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Demisepaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Past Loners & Rogues
Age Approx. 14 moons old
Status Living
Debut WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 46
Father Death
Mother Unnamed mother
Siblings None
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None
Demisepaw, also referred to as Cat, is a sleek black tom with three horizontal stripes to the right of his head and yellow eyes. He is an apprentice of WinterClan, and shared the same name as his father as a kittypet and a rogue, which is why he is used to the nickname Cat, which differed the two from each other. He is known for being extremely obsessed with perfection, and for being too mature for his age, apart from when he's focused on symmetry.



[DRAFT] Demisepaw has a rather thin complex. He has tufted, triangular ears and long limbs, and his fur has a healthy shine to it. Demisepaw has narrow, yellow eyes, the yellow being a darker shade around the pupils. His tail is long and, like the rest of his body, thin. His face is shaped like a triangle, and has four white whiskers on each side of his muzzle.
He has black fur, with three white stripes on the right to his head that connects to his right eye, which he greatly dislikes due to the lack of symmetry.
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Mental Health

Demisepaw suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, which is manifested as an obsession over perfection. Whenever his three stripes are mentioned, he breaks down into fits, and it takes a bit to calm him back down into his usual, overly mature state.
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Physical Health

Although thin for his age, he's physically healthy and doesn't seem to get any illnesses that often. When he does get sick, he usually recovers quickly, and the sickness is brief.


Demisepaw is obsessed with symmetry- he fusses over every little mistake and the smallest unsymmetrical mistake that he makes will send him into an emotional tantrum. If there is an unsymmetrical mistake, he'll attempt to fix it, even before the ensured safety of his clan. His obsession with symmetry can throw him off task, and because of this, he may sometimes forget about doing what he's supposed to do and either correct an unsymmetrical error or wonder at the symmetry of something else.
He hates it when other cats mention his three white stripes, the most notable of his body, as they're unsymmetrical. Because of this, he can be very hard on himself, often calling himself "useless, asymmetrical garbage". Apart from his obsession with perfection and symmetry, Demisepaw is a calm, stern cat, obedient and willing to take out his leader's orders. However, his obsession is so great that he'll, despite his usually mature and calm demeanor, will break down into childish fits.
Although he doesn't have much of a trouble socializing with other cats, Demisepaw is somewhat introverted, often working on tasks and training on his own and not training as much with his mentor. He is wise beyond his moons, and overly mature for his age when he's not focused on perfection. At times, he's a bit sarcastic. 
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Demisepaw is extremely agile for a cat, and can leap and run faster than average. He is also skilled in battling, and is noted for his battle skills. However, his OCD can take him off track, so he is not the best hunter around, and will fall apart in despair if he has an odd amount of fresh-kill. 
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Past Life


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Demisepaw is first seen near the stream and looking into his reflection. He notes his three white stripes, and starts wailing about how he is "asymmetrical garbage". Magpiekit, who notices the tom after sneaking out of the camp, walks up to him as he continues throwing a fit. Frostblossom notices the two cats after hearing the cries, and takes the two back to the camp, with Teaseltail snorting at Demisepaw when Frostblossom asked what with with Demisepaw. She notes that it wasn't right, and Magpiekit tries to repeat that Demisepaw said about being useless garbage. She then decides to take him to the medicine den since she was certain that he needed help.
Back at the camp, Guppystar preforms a ceremony for some six moon old kits, and Demisepaw, recovered from his latest tantrum, congratulates them on their apprenticeship. 
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Love Interests

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  • He is based off Death the Kid from Soul Eater.
  • Strangly, he was the eighth cat to be made right now that's alive, and 8 is Kid's favorite number.
  • His warrior name will be Demisestripe, after his three notable white stripes.





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