years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Nightstar
Mother Waspstar
Siblings Ashpaw, Horsepaw, Nightpaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Sumacshade
Owner the dark baby

Darkpaw is a small black smoke tom with green eyes. He is a son of Waspstar and the late Nightstar, as well as an apprentice of SummerClan currently being mentored by Sumacshade however he's taken a great liking to Spiderclaw, both mentor-wise and romantically. He is the brother of three, Ashpaw, Horsepaw, and Nightpaw.



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Nightstar: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Waspstar: Living


Horsepaw: Living
Nightpaw: Living


Ashpaw: Living


Three Unnamed Kits: Deceased; Residences Unknown


Skinkfang: Living


Swallowstep: Living
Cardinalflight: Living


Congolifin: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Mulletbreeze: Living


Currawongkit: Unborn
[[[Taipankit]]: Unborn




"I never met my father, he died before I was born but from the way Mother and the elders tell it, he was awesome! Mum's mum says he even saved Mum from a fox once! I bet he'd like SummerClan's new addition, Spiderclaw!"
Darkpaw's thoughts on his father, Nightstar
Despite never having met the deceased leader, Darkpaw respects his father through the old elder tales as well as tales his mother tells of him. He simply states, all too often, that his father sounds like an awesome cat and believes that Nightstar would have taken a liking to Spiderclaw.


"I love my mum, truly I do but..if what the elders and older warriors say us true then..she's lost her touch as a leader and a warrior. They say she used to be so strong and..reckless. Now she's kind of like those Kittypets that like to nose through our territory, plump and useless. Maybe she just can't handle being leader."
Darkpaw's thoughts on his mother, Waspstar
Darkpaw and his mother aren't close much, Waspstar spends more time sleeping and thinking than actually in the real world. This doesn't per say mean she's a bad mother just more or less that she can't cope with grief. Darkpaw thinks she's fattened up and grown lazy from the legends the elders tell about her deputy days when his father was alive.

Ashpaw, Horsepaw, & Nightpaw

"They're all a bunch of weirdos! Ashpaw and Horsepaw spend their time napping or gossiping it up with Grandma Mulletbreeze. When they aren't doing that they're dodging their duties as apprentices! Lazy I tell you! Nightpaw, well I just don't think he's cut out to be a warrior, really. He's too gentle, like a nursery queen. He'd do better off there!"
Darkpaw's thoughts on his siblings, Ashpaw, Horsepaw, and Nightpaw
Darkpaw's not very keen on his siblings, simply put he thinks they're a bunch of lazy furballs that gossip and sleep too much. He believes that none of them will make good warriors or even make it to that stage simply because they put off their apprentice duties.



"One word. Awesome. Nobody can be as awesome as she is! She's like a mum I never had well better than a mum, she's like a mum that actually teaches me things. Is that a thing? Well it is now coz that's what she is!"
Darkpaw's thoughts on his friend, Spiderclaw
Darkpaw thinks very highly of the new SummerClan addition, in some terms she's like a mother he's never had, despite Waspstar still being alive. In reference, he simply means that Spiderclaw has taught him more in an hour than his mother ever has. He in a way worships the large she-cat.



"You can't really call him a mentor, he's too focused on himself to even take me out for training. Heck, I think he's even taken a bit of fancy towards Chervilclaw. Of course, hopefully she knows betted than to become interested in a guy like him."
Darkpaw's thoughts on his mentor, Sumacshade
Darkpaw isn't too fancy of his mentor, in fact he thinks the lavender shaded warrior is tok egotistic and thinks the life of a kittypet would suit him better. Afterall, Suamcshade does worry quite a bit about his appearance. Darkpaw has even said thag the warrior might be taking a fancy to Chervilclaw with his prooning and horrible flirting style.


"Watch this, I'm going in. She won't be able to resist me."
Darkpaw to his siblings about Spiderclaw SummerClan/Roleplay


Life Image


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  • He has a major crush on Spiderclaw, however he will probably start seeing her as more of a mentor/motherly figure.
    • This will probably take place just before his warrior ceremony.
  • He might take on a mate during his mid warrior-hood to senior warrior-hood.

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