Eaglefrost (SprC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Eaglefrost (SprC)
Placeholder cat
Current Dark Forest
Past Loner, SpringClan
Age 42 moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut CS
Last Post Unknown
Father TBA
Mother TBA
Sibling TBA
Mate Maplebright (formerlly)
Kits Thistlefrost, Cloudkit, Clawkit
Mentor Frostfang (unofficial)
Owner Meerkatpaw
Eaglefrost is a large white tom with amber eyes. He is the mate of Maplebright and the father of Thistlepaw, Cloudkit and Clawkit. He is shown to be take charge, yet friendly and is currently training in the dark forest under the guidence of Frostfang.


Eaglefrost is a large white tom with amber eyes. He has a nick in his ear as well.


Physical health

Eaglefrost is very healthy and is also quite active. Like all cats,  he is suspectable to illnesses and infections.

Mental health

Eaglefrost is intellegent and has no mental health issues.


Eaglefrost is a cat to take charge, but doesn't take too much responsibility. He is also a caring cat, espcially to his mate Maplebright, who is currently expecting his kits. He is best friends with Molethroat and sometimes helped train Meadowbreeze when Molethroat was in one of his "moods". He is shown to be wise and often tries to think things out for himself and other cats.

However, Eaglefrost's training in the dark forest has given him a darker, scarier edge to him. He has started to develop a sharp tounge and seems to be more interested in fighting off enemies.

Skills and abilities

Eaglefrost is strong and fast. He is an excellent fighter,hunter and tree climber. His main downfall is swimming.



Coming soon


Eaglefrost is seen about to train Meadowpaw while Molethroat is in one of his moods. Coming soon

Eaglefrost is later forced into training in the dark forest by Frostfang who threatans to kill his son and mate in their sleeps.



Thistlekit: Eaglefrost loves his son to bits and is rather protective of him due to being his only surviving kit.

Cloudkit & Clawkit: Eaglefrost wishes to know his deceased kits properly and often thinks about them, mostly about whether they could of been warriors.


Molethroat: One of Molethroat's few friends, Eaglefrost has a very close relationship to the usually sarcastic snappy tom. They are always there for each other, although like many friends, they quarrel a bit.

Meadowbreeze: Eaglefrost has a good relationship with the sweet and easy going Meadowbreeze and not just a healthy respect. Eaglefrost knows he can trust Meadowbreeze and she knows the same goes for him.

Larktalon- Coming soon


Frostfang: Eaglefrost is frightenend of the cat who recruited him. However, he is determined to make him proud, even though he is evil.


Coming soon

Love interests

Maplebright: Eaglefrost fell in love with Maplebright. More coming soon


Badgernose: Eaglefrost is not fond of Badgernose at all. He hates how cocky he can get and is.



Images (2)


  • Eaglefrost's personality,skills, mate and surviving kit is based off an eagle named Aviry, one of the lead characters in a story Meerkatpaw wrote and is currently rewriting.
  • Eaglefrost will begin to get darker and darker as he continues his training in the dark forest. He will lose the feeling of loyalty and leave his mate and kit to have another mate.
  • Eaglefrost's life image shows him with green eyes instead of amber.

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