Diamondlight is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age Approx. 39 moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Drowned
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Willowfeather
Mother Jadestar
Siblings Windfeather, Scorchnose, Stoatflight
Mate Drippingcave
Kits None
Apprentices Snowsong, Rollingpaw
Owner Crystal

Diamondlight is a slender, fluffy silver and white she-cat with the palest gray tabby stripes on her coat that resembles diamonds, triangular ears, long, light weighted fur to keep her dry, and good for swimming, and bright, shining diamond blue eyes that glows rainbow, like the actual gem when it catches the sunlight. She has strong, long, white legs, a plumy snowy white chest like a lion mane and a long, plumy white tail.



[DRAFT] Fluffy silver and white she-cat with blue eyes. 
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Mental Health

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Physical Health

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Skills & Abilities

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She is shown being born to Willowfeather and Jadefur, along with hetr siblings Windkit, Scorchkit, and Stoatkit. Diamondkit is not seen playing clans, but is seen after the battle with AutumnClan, saying that she was the only one who stayed behind.
Emeraldkit gets angry at Diamondkit and they talk to each other about the warrior code. Diamondkit talks about Clan leaders making wrong choices sometimes, but Emeraldkit fumes. She then gets confused when she finds Emeraldkit sleeping, but relaxes when Redpaw comes help her.
Diamondkit gets sucked into a vision, where she finds herself as leader. A darkness falls over them, engulfing them. Diamondkit suddenly glows the colors of a diamond and Emeraldkit glows light an emerald and then they flash, making the darkness fade. A whisper sounds in Diamondkit's ear: Diamond and Emerald will burn through the clan and will glow with a power that will brighten the darkness. Diamondkit returned to the real world. Diamondkit recites the prophecy and the vision to Emeraldkit, after shooing out Redpaw. Emeraldkit runs away.


Diamondpaw's mentor is Riverstream, whom she dislikes. Diamondpaw is too polite to say that in front of her face, though. She trains hard with her, and later on becomes a warrior, named Diamondlight. Diamondlight is extremly pleased, and is seen purring. 


Diamondlight is often seen hanging around with Drippingpaw, whom she has a large crush on. Drippingpaw asks her to hunt with him, and Diamondlight says yes. They go out in the forest, where Diamondlight catches a mouse. She offers it to Drippingpaw to share, but Drippingpaw says to feed the clan first. Diamondlight agrees, and they run off to the river, their pelts brushing.
Diamondlight jumps into the river, catching some fish. When she comes out, she bumps into Drippingpaw, tripping and falling to the ground, touching noses. Drippingpaw tells her that he loves her. Diamondlight admits that she had felt the same thing towards him. They return to the camp, their tails twinned. Diamondlight gives the fish to the elders, and shares the mouse with Drippingpaw, their pelts brushing. Drippingpaw asks Diamondlight to be her mate when he's a warrior, and Diamondlight happily replies yes. The then return to the camp, and share the prey.
When Drippingpaw is a warrior, earning the name Drippingcave, Diamondlight is shown to be happy and excited. Diamondlight tells Drippingcave that she loves him, and he asks to be her mate. Diamondlight says yes, purring and nuzzling her new mate. They return to the camp.
Diamondlight witnesses Poolstar's meeting with Visionblurr. She asks Poolstar why she was in love with a WinterClan tom, but Poolstar ignores her and leaves. Diamondlight returns to the camp with Drippingcave, what happened earlier still bugging her.
Way later on, Diamondlight is seen with her kits. She names them Aspenkit, Shadowkit, Spikekit, Volcanokit, and Hollykit. She purrs and takes care of her kits before snoozing, tired.


Diamondpaw's Apprentice Ceremony

Narrator: "Poolstar jumped onto her vantage point and yowled. The clan looked up and she purred."
Poolstar: "I, Poolstar, leader of SplashClan, call upon my warrior ancestors."
Narrator: "She looked down."
Poolstar: "Scorchkit, Windkit, Diamondkit, Stoatkit, Emeradkit, Runningkit, Singedkit, and Joykit, step forward. In this order, from this day forward until youearn your warrior names, you shall be known as Scorchpaw, Windpaw, Diamondpaw, Stoatpaw, Emeraldpaw, Runningpaw, Singedpaw, and Joypaw. In the order I gave you your new names, your mentors will be Silverwave, Fernwhisker, Riverstream, Tigerfang, Venomstrike, Willowfeather, Smokeystream, and Tricklecloud."

Diamondlights's Warrior Ceremony

Narrator: "Poolstar leaped onto the Highbranch."
Narrator: "She yowled."
Poolstar: "Scorchpaw, Stoatpaw, Diamondpaw, Joypaw, and Singedpaw come forward." I, Poolstar, leader of SplashClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. Do you all promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this Clan with your life?""
Narrator: "All the apprentices nodded, mewing yes."
Poolstar: ""Then from this day forward you shall be known as Scorchnose, Stoatflight, Diamondlight, Joysong, and Singedflower. StarClan honors your courage and loyalty, and we all welcome you as full warriors of SplashClan."






  • Her kit charart was redone because it was outdated.
  • She has a dumb hero complex what the heck???? She thinks she could do things. She can't.


Life Image

Diamondkit.Warrior Life

Character Pixels

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