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Current SummerClan
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut CS
Father Apollo
Mother Diana
Sibling Half: Snailstorm
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Unnamed she-cat
Owner Avi
Dawnwhisper is a cream sable point she-cat with icy blue eyes and a brown masked face. She is currently a warrior in SummerClan, her parents being Apollo and Diana, whom are both currently deceased. Her only living littermate is Snailstorm, who is also her half brother who she has yet to discover. 



Dawnwhisper is a beauitful persian she-cat with medium, spiky fur. Her pelt is a creamish white, plastered with a beautiful, encouraging smile and a heart of gold. She has icy blue eyes, that seem to show nothing except friendliness. A small scar is criss-crossed on one of her shoulder blades, and she has a small one on her nose as well. Around her eyes, a stunning brown mask shows, reaching down to about the tip of her chin. Her ears are a golden brown as well, having a creamy pinkish underfur within them. Her nose is strangely a chestnut like color, blending in with the facial mask around the front of her face.
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Dawnwhisper truly is the essence of beauty, each pawstep she takes being soft and graceful. Her whole self radiates with a poise elegant aura that makes her icy blue eyes stare. She is often very quiet, and is very talkitive only to close friends and family members. She's a bit shy and diluted, often staying away from a huge group of cats. Even though she is a Clan cat at heart, she seems to be rather nihilistic, and doesn't believe in StarClan or the Dark Forest at all. 
She is known to feel very uncomfortable in awkward situations, and sometimes says stupid things that no one understands, which is the main cause of her shyness. In spite of her peaceful and discreet personality, she is very charismatic and charming to other's, and will always help you out no matter what situation you have gotton yourself in. She tries to see the best in everyone, and is very trustworthy, but knows when someone is lying or not. Spoken by herself, she usually tells the truth, but if someone asks her something about what someone is going through, did, or said, she'll keep a secret anyday. 
She absolutely despises people talking behind other's backs (including herself's), but she knows that it's what everyone does, and that no one is perfect. She isn't very fond of being ignored, and will usually try to make other's listen to her. She's very calm and collected, being respected by most cats in the Clan. She is very cheery, though when someone passes away, she won't talk to anyone and will spend most of her time alone in her own little world. She also often daydreams about who knows what, which some cats think she's weird for.
Some cats fear her, although she doesn't quite know why. She does have a bad side, but doesn't bring it out unless she's standing up for someone or something that she truly believes in. She doesn't care if other's hate her, mostly because they're jealous of her and think that they know everything. She's very wishful, and dreams of alot of things, but knows she can't have everything in the whole entire world. Overall, she works very hard to prove herself to be a loyal member of her Clan, and does wish to be a leader someday, even if it might or might not happen.


Her skills are predominantly directed towards combat and stealth but she is also a tactician who is able to see situations with unclouded judgment and break down and give the best possible solutions. In addition, this basically means that she is not the type of cat who would jump impulsively into danger, always proceeding with caution and cool intellect unless it is necessary.
Because of this, others that act brashly tend to rouse her anger, and if it’s important, she is not above shredding someone for not listening, if that’s what it takes to get the point across then so be it but she would rather not result to that. One of the traits she is most respected for is how her resolve cannot be shaken once she commits herself, this not only applies to principles and goals but to others as well. 
Dawnwhisper is very balanced and can climb trees, even though that's not exactly what her Clan's climate it made for. She is very relaxed and when it comes to fighting or battling, she does her best to use words as a first resort rather than tooth and claw. She's very swift, and it's almost as if her weight was as soft as a feather when she jumps and leaps into the air. Each pawstep she takes is soft and graceful, which blends in with her rather delicate personality.



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