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Demetercloud is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current The Wind Chasers
Given Kit: Demeterkit
Warrior: Demetercloud
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut The Wind Chasers/Roleplay/Archive 3
Father Unknown tom
Mother Artemisheart
Siblings Aphroditeface, Hadesfoot, Poseidonwave
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None

Demetercloud is a warm, golden brown tabby she-cat with ruffled fur, white splotches, a fluffy tail and amber eyes.


Demetercloud is  known as a motherly figure, fussing over and caring for others and trying to be generous. However, she can be overbearing and bossy, forcing cats to do things the right way. She is very trusting and gives people the benefit of doubt, as well as being relatively gullible. She has the knack of creating a good arguement that supports what side of something she is on, but unfortunately she doesn't have the talent of always being right.


Demeterkit is first introduced when her mother, Artemisheart , arrived in the camp of The Wind Chasers. She, along with her siblings, Poseidonkit , Aphroditekit , and Hadeskit , demonstrates her individual  power in front of an amazed Bramblestrike. It is noticed that Demeterkit has the miraculous skill of rejuvinating wilted plants and herbs. She is later seen in camp with her sister Aphroditekit, nervous around the strange cats, Aphroditekit reassurring her she will be fine. Demeterkit then tries to impress Artemisheart by going out exploring, attempting to catch a fish in a river nearby. However, she falls into the water, is saved and falls ill with kitten-cough.

Demetercloud, granted her warrior name, discovers that Hadesfoot and Aphroditeface are missing from the camp. She seems very upset, and is sent out on a search party to find her siblings.

She is later seen going hunting with Shadowcreek and cheering for Snowwhisperer when she becomes the deputy.

Demetercloud is woken up from her nap by Rayfire, and Glowingfur asks her to go on a walk. He uses his powers to create a flower for her, and she compliments him. The warrior accidentally nuzzles Glowingfur, then admits that she likes him. She is then seen rushing to the crowd of cats surrounding an injured Shadowcreek, who has an injured leg and jaw.


She has the power of healing dead and wilted herbs, making them lively and usable again.

Character Pixels

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Life Image

Demetercloud (Life)

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