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Deadstar is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current None
Past AutumnClan, Dark Forest
Given Kit: Strikekit

Alternative kit: Deadkit
Apprentice: Deadpaw
Warrior: Deadear
Deputy: Deadear
Leader: Deadstar

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Lightning
Debut Deadstar's Hate
Last Post Deadstar's Hate
Father Tank
Mother Blackheart
Siblings Dappledfeather, Rainkit, Brokenkit, Redkit
Mate Goldspirit (Formerly)
Kits Jaystar, Lightfoot
Mentor Coldstar
Apprentices Willowflow, Springpaw, Chistledpaw
Owner stoem
Deadstar is a massive, lean, long fured fluffy light gray, almost white, tom with jet black paws, a large scar over his nose, a deaf ear, and blood chilling ice blue eyes. He looks near identical to his reincarnation, Thunderstar.


He was brave, courageous, and loving. But now, hes cold blooded, murderous, and dangerous. He cares for nothing but himself, and would lie to get himself out of anything. Blood chilling and always angry, he is always on the hunt for something to dominate. He cares for only two things: Power, and hate. He believes that only hate can achive power, and hate is the strongest power in the clans.


He is born to Blackheart and Tank along with his siblings Redkit, Dappledkit, Rainkit, and Brokenkit. He is born out into the forest, and is brought back as a miracle to Blackheart, but Mudsplash, the Medicine cat, sees him as a curse.

He is seen hiding from his littermates. Stonewing catches him and takes him out, saying that he was disrupting everyone's sleeping. As Strikekit bowes his head, Blackheart hisses at Stonewing, who hisses back. Redcloud, the deputy, takes Strikekit out to talk. They walk, and Strikekit gets a thorn stuck in his pad. Redcloud makes him pull it out, and afterwards, Strikekit feels good about it.

Later, they meet up with a WinterClan patrol consisting of a black and white tom, a tawny colored tom, a tortiosesehll she-cat, and a brown and gray colored tom. Redcloud fights them, but is horribly outnumbered. Strikekit, frantic, runs and finds Icelight's patrol with Fireclaw, Lightfur, Fernsong, and Amethystshine. Lcelight tells Amethystshine to take Redcloud back, and the rest fight. As WinterClan amost beats AutumnClan, Strikekit attaches himself to Snowstorm's fur. Suddenly, Snowstorm lets out a screech that the other cats follow. Dazed, the ear that wasnt buried in Snowstorm's fur was ringing hard, and he fell to the floor.

Another patrol came, consisting of Lionfur, Reedclaw, Shadefeather, Stonewing, and Willowleaf. They attack, and Lionfur takes Strikeit back to camp.

Leafpaw wakes when Strikekit wakes, happy that he can hear again. Sadly, Leafpaw tells him that he lost his hearing in one ear. Blsckheart comes in, and says she isnt going to put up with this anymore, and runs to Coldstar's den. Sadly, Strikekit runs into the nursery to be greeted by Redkit. Redkit asks a ton of questions, and Brokenkit comforts him. Rainkit says that he lost his hearing, and Dappledkit says its ok if he did. As Brokenkit says his name, Blackheart comes in and says a new name awaits Strikekit.

As Strikekit pads numbly out of the den, Coldstar gives him the new name, Deadkit, which Strikekit isnt happy about at all.


Life Image


Character Pixels

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Leafpaw: "Strikekit is like a miracle"
Mudsplash: "Or a curse"
—Leafpaw to Mudsplash about Strikekit Deadstar's Hate



Leafpaw: "How are you feeling, Strikekit?"
Strikekit: "Great! I can hear again!"
Leafpaw: "Strikekit, one of your ears won't ever heal. The screech from the WinterClan cats broke your eardrum"
—Leafpaw telling Strikekit the news about his ear Deadstar's Hate

Blackheart: "So, you cant do anything for that kit? So hes stuck being the big fool of the clan with the missing hearing?"
Leafpaw: ""Fool? fool? hes just like every cat, and has every part, He can still hear, and hes got everything he needs to be normal"
Blackheart: "Thats it! That was my only good kit and now hes ruined, everything about him is ruined, all because of his disobediance. I don't have to stand for this anymore!"
Blackheart about Strikekit Deadstar's Hate



Strikekit's renaming ceremony

Coldstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!"
Clan: "Gathers"
Coldstar: "Strikekit, step forwards"
Strikekit: "steps forwards"
Clan: "Whats he got to do with this? Wheres his littermates? He isnt old enough to be an apprentice! Maybe hes being banished for causing the fight out by the border! You really think he did it? I think he did!"
Coldstar: "On request from his mother, Strikekit's name will be changed. Strikekit, I am sorry I must give you this name, It doesnt fit you, for your spirit will always be true, no matter if your ear is dead. Strikekit, from this moment forwards, you shall be known as Deadkit"
Tinywing: "That's a terrible name for such an innocent kit!"
Blackheart: "No, its the perfect name for a fool"
Deadstar's Hate


Mate - Goldspirit (Formerly) - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Daughter - Lightfoot - Living

Son - Jaystar - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Father - Tank - Living

Mother - Blackheart - Deceased; faded

Sister - Dappledfeather - Deceased; verified Dark Forest member

Brothers - Rainkit - Deceased, Brokenkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member, Redkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Reincarnation - Thunderstar - Living

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