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Ebonypaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

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Current SplashClan
Past Kittypets
Age Approx. 25.56 Moons (2.13 years)
Status Living
Debut SplC RP 29
Father Riley
Mother Korra
Sibling Caleo
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Sootstream
Owner Crys

Ebonypaw is a white she-cat with black spots and blue eyes.



Ebonypaw is a medium sized, 6 lb, piebald cat of american shorthair descent. She is mostly white with a few black patches over her eye, ear, and her pelt. Ebonypaw has jordy blue eyes that gradually turns darker towards the pupils. Coming Soon


Mental Health

Ebonypaw is secretly very self loathing. When she first joined the clan, she constantly bashed herself silently whenever she failed to meet the standards, upset a warrior, or heard mentions of her past. Ebonypaw put up an unhealthy facade to make herself void of weakness, but the wall that she put up eventually became her actual personality. Ebonypaw has severe cases of atychiphobia (fear of failure) and asthenophobia (fear of showing weakness), and smaller other fears that she keeps well hidden.

Physical Health

Ebonypaw is physically healthy. Although one pound under the average, she remains fit for a clan cat. 


At first glance, Ebonypaw is a very phlegmatic and placid cat. She stays apathetic to most situations- under reacting when something major is going on, including her own ceremony. She doesn't believe in excitement, and has a grounded belief that there is no point in good things if they don't last. This makes her pretty pessimistic. Her disinterested nature usually dissuades others to try to discuss her, mostly because of her often stoic replies. Ebonypaw takes words spoken by clanmates say very lightly to prove her point that she really doesn't care about what others have to say. Most of the time, Ebonypaw has not much to say about anything.
Once getting to know her extremely well, however, Ebonypaw is actually rather kind. Despite being rather inconsiderate towards the feelings of others, and overall just being very frustrating because of how predictable her moods and actions can be, she at least does try to be open around her friends. She can try too hard, and when that happens, she will come off as melodramatic and exaggerated. Ebonypaw's inept social skills prevent her from getting too close with anybody, thus explaining her lack in the friends department. Although she doesn't care that much about having so many friends, anyways. It is confirmed that she is, indeed, a huge introvert.
Since she was born a kittypet, she takes note that clan cats are not very friendly with outsiders- and somewhat hates herself for it. She tries too hard to not be the cat that she was back when she was younger by forcing herself to get rid of all aspects of the past. Ebonypaw is stuck with a complex that if she shows signs of softness, she would get forced back to kittypet life. But she was not an aggressive cat at the start, so the result of her attempt to change was an apathetic, slightly sociopathic, she-cat.


Coming Soon



Ebonypaw, formerly known as Mytris, was born a kittypet, in a luxurious home and more than enough food that a cat would possibly dream of. She had a very soft and anxious personality and really had no bravery, especially since there weren't any predators or enemies around. She grew up as a kit there, enjoying most of the time indoors and hanging around with other kittypets. Her owners felt that there was no reason to be fixed, yet.
When going into adolescence, Mytris began leaving the house more often, thus sparked the concerns of her owners. After a few moons, they tried to take her to the vet, and because she was afraid of what was going on, Mytris fled her home before getting into the car. She went into the forest, and there she found the clans. There, she begged to be a part of SplashClan, and was accepted with a new name: Ebonypaw. Her mentor would be Sootstream, and she joined as one of the oldest apprentices in the den.
Her somewhat skittish personality and her kittypet origins at first made other warriors question her strength. Feeling humiliated because of her past, Ebonypaw tried to fix herself to be someone stronger. This, however, only made matters worse, because she really couldn't bring herself to be the brave sort of cat. So she tried to hold an apathetic, stoic facade around other cats, and soon, it became her actual personality.
Coming Soon


Ebonypaw is first introduced in her nest. She plans on what to do for the rest of the day, seeing that her mentor had not set up any schedule for the apprentice. Engaged in her thoughts, she unknowningly steps on Mistyfeather's tail. The warrior, hostile at first, softens when she realizes it is the apprentice that did it. She invites her to hunting, alongside with Morningmist, who joins when hearing her name. Ebonypaw agrees.
The twins attempt to get her to race once out of the camp, but Ebonypaw promptly ignores the two, and walks out instead. Mistyfeather decides to walk with her, and Morningmist quickly returns to camp, presumably to meet Sootstream. Ebonypaw then goes hunting and leaves Mistyfeather behind.



Korra: Living


Caleo: Living


Riley: Deceased; unknown residence


Umbrastripe: Living



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Coming Soon



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Love Interests

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Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Coming Soon



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


  • She is named after Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.
    • Was originally going to be based off that character, but it was decided that that abomination was too hard to copy.
  • She is an aromantic bisexual.
  • A song that'd fit her is I Am Not A Robot by Marina & the Diamonds.



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