Effietail is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current HungerClan
Given Warrior: Effietail
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Owner Rainy Felton

Effietail is a she-cat with no real description. It changes a lot.


She, somewhat, a "neat-freak." As the kind-of "supervisor" for Katnissheart and Peetapelt, she is very organized and controlled.


She acts as the supervisor for the Clan 12 Tributes. She is first seen at the Reaping, acting exasperated when Haymitchfoot comes late and drunk. Then she announces the tributes from Clan 12, first announcing Primrosefur. When Prim's sister, Katnissheart, in her panic volunteers instead of her sister, Effietail says that usually they let the originally called cat get up on stage first. But she agrees. After all this commotion, she announces that the tom tribute is Peetapelt.

She later seen in the large monster on the way to the Capitol at supper with Haymitchfoot, Katnissheart and Peetapelt. Katnissheart, after supper, hides all the mouse bile (which Haymitchfoot is addicted to) in Effietail's room, knowing that Haymitchfoot would never dare to look in there.

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