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Duskpaw (SuC)
Current SummerClan
Past Loner
Age 6 moons
Status Living
Debut SummerClan/Roleplay
Father Russell
Mother Claire
Siblings None
Mate None
Kits None
Owner kiddoi

Duskpaw is a cream she-cat with dark brown points and blue eyes.



Duskpaw is a medium-sized old style Balinese cat with a broad, muscular body and strong shoulders and legs, built for long-distance running and powerful leaps. Her muscles allow for endurance and power; her physique makes her stand out a little among her Clanmates. Her movements are usually quick and although she prefers to stay more in one place, she can move quickly.

Duskpaw has a medium-length coat, typical of the Balinese breed, and her seal points are a taupe brown at her paws, tail, face, and ears. Her coat, along with her build, often causes her to heat up quicker than her Clanmates and thus she must take breaks in her day to seek out some form of hydration. Her coat is kept in a good condition: silky, smooth and well-defined.

Duskpaw has a pair of deep, blue eyes, mimicking water, with a few hints of turquoise. She has long ears surrounded by a few tufts of fur that she can never seen to flatten down, and has a long, feathery plume of a tail which she often wraps around herself while sitting. Her whiskers are medium sized. Overall, Duskpaw can be considered quite attractive.


Duskpaw is a calm, well-contained individual. She is usually noted for her level head and quick thinking, and often thinks of plans of actions as she goes about her day. Her logical, orderly style of thinking often causes her to take in only her surroundings and not necessarily other cats. She can often keep her cool in dire situations and can help keep others together.

While she can be seen as unapproachable, she privately desperately longs for companionship and is a kind soul at heart. She doesn't intend to hurt other cats' feelings, and when she does, she often apologizes profusely and offers to make up to others. She is simply shy and finds it hard to approach other cats, though when she does she is polite and courteous.


Duskpaw possesses powerful limbs and muscles that allow her to run long distances without needing a break, and she is able to jump with a great deal of power. When not training, hunting, or fighting, she may spend time building up her stamina by patrolling the territory and going on runs. Her power also allows her to be a good fighter, using her strong legs to kick out at opponents.



Dusk is born to loners Claire and Russell as their only kit. She is brought up nearby the Clans, and was told by her parents to be wary of the hostile cats who lived there. When she was around three moons old, her father, Russell, had a sudden shift in temperament, and began frequently berating her and her mother. Claire, growing horrified, ran away from Russell and took Dusk with her, leaving Dusk at the border of SummerClan while she was asleep.

When she awoke, she was met with the faces of SummerClan warriors, and was immediately frightened at their strangeness. However, when she realized her mother had left her behind, she agreed to join SummerClan as a fellow Clanmate. She was taken in and was renamed Duskkit- later Duskpaw.


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Father: Russell: Unknown; Presumed deceased

Mother: Claire: Unknown; Presumed deceased


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