Darkshadow is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current None
Past Rogue
Given Darkshadow
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mates Silvermoon (Formerly), Baize (Formerly), Finalfeather (Formerly)
Kits Winterblaze, Fadingshadow, Holly, Redfrost, Flickheart, Night, Dawn, Foxwhisper
Owner Stoem
Darkshadow is a black tom with amber-red eyes.


Blood thirsty, evil, and obsessive, he is a cat you dont want to meet up with. He is obsessive about his goal in life, and would kill any cat who tried to disagree with him.


He is born to two loners, Claw and Cheshly, along with Harley, Lion, and Burner.

He runs to become a Rogue outside the clans, without anyone in his way.

Later, he meets Silvermoon, a stray WindClan cat who turns up at his den. He invites her in, and they fall in love. She has his kits, but he murders them when they don't grow any stronger. Silvermoon runs away after that, and he is angered.

He chases after Silvermoon, but meets Baize. He falls in love with her too, and only when she becomes pregnant did Baize realize that he was evil. She dumps him, and has the kits on her own, Winter, Red, Mouse, Flick, and Holly. He appears one day and demands for them back from Baize, and when she disagrees, he attacks her, and almost kills her when Mouse and Winter help fight him off. Though, he does show up later and kills Flick when she wants to play. All the kits runaway when he appears at the den again, and he is furious, so he goes in search of them too.

He finds Silvermoon in WinterClan with a new mate, Shadowheart, and four new kits, Wildkit, Moonkit, Cloudkit, and Bramblekit. He attacks her, only for Shadowheart to fight him off. He vows vengence, and runs away.

Later, he appears in WinterClan once again, and comes to talk to Winterblaze. He asks Winterblaze to join him, but Winterblaze disagrees. He attacks him, and they both almost fall off of a clift. Winterblaze gets up, and Darkshadow claws him to get up. He runs away after that, vowing that he will kill any cat that gets in his way.

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Mates - Silvermoon (Formerly) - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Baize (Formerly) - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Finalfeather (Formerly) - Deceased; residence unknown

Daughters - Holly - Living, Flickheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Dawn - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Sons - Winterblaze - Living, Fadingshadow - Living, Redfrost - Living, Night - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

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